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Anna Rountree’s Newest Book

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At last!  The third book of the prophetic Trilogy.

These books are not fiction. They are carefully recorded documentaries –– taken down while the experiences were taking place in heaven.

What if the biggest enemy you face in spiritual warfare is not the devil but your own flesh?

This book will help you to see Christ as the One who is able to take on all spiritual battles so that you know you are not alone in this journey of life.

In her first two books, The Heavens Opened and The Priestly Bride, Anna Rountree chronicled her remarkable visions of heaven, giving readers a glimpse of what heaven is like and how events happening in the earth today correspond with activities in the spirit realm. In this third book in her trilogy, Rountree offers a revelation of mankind’s chief enemy, the flesh, and how our heavenly Father trains us to be warriors for the fierce battles to come.

Caught up once again in a vision of heaven, Rountree sees the redeemed and the heavenly hosts armed for war. She is told that all God’s children are issued armor but not everyone heeds the command to put on the full armor of God. As with all equipment, this armor must be tested before being worn into conflict

Thus begins the tests to fit Rountree for battle. These tests take place underground in the root system of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, which is the flesh. The seriousness of the tests—tests all Christians must take—is both shocking and revelatory. This book takes readers on a journey through the dark bowels of the flesh and reveals how they can come out armed as overcomers who serve the Warrior King.


The first book: The Heavens Opened reveals a search for our Heavenly Father.

The second book: The Priestly Bride shows the romance between our Lord and His bride.

The third book: The Warrior King shows us the work of the Holy Spirit as he leads us through test after test to replace our fleshly soul life  with Christ.


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