Prophecies Fullness of Time


In the early years, when little had been built here, and people were pouring in “to colonize” Moravian Falls, Harry Bizzell (who owned the lodge Apple Hill) looked into a mirror and heard the Lord say: “You are Obed Edom.”

It was confirmed to him by a friend in New York, calling to say that they had a banner showing the Ark of the Covenant on it and they wanted to bring it down to him to rest in the lodge for a while.

This word to Harry– (to him) – meant the Lord’s presence would reside in the lodge until the house of prayer was built.


After Harry’s death, (the new owner of the land where the House of Prayer will be built) gave me an Ark of the Covenant. Much to my amazement upon receiving it, the Lord spoke to me, and said that now, He would make our location, the resting place of the Lord’s presence, until the House of Prayer was built.

I did not know when He would actually activate that prophetic promise nor how He would initiate the activation.

Years past

After our first prayer meeting since COVID-19, a young man who is on staff at IHOP in Kansas City said he had a gift for us. He brought by a golden Ark of the Covenant. When I opened it, the Lord said “NOW!”

He activated that prophetic word.

Now, the Lord’s presence will rest here as it did, when the Ark rested in Obed–Edom’s house before it was taken into the city of David. There it was available to all in the Tabernacle of David.

Therefore, according to the prophetic word, and confirming Ark, the Lord’s presence will rest in this place until the Moravian Falls House of Prayer is built.

I am telling you this, because it is important that we shared the prophetic history of his House of Prayer and rejoice in what he is accomplishing. Obed- Edom is an important step.