Harvest Angel


We are continuing the Spiritual history of the Moravian Falls House of Prayer on Prayer
Mountain in Moravian Falls, North Carolina.
This chronicle shows God’s work in preparing the site for the building of His chapel, and the
arrival of His chosen angels, who are assigned to help God’s children on Prayer Mountain.
This is the first time since beginning the Chronicle that the Lord has advanced his worldwide
timeline. Even though the revelation occurred in 2006, they were meant for us now in 2024–18
years later.

August 4, 2006: Friday
The Lord spoke: “Look out, Anna.” I looked out of the gazebo and saw the world. It was
cultivated with fields white with crops. “The fields are ripe for harvest.”
I looked again and saw a large angel with a sickle.
The Lord continued: “I have sent My angel.” The angel lowered the sickle and began to reap the
harvest. “I am beginning the great harvest. Let all prepare.”
Suddenly, like a Tsunami, fields ripe for the harvest covered this mount, and kept sweeping
onward. We were sitting in wheat that was growing about waste high.
Revelation 14:14