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             After being lost fourteen years,            The Dedication of The Moravian Falls House of Prayer by the Eldership alive at the time,      has been FOUND.

Turn to the Angel section for this momentous   transcript concerning the history of The Moravian Falls House of Prayer

March 2023 – The Angel Section

In January of 2022, we established a new website page entitled “Anna Reads ‘The Heavens Opened’”.

To enjoy the complete audio recording of “The Heavens Opened,” go to the “Anna Reads” section.


Modern Day Mystics has released a videocast interview. Modern Day Mystics VI | Heaven Awaits The Bride | Anna Rountree. To enjoy this program, please visit our Media page

Modern Day Mystics VI – The Heavens Opened – Anna Rountree


Our Heavenly Father is revealing mysteries of heaven, the angels and the complicated simplicity of His workings on Earth

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