A Promise Keeping God : Inspection Time The Lord has many ways of training us. One of his most effective ways is by example. In this revelation He shows that He finishes what He begins. More than the completion of […]

I Want To Go Faster

I WANT TO GO FASTER August 15th,2006–Tuesday When we sat down in the gazebo this morning, we seemed to be right beside a racetrack. Cars were whizzing past. They were almost a streak going by. The angel Victory addressed me: […]

Blessings Forevermore

BLESSINGS FOREVERMORE occurred on: August 9th, 2006 – Wednesday When we arrived on the top of the mountain, the Angels stationed there were playing a symphony. The Angels played together in perfect harmony. The angel HARMONY seemed especially pleased. Liquid […]

We Are One

WE ARE ONE We begin the year with one of my favorite revelations. I am excited that it came up on the rotation of dates for the Spiritual Chronicles of the Moravian Falls House of Prayer the first month of […]

Harvest Angel

  We are continuing the Spiritual history of the Moravian Falls House of Prayer on Prayer Mountain in Moravian Falls, North Carolina. This chronicle shows God’s work in preparing the site for the building of His chapel, and the arrival […]

The Warrior King

  Caught up once again in a vision of heaven, Anna sees the heavenly host, Jesus, and the redeemed in full armor. War seems imminent. Anna is told that all God’s children are issued armor, but not everyone heeds the […]