June 2023 – The Lord’s Anointing

It’s as though the Lords bathes the top of Prayer Mountain with oil every few months.  Perhaps it’s to increase the Lord’s anointing.

Here, we are shown a section of the protective wall the angels are building that eventually will encircle visitors and angels alike.  It will protect the needed land as well as the Moravian Falls House of Prayer.

July 28, 2006: Friday

Oil was pouring down – off the trees – and on to the open areas of the top of the ridge. I had seen this oil before, but it is always good to have more of it.

The Lord spoke to me: “Stand in it,” He said. I got up and left the gazebo and walked around on the path. “Here,” He continued, “I have commanded the blessing” (Psalm 33:3).

The oil was about ankle deep and golden in color. But when I walked around in the oil, a thicker and different substance appeared beneath my feet and crept up the sides of my shoes.

The Lord spoke: “Your steps are bathed in butter.”

Immediately, I got Albert to come out of the gazebo and walk around in the oil and butter. I wanted his steps to be bathed in butter also.

When we returned to the gazebo, the Lord said: “I have commanded a fortress to be built here in order to protect this chosen area from the enemy – so that My children will be able to meet with Me here and receive the fullness of the blessing I intend for each. When built, the walls will deflect the glance of the enemy. Their glance will bounce off its surface and cause them (the enemy) to divert their gaze. The followers of the fallen cherub will look elsewhere.


Glance: Websters Living Dictionary: to look quickly or briefly; as to glance at or over something; to allude to obliquely or in passing.”

The reason I included the Webster’s Dictionary definition of the word “glance” is that I think the word is important to the understanding of the words that were spoken. It seems that the wall is not exactly invisible in the spiritual realm (as we think of invisible) but more like a nonstick skillet or perhaps like a stealth bomber. It seems (and I could be wrong about all of this, you know) that the walls deflect the enemy’s brief look in their direction – thereby appearing invisible. Some spiritual entity glancing in fortress’ direction would not allow its eyes to stop and actually gaze intently upon at the fortress. It would pass it by. This, it seems, would not preclude the enemy knowing where to look when assigned to hinder the Lord’s work in the area. In that case, they would give more than a glance toward the ridge.


Job 29:6 seemed even more accurate when I looked it up. It says:

                               “When my steps were bathed in butter                                                       And the rock poured it out from me streams of oil!”

I had never noticed that oil and butter were together in this verse – which was the case up on the ridge today.

Albert felt moved upon to look up COME YE THANKFUL PEOPLE COME – number 222 in the hymnal he brought to the Ridge. We sang verses 1 and 4. Here they are:

                           Come, ye thankful people, come 
                           Raise the song of harvest home;                                       
                          All is safely gathered in
                           Ere the winter storms begin.
                           God our Maker doth provide
                           For our wants to be supplied:
                           Come to God’s own temple, come,
                           Raised the song of harvest home.

                           Even so, Lord quickly come,
                           To thy final harvest home;
                           Gather Thou Thy people in,
                           Free from sorrow, free from sin.
                           There, forever purified,
                           In Thy presence to abide:
                           Come with all Thine angels, come.
                           Raise the glorious harvest home.


July 28th


May 2023 – THE TRENCH

Wonder of wonders… angels building.

Most of the time humans see messenger angels. But the Lord has graciously shown us a spiritual truth of which we were unaware. (Well, some of us anyway.) Angels working, they not only build, they must follow the same steps used by humans while building. Foundations must be laid securely and the materials for the wall must be laid stone by stone.

There is much work even though it is a spiritual wall.

July 26th, 2006: Wednesday

As we were walking up the ridge, we reached the dividing of the path – that is where the path to the top intersects with the old logging road. Angels in light brown were working on the logging road and across the path to the top.

A deep trench was being cut down the old logging road. It turned at the location of the main path which joined the two roads and continued down. At the joining of the roads, two large holes showed that a couple of towers or something round was going to be erected. Perhaps this location is a gate opening. The trench continued down the adjacent land; (cutting off or “by passing” a small portion) where the turn in the trench was made.

A powerful laser beam from above was cutting this deep trench.



