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Our Heavenly Father is revealing mysteries of heaven, the angels and the complicated simplicity of His workings on Earth

The Call of Two Mountains – Part II

The next day, the Lord continued the prophetic word concerning Prayer Mountain and Pore’s Knob.

“The Field Hospital on Prayer Mountain”

The Lord clarified His prophetic proclamation the next day on Prayer Mountain. Here is what He said: (Turn to the Angel section for the continuance of the Lord’s prophetic proclamation and also the continuing history of the Moravian Falls House of Prayer.)

October 2022 – The Angel Section

We have established a new website page entitled “AUDIO BOOK” on which to present Anna Rountree reading, “The Heavens Opened”

To enjoy the tenth chapter of “The Heavens Opened,” go to the Audio Book section.

Chapter Ten – The Throne of God

Modern Day Mystics has just released a new videocast. Modern Day Mystics VI | Heaven Awaits The Bride | Anna Rountree. To enjoy this program, please visit our Media page

Modern Day Mystics VI – The Heavens Opened – Anna Rountree


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