Blessings Forevermore


occurred on:
August 9th, 2006 – Wednesday

When we arrived on the top of the mountain, the Angels stationed
there were playing a symphony.

The Angels played together in perfect harmony. The angel HARMONY
seemed especially pleased.

Liquid Love poured from the instruments. This love was visible.



Angels play All manner of instruments. Many we have never seen before.

To assist you in identifying these that are being played here,
we will start at the far left.

1. The Erhu – Is a Chinese bowed instrument created about 960-1279.
This instrument is tuned D A like the D middle strings of a violin.

2. (On top) Brazilian Shakere – It has a wood body strung with seed
It is either shaken or twisted for the sound of the beads (which appear
to be the
caster bean.)

3. Gangsa Is traditional Indonesian bronze Xylophone. It holds 10 Keys
tuned to a traditional scale. (below)


4. (above) Wind wand the sound of a Digeridoo and the Bullroarer
constructed of wood and bamboo with rubber wind resonator.

5. (below)Ocean harp an acoustic friction instrument that sounds like a

6. Swiss recorder combines Baroque and Modern sound

7. (above) Balabikas–A descendant of an 18th century Russian
instrument – the Domra,which was a three stringed instrument.

8. Dulciqurdy– a hybrid, dulcimer, hurdy-gurdy- has 2 octaves.


The sound would swirl out of the instruments.
from these swirls came packages tied with bows.

An angel picked up one box and opened it. He titled the box so that I
could see as he walked over to me. He reached out his hand holding the
little box. A ball of light was in the box.

“Eat Anna” he said. I reached into the box and put the ball of light into
my mouth. it was sweet as honey.

“What is it?” I asked.

“Such is the fruit of love. This can be given as a gift from the Holy One.
He is making the gift available here. But do not rattle the packages.
Trust in His faithfulness to provide,” the angel concluded.

The symphony continued and the little gift-wrapped boxes continued to
pile up.

The ball of light – which was “BLESSINGS FOREVERMORE” – made me
feel warm inside – like drinking a cup of hot chocolate.

“Thank you, Lord,” I said.