Angels were guiding the laser beam as though it was a piece of equipment at a construction site. Some of the angels who are assigned to the top were standing around the excavation site, watching. I could not tell how far down the logging road they intended to dig; neither could I tell how far down the adjacent land the trench would extend. In other words, I could not tell how much land was included in this “dig” of the fortress wall and its turrets. There was much excitement among the angels. When we arrived at the gazebo, I turned to the angel INSIGHT and asked him: “how much land will be enclosed by this fortress wall?”

“As much as is needed,” he said.

“How much is that?” I asked.

He took out a slate and wrote something on it. Then he set the slate up on his easel. It was a mathematical equation. He only allowed me to see it for a couple of seconds – long enough to be shocked – then he withdrew the slate.

“Oh great,” I thought, “math.”

“Thank you anyway,” I said to INSIGHT.

The SCRIBE angel beside him looked at me and said, “Rejoice, Anna, for the cry of your heart is being answered.”

“Yes,” I answered, “you are right. That thought was unworthy of a servant of the living God. I do rejoice and thank the Lord for all that He is doing here and within us all.


While I was receiving this, Albert had the revelation to sing: LEAD ON O KING ETERNAL while we were worshipping. Here are the words:

                   Lead on O King Eternal, the day of march has come;   

                   Henceforth in fields of conquest, Thy tents shall be our home.

                   Thro’ days of preparation, Thy grace has made us strong,

                   And now, O King Eternal, we lift our battle song.


I just talked to Wendy (Wendy had a physical therapy practice in Alaska), who called right before her workday began in Alaska. She was remarking about the fortress that the Lord plans to build (according to the angels). She said that she had been praying for the Lord to erect a fortress around the area. I thanked her for telling me because the angels had said that the fortress was being erected in answer to prayer. I told her that I did not remember asking the Lord for a fortress to be built and I wondered who might have requested the protection of a fortress. It was Wendy who prayed for a fortress. He is answering her prayers. Perhaps others within the group also prayed, but this is an answer to a question that was raised in my mind when the angels said the fortress was being erected in response to prayer.

Through these overlapping signs, He is showing His careful direction of all He intends on the ridge.














Even as I look back at this revelation, I am surprised. You see, I had a certain idea about the supernatural world and this revelation somewhat demolished it. I can understand the Lord wishing to build a barrier around the location that will hold a structure He has requested, but for such a structure to actually require being built was and is perplexing to me. I thought the Lord might come down and wave His hand and say something like “Be there a wall.”

But no.  The angels are actually building it. They have as many workers and different departments as we humans might have. I knew nothing of wall construction, but they actually dug a deep trench for “footers”. The area on top of the mountain was alive with angels the entire time. Besides the structural engineers that arrived first to “scope” out the land, this large group of angels arrived the next day. The structural engineers returned but brought with them an assistant architect and an assistant contractor and all their assistants. Also, the Scribe and Insight were recording for the Lord. It was a very colorful group.

Shown in the group discussing the wall’s, blueprint – (from left to right): THE SCRIBE, three ANGELS OF HIS PRESENCE, (engineers), ASSISTANT TO THE HOLY ONE in ARCHITECTURE, the head of INSIGHT peeking around, an ANGEL OF HIS PRESENCE CONSTRUCTION SUPERVISOR, (builder), an ANGEL OF HIS PRESENCE (an engineer).

July 25th, 2006: Tuesday

The five ANGELS OF HIS PRESENCE returned, walking up the path. With them were quite a number of other angels. Those with them wore various colored clothing. Two among these looked as though they wore rich attire. The others were in less stunning robes.

The entire group stopped down the path from the gazebo. The ANGELS OF HIS PRESENCE were pointing into the wooded areas and consulting with those they had brought with them. Soon the angel in the most elaborate attire pulled out a large roll of paper. It was perhaps a map. He unfurled it in the air in front of them, and all of the angels gathered around looking at it. There was more pointing and discussion. Finally, there seemed to be some consensus of opinion and the large blue page was rolled up again.

Then the whole group continued up the path toward us.

Near where the house of prayer will be built, they stopped again, unrolled the large sheet of paper in mid-air, and began another discussion. The other angels who are on the ridge stood silently listening. The SCRIBE angel continued to record. INSIGHT stood watching intently.

