WHAT IS HE DOING  All of us have been going through a lot during the past years since covid-19 arrived on our shores. Many have even lost family members. God’s beautiful blue planet is in trouble: “wars and rumors” of […]

Schools In Session

Schools in Session In showing you the day to day arrival of the angels to Prayer Mountain and the conversations occurring at the time, the one thing I have not brought to your attention, is the fact that the Lord […]

Getting to Know You

GETTING TO KNOW YOU At times, there are those visiting Prayer Mountain that ask to see me privately. I want to make myself available for these private chats, so I am setting aside Fridays for appointments. I will take one […]


OUCH! About 10 years ago, I had both of my hips replaced -operations for which I am forever grateful to the Lord. I was told that I need replacement would probably be nothing if I had had hip surgery. Therefore, […]

Oh Jerusalem, Jerusalem

Oh, Jerusalem, Jerusalem I was 37 when Israel fought the Yom Kippur war. Knowing how the enemy loves to celebrate destruction with greater destruction, I have been nervous every Yom Kippur for fifty years. I sighed with relief when we […]