June 2023 – A Gift of Salt

The traditional blessing that accompanies the gift of salt is:

“May there always be flavor and spice in your life.”

This gift of salt came to Prayer Mountain from a believer in the state of Tasmania – in lower Australia.

The salt crystals are exceedingly white and in the shape of tiny hearts.

May 2023 – A JUBILEE GIFT 

Fifty years ago (1973) the Lord urged me to give my wedding dress to the costume department of East Texas Baptist University in Marshall, Texas (my hometown). There is always a great need, as well as a great lack, of such specialty clothing items. I wanted others to gain the use of the dress and veil instead of it sitting in an attic.

In April 2023, a blessed Christian from Brazil, Bolivia, and Oklahoma City was told by the Lord to bring me a wedding dress. She said that she actually had a vision of me in the dress.

The wedding dress and veil were a part of the closeout sale of a shop that Karina, the young Christian from Brazil, knew of. The Lord urged her to go and she did.  (Two older business people had lost their shop lease and all the store items had to be moved out of the building within 24 hours.  Karina got a call and got all the items moved out in a night, 4 large truck loads including wedding gowns.  This was 2 years ago and just now she came to Prayer Mountain and brought a few of the items)

Drawn to the wedding dress

As she was helping to clear the shop, she was drawn to the beautifully preserved wedding gown and veil. It was then that she was told that the dress was for me.

Little did she know the full story concerning the wedding dress. It was a jubilee gift from the Lord.

Do I know why?

Do I know why He has remembered the transfer of my wedding dress to wider use? I must say I do not. This is one of those mysteries that will unfold over time. But I wanted to share the original story so that when the reasons come to light, you will share in the unlocking of the mystery.

Here is the dress and veil:


Dear friends,

As I have shared with you, we are hoping to encourage those who hear heavenly music. Already, we have reached out to a gifted person from Kentucky and another from the West Coast. Now we have received a hymn, (heard in the heavenlies) from a reader in New Zealand.

Helen has sent us a hymn that she heard above. We have transcribed this lovely song and added a simple accompaniment.

March 2023 – A GIFT FROM GOD 

The shed is complete and named.                                                               

The workmen tagged the camel a mascot and therefore named him also.               

All of us here were so grateful for the storage space that we named the shed: THE BLESSING.

We are still filling it up.

Thank you, Lord.


Mary, Joseph and the burro


February 2023 – Release Date

The third book in the trilogy, THE WARRIOR KING, will be released on October 3rd, 2023 by its publishing house: Charisma. We are so excited.

We actually have two books that will be available this year. First – THE WARRIOR KING, and second, THE ETERNAL GOSPEL – Part I (from eternity past to creation.)

Thank you, Lord!


January 2023

One of the callings – no, one of the privileges given to this ministry is the honor of sharing the music from heaven.

All of us are abundantly blessed by the glorious music being brought forth through our gifted musicians for the corporate worship of our mighty God. However, the Lord is now pulling back the curtain to share the music of angels with us on earth.

One such music being shared with us is from Betsy – a friend – who not only hears the music being played in heaven, but also brings it to those of us here on earth.


We are not having our open prayer meetings at the moment.

December 2022

December 2022


This month we come to the celebration of the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. We are the most fortunate of people, for we belong to Him. Whatever is playing out before us in this world, we have already been rescued out of its’ ultimate consequences by our Lord.

How wonderful that we are alive to serve Him another day on Earth.

Daily, we ask the Lord to bless you, and to protect you, and your loved ones. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your family through prayer. Praying for you has been one of the great joys of our lives.

Also thank you for undergirding the Lord’s work through this ministry with your prayers and financial gifts. Eternity will not be long enough to express our appreciation to you and to continue to ask the Lord to bless and reward you for your kindness to us.

We love you. Merry Christmas!


We are not having our open prayer meetings at the moment.

September 2022 – Up She Goes, Continued

We are still moving forward and exceedingly excited. Celebrate with us.


Here is a picture of the first of the roof trusses which are being installed.

Next, we have all of the roof trusses just waiting for the roof sheathing and the roof itself.

Finally, all the roof sheathing has been installed and the first section of the beautiful, red tin roof is applied.


We are not having our open prayer meetings at the moment.