The fact that they were discussing something near us allowed me to observe their clothing. The angel in charge of the large piece of paper wore a richly embroidered robe. On his head he wore a cap – it looked Italian Renaissance – in a rich color. The other angel with whom they consulted, wore a light-colored garment patterned with waterfowl on a background of yellow. His garment also looked embroidered. He wore a close cap of the same color as the embroidered robe.

The angels with them looked like assistants. Three wore pale blue and two wore pale green.

They smiled at me as they passed, moving up the path. However, they did not address me. They stopped again near the location of the camp site (a location on the Morningstar land). When they unrolled the large sheet of paper this time, I got up from my seat and stepped out of the gazebo in order to get a better look. Since the unrolled paper was suspended in the air, I could see it. It was a blueprint. I watched a while and then returned to my seat.

For a while, I sat looking at the SCRIBE and INSIGHT who in turn were looking at me. Finally, I spoke: “Look, I don’t want to seem pushy, but could you tell me who these angels are who are accompanying the ANGELS OF HIS PRESENCE?

“They are assistants to the Holy One in architecture and in construction. God alone is THE ARCHITECT and THE CONTRACTOR, but these are here to assist Him in His design and in His construction schedule.”

“What plans are they looking at?” I asked.

“The blueprint is for a fortress. The Holy One is erecting a fortress around this area as protection. This is in response to prayer (at that time I did not know who was asking for a wall). The stronghold [meaning the chapel that will be built] however, is to be secured by man,” he said. Then, apologetically, he added: “Excuse me. I need to write all of this down.”

“I thank you both,” I said to the SCRIBE and INSIGHT – for I felt that Insight had assisted even though he did not speak. However, they do seem to be working together.

The group of angels had moved on to other parts of the land – lower down perhaps. It seemed as though they were going over more land than just the top of the ridge. I surmised that the base of the fortress would rest lower down the hill.


                                                 ARCHITECTURAL ASSISTANT,

                                                 ASSISTANT BUILDER or


                                                 FORTRESS UNDER CONSTRUCTION

                                                 THE CHAPEL IS CALLED A STRONGHOLD


Fortress: (Dictionary of Biblical Imagery) “Old Testament battle stories have as one of their staples, fortresses – thick-walled cities, often on high mountains, meant to be impenetrable and intimidating to enemies. Yet of the approximately thirty-five references to fortresses in English Bibles, most are metaphoric pictures of God and His acts of salvation. Often, “rock” and “fortress” are used together to refer to God. Fortified cities were built, if possible, high on a cliff or mountain, with rock providing an unshakable foundation and impenetrable defense.”

Fortress: (Pictorial Bible Dictionary) “Every city in ancient times was fortified by a wall and its citadel. The King James Version (KJV) often speaks of such cities as ‘fenced,’ and other terms are also used by the KJV and the Revised Version (RV). Even before the Israelites entered Canaan, they were terrified by reports of cities ‘great and fortified up to heaven.’ These cities were not necessarily large. They were usually, indeed, quite small. Jerusalem was so well fortified that it was not until the time of David that the city was captured from the Jebusites. Usually the city was built on a hill, and the fortifications followed the natural contour of the hill. Many times there was both an inner and an outer wall. The walls were built of brick or stone and were many feet thick.”


Stronghold: (Dictionary of Biblical Imagery) “Although the term stronghold and fortress are somewhat interchangeable, the former is a more generic image than the latter. Both constitute places of safety from the enemy. Rather than necessarily a walled fortification, though, a stronghold may be any inaccessible place of refuge, especially an elevated one. The KJV generally uses ‘high tower’ rather than the NIV’s and other versions ‘stronghold.’ The fifty biblical references to strongholds fall into two categories in the narrative and prophetic books. 1) they are literal places of military refuge, or, as in psalms: 2) they tend to be metaphors for God.”

“We can understand the feelings evoked by the image of the stronghold when we observe the threats with which it is often paired: trouble, enemies, oppressors, pursuers. These cannot reach or destroy the one who has found refuge in God saving presence. That presence is often pictured in terms of a temple or tabernacle where God dwells. Often a temple within the city was the city’s highest point, and citizens under siege went and hid in the ‘stronghold of the temple.’ The true stronghold in Scripture is indeed a high, lofty place. One can reach that place, however, only by bowing low before the God of salvation. The Bible pictures His presence as the only true stronghold.”


It seems to me that the Fortress and the Stronghold are two different things. The outer wall and turrets are going to be built by the Lord Himself. The inner Stronghold – perhaps the sanctuary – is assigned to man.


March 2023 – Prayer Mountain


During Tabernacles of 2009, the Elders (who were alive at the time) came to the top of Prayer Mountain to dedicate the land on which The Moravian Falls House of Prayer would be built.

Among them was Bob Jones, Bobby Connor, Geri Keller, Don Potter, Albert Rountree, Gary Stoppard, Bonnie Jones, and Anna Rountree (and many more participants).

For 14 years, the Elder’s prayers for the land and their proclamations over it have been lost. Now found, we want to share this important piece of history with the body of Christ. This international Eldership was speaking for all of us.

October 4th, 2009

[At the cleared area near the platform on Prayer Mountain.]

Bob Jones was asked to pour oil on the site where the House of Prayer would be built. He walked up to the stake which he had struck with a staff as instructed by an angel a number of years before. [This stake (defined, by surveying), is the edge of the property on which the house of prayer will be built.]

Bob was given a chair to sit in. He told Bobby Connor, “You should blow the shofar in every direction, Bobby.” (This was when the land started coming in.)

Anna Rountree asked Bob (Jones) to pray, then pour oil on the building site for
the House of Prayer.

Bob Jones: “Lord, I am not inclined to pray as much as I am to put You in remembrance of what happened here when Your angel brought me here and I prayed what he (the angel) told me to pray. I turned north, south, east, and west here, and I commanded the land to come in. And the vision that would come from here, the stake, the orange stake, the property line. So Lord, I remind You that this was Your vision, it wasn’t mine. And You translated me up here. So let this be a place where the signs and wonders are released. Let this be such a place.

“You sent me here first so the land could be taken back for Your purposes. Now, the land that is really needed for Your purposes is that which You made out of red clay. The land You want to take now is the body of Christ. So Lord, let this be a thing that brings the body of Christ together in a unity, and let this be a place You showed me a long time ago like a Ferris Wheel. Let the angels be taken up, ascending, and descending. When people pray here, let them ascend with their prayers and descend with the answers. So let the Ferris Wheel go, let it turn clockwise and let it be a time clock of when You are starting things anew in Jesus’ name. Amen.”

“Set the people free. Let Your Holy Spirit go forth and begin to move the proper landmarks. Let the Holy Spirit take over. Let Him motivate and direct. Keep the boundaries where the Ferris Wheel goes up and comes down. (As Bob was pouring oil on the main entrance location). You are the door. You are the way, You are the truth, and You are the life. Let those that enter here enter by Your Holy Spirit and let their prayers be heard. And they would mobilize Your angels to begin to push back the darkness and bring it into the light where we poured the oil. Holy Spirit, You are welcome in this place. You are welcome in this place. Holy Spirit, You are welcome in this place. Have Your way, Lord. Have Your way, Lord. Have Your way, Lord.

I did what He told me to do. Those trees…(the trees bordering the area for the house of prayer), a circle come here clockwise so it means an open portal. And these trees bowed down and touched the ground in an open portal. So this is an open portal, a window, a door, a heaven but it is better described as an open portal, So what you will need to do is fill it.

Geri Keller

We are living for a time on the other mountain. (The entrance to that other mountain is Nahum Drive.) I brought as a sign a stone from the other mountain. Since I am sure the promised child is born today in this very place (on Prayer Mountain), a place to reconcile the two mountains. (Geri placed the stone inside the marked borders of the House of Prayer.)

Anna Rountree

Thank you, Lord, that Isaac is born.

Bob Jones

Two pillars, the end time church, the priesthood and the marketplace. So this is awesome as a marketplace. Not only the priesthood, but the marketplace.

Geri Keller

Lord, we stand in awe, in awe about Your ways. Through all the centuries and all the generations. And You brought forth the fullness of Your word about this mountain (Prayer Mountain). We honor the fathers and mothers going all the way before us, climbing this mountain and experiencing your presence here and now. The day is here, the time has come. Now we welcome You, Isaac, son of laughter. It will be a holy laughter in the heavens and around us. Now it’s all out of lots of travailing, lots of tears and lots of prayers but now it is done. The heaven is open. It’s the place of Your very Presence. We welcome You, Lord of Lords. We welcome You, Sovereign Lord. We welcome You, mighty Father. We welcome You, Your Spirit; that You opened today a well, a well of the Fatherhood, a well of your Father’s spirit, flowing out through the land and binding together the two mountains. In the name of Jesus, Amen. (Geri and Lilo lived over on a nearby mountain off of Nahum road, just below the worship center that Don Potter helped to build for Buck Petty – so the binding he referred to was Nahum road and North Star Drive which is Prayer Mountain)

Bob Jones

Three or four days ago I had a vision of a baby really squalling, he was really screaming. I went in and saw his parents just standing there looking at him. He wasn’t what they expected. The nursemaid was just looking at him. It is in the Ezekiel 16; he hadn’t been cleaned up. I told the nursemaid you better get it together and clean him up otherwise you are going to be gone and another one will replace you immediately.

Then I told his parents, “this is an ALL-NATIONS baby. You expected white, he is not white, and you expected black. But he is not black, he’s not brown and he’s not yellow. This is an ALL-NATIONS baby and this is not a bastard. Now embrace him.”

The baby was still squalling. I laid down where the baby was and whispered to him, “Jesus loves you. You’re so beautiful and you’re so loved.” The baby quit squalling. I kept going and the baby started cooing. The Holy Spirit spoke to me and said, “that which is being birthed now will only respond to love.”

When you said that, I thought this is where the vision fits. The only thing that will be responded to here is love. This will not look like anything that anybody has ever seen before. It will be multicolored so you can expect people from the other nations that will come here. The baby is born. I believe the baby was born on the Day of Atonement. The baby will cry and scream until people tell him he is loved. He will be heard when he cries. So when he quits crying then love will be here. This isn’t the male child in revelations, which I don’t believe it is quite yet, because it isn’t time, but it is a precursor of it. The main thing is that love reigns here. Love is the only thing that will be heard here. Today you started to clean up the umbilical cord. What is birthed here will like unto Christ. It will only respond to love. Embrace him (the nations that come here). That which He sends here will not be the counterfeit or the bastard, it will be the real thing.

Don Potter

Lord from the place of being a Levite, one of the most important parts of prayer is that it balances itself on the wings of praise. You said, Jesus,

Yourself, “My Father’s house is a House of Prayer.”

That word in Hebrew is “to sing your prayers to God.”

In this House I call forth the song of the Spirit. I call it out that has been in this ground for a very long time. I call forth the song of the Spirit, the prophetic song of the Spirit and the Song of Joy that has been waiting to be released for so long. And the song of the healed heart, the heart You said “I have come to heal. I have come to heal the broken hearted.”

So I call forth those songs that are waiting to be sung, to be said, to be cried, even hummed late in the night. This building will have a sound that happens even when it is empty, even when everything is off. There will be a sound that resonates through its’ corners, and it will create a melody. Close to one corner it would be one note and another corner another and it is a three-note cord. That cord makes what is known as perfect harmony and in order for it to be perfect a fourth cord coming from the Earth, a fourth note must come. So, with three notes from heaven and one note from Earth we have a completed side. I call forth those who You would bring, who would allow themselves to be used of the Holy Spirit, by the song of the Spirit, and that all those with an agenda with music, I ask Father, that You would arrest them at the door and they would no longer have a heart to steal that which has been given into the land and now waits to be awakened. Come forth in the name of Jesus. As a chief Levite, I call you out in Jesus’ name. It will only come forth through those who love and those that give love when they hear it. It will come forth through the voice of love. We ask in Jesus’ name.

Bob Jones

When Don started to pray did you all feel a new wind come? A wind come up my pants leg. It wasn’t a normal wind. His angels are winds. They were activated when you were praying. You could feel a coolness. I could feel a coolness all over my face. It means walk and face (Don said, “facing a new walk.”)

Gary Stoppard

(They) had a movie night and watched the Sound of Music. Ever since then I’ve been singing the hills are alive with the sound of music. Now I know why. The hills are coming alive with the Sound of Music.

Bonnie Jones

When we came up, there were three chairs here, I felt for the Father, Son and Holy Ghost. They are welcomed. They are already here.

Don Potter

I want to encourage you there will be no small amount of opposition, but also you are not doing a small thing, so it will stand to reason.

Bob Jones asked Geri Keller to yodel, as they do in Switzerland. Geri asked Bob Jones to yodel as they did in Yell County, Arkansas – where Bob was born. Then everyone asked Albert Rountree to chant a psalm as the early Christians did. He chanted a Gregorian chant. All of those went out over Prayer Mountain as a blessing.

Since The Elders’ Dedication

Since the Dedication, the Presence of the Lord has not departed from the land blessed by these godly servants of the Lord. Fourteen years seems a long time between the dedication of the Elders and the building of The MORAVIAN FALLS HOUSE OF PRAYER. But the Bible shows us that this is God’s way. Think how long it was between the time David was anointed king until the day he actually began his kingly duties. God’s ways are not our ways, no matter how long in between the Elder’s dedication of the land for the house of prayer and its building, His anointing stands. He desired these godly men to call forth His purposes, many of whom are with the Lord now. But they gave to this land the righteous blessing He wished.

February 2023 – The Angel Engineers

The Angel Engineers


Work began on the spiritual wall in just about the same way it begins with human construction. Those supervising the construction job generally begin with a walk-through of the construction site. The angels also began with a walk-through.


Angel Engineers are much like human engineers in that they "walk-through" before building


These are the Engineers of the wall project. They came to get the “lay of the land” and collect some measurements. It seems as though our Heavenly Father will not build a house of prayer without a protective wall around it. We might think that they could simply speak it into existence – but no. The angels are actually going to build it.

July 24, 2006: Monday

Five ANGELS OF HIS PRESENCE walked up the path, stopping to talk to other angels already stationed here. The guards snapped to attention as they passed, and then relaxed.

Soon there were many angels around them. There was much laughter and many exchanges between them – none of which I could understand. However, there seemed to be great joy at their arrival.

As they broke free of the surrounding group of greeters, they continued to walk up the path – looking from side to side. It was as though they were inspecting the area. They greeted the SCRIBE angel and INSIGHT, who, along with the guards, did not leave their posts.

Each turned to smile at me as they passed continuing down the path. The last in the group stopped near the gazebo. “All must be made ready,” he said.

Then he continued down the path to join the others. They were pointing and consulting together.

These angels wore pale lavender robes, heavily embroidered in gold on the sleeves and the hem. They themselves seemed pale – almost transparent – as though the constant nearness to the glory of God had bleached them. When each spoke, light poured from him. Otherwise, they remained translucent and very pale. Perhaps their bleached or thinned outer frame allowed light to readily pour through – like a windowpane.

These angels seemed to be an inspection party. By their reception, they were well known among their peers and represented a further step in the Lord’s purposes.

The angels did not say that they were assigned here. However, it seemed to be implied that they were the first of many ANGELS OF HIS PRESENCE that would be arriving to take up posts assigned to them in this location.


In Isaiah 62:4 the Lord reveals that He has married the land of Israel. This means He is in covenant with that small piece of land as a husband and wife are in the covenant of marriage.

We are not told, through the Bible, whether He is married to other pieces of land. However, as the bride of Christ is many, there is the possibility that other land (or lands) have been placed under His covenant protection. In fact, in this astounding revelation given in 2006, He reveals this very secret. The ridge on Prayer Mountain is also in covenant with God Almighty. Perhaps this is the reason He chose the humblest of mountains for a house of prayer – even as a manger held the newborn Jesus.

We may not see with our naked eye that He has placed His affection upon this location; but taking the land into covenantal relationship shows that it is – to Him – a special and prized possession – dear to His heart, as a wife is to a husband.

July 23, 2006: Sunday.

I saw a very large canopy. The fabric of the canopy was like fine silk. The posts holding up the canopy were like trees, laced here and there with mountain flowers. Angels stood at the two posts that I was able to see clearly.

“I am betrothed to this land, Anna,” He said. “She is married to me.”

“I thought that was only possible between You and the land of Israel.”

“As the bride of Christ is many, so this land is married. She is My own. I have waited for this day and this very hour for her to be seen by all, to be chosen by me and carefully tended. Let her rocks and trees rejoice, for they will witness what few places witness.”

“How can land be married?” I asked.

“With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible,” He concluded.

There was a very heavy presence of the Lord after He spoke. His presence was almost tangible – as if it had substance. I actually reached out my hand to see if there was a change in the quality of the air – if it was thicker.

We rejoiced that the Lord had chosen this little piece of land and has allowed us to be here at this momentous time in its long history.

A Vision Within a Vision

Seventeen years after receiving this revelation, at last I have begun to understand its meaning. You see, at the time, it did not make sense. But, as I look back with more information available through later revelations, I am able to piece it together.

When I received the vision, there was no wall on the top of Prayer Mountain. Therefore, the Lord commanding someone to get up on a wall that wasn’t there, was perplexing. Now – looking back – I see that a couple of days later, the whole building process by the angels actually began. They literally began to build a spiritual wall. It was amazing.

But what we are seeing in this revelation is a vision within a vision.

A Vision Within a Vision

July 22, 2006: Saturday

The Lord speaking:

“For those who stand on the wall, this is a call to arms. Not only should these watch, but they must unsheathe the sword and fight.”

“These small flurries, (the wars and rumors of wars internationally), are just the beginning. The enemy moves beneath ground and only here and there pours out like an army of ants. Most (people) see what is visible. But My warriors need to see what is hidden. The Spirit will show them (the warriors) the hidden tunnels – mole holes – through which the enemy travels.”

“Why do they travel underground?” I asked.

“Secrecy. The children quickly fall asleep after each attack. Forgetfulness closes their eyes and ears. (I thought of wildebeests grazing within eye and ear shot of lions – but calculate that they are not on the prowl and therefore – presently – harmless.) But these (the enemy) know the times and never sleep.”

“The enemy is marshaling his forces. But as he does, he will also admit a sweet fragrance (like a perfume) that will lull the complacent into a dangerous apathy – a half sleep – a state that is neither alive nor dead; but usable – not like a robot, but a deadly, thinking human: wily and treacherous [a zombie]. However, outwardly these will seem placid and normal for the enemy will be travelling beneath the skin within the dirt of which mankind is made.”

“But for those who do not live out of their clay, their senses will be sharpened. These who are on the wall, will be given a STRONG BOW and MANY ARROWS. These will discern the enemy at a distance and send an arrow into his heart. But effectiveness requires more than one watchman to foil the plans of the enemy. But that group – keen of eye and focused – can turn back an army.” (I thought of Jonathan when he climbed up to fight the enemy with only his armor bearer) 1 Samuel 14:4-16.

“Get up on the wall and do not breathe deeply when the sweet perfume is released. Stand your ground holding to Me.”


I believe that nothing that has been revealed about Prayer Mountain has been as reassuring, nor has it given as great a clarity about the Lord’s hand on the coming house of prayer, as this prophetic utterance.

In 2006 (which was the beginning of His foundational work for the house of prayer), I could not have known that there would be either a loss of people or a protracted period of time on the way to the house of prayer being built. Nor, could it have been known that each correction would bring the Moravian Falls House of Prayer into a place of greater righteousness before the Lord. So that – out of the ashes of what would have been, has come “beauty”.

July 19, 2006: Wednesday

At the gazebo:

The angels were standing around the ridge with heads lifted, singing a lovely chorus. They did not sing in parts, but in unison. Truly, it was awe inspiring.

A very beautiful angel walked up the path. Her garment showed trees, then flowers, then mountains, then planets, then birds, etc. There was only a glimpse of each as she walked. Bands of color, (these looked like ribbons or perhaps some sort of vegetation) were woven into her hair. Her hair had a slight tint of green. Strangely, it was lovely instead of being off-putting. She held an olive twig in her right hand.

“Today,” the Holy Spirit spoke, “BEAUTY comes to this mount. The Great King brings beauty out of the ashes of all that has been and will be destroyed because it was and is not of Him.”

BEAUTY reflects His glory and lifts the shackled soul. BEAUTY alone [meaning by itself] can be a distraction, but BEAUTY, where He has chosen to rest His glory is restorative.


I looked up ashes in both the New American Standard’s Concordance and the old Strong’s. I found in the King James version of the Bible this:
Isaiah 61:3: “To appoint unto them that mourn in Zion,
to Give unto them beauty for ashes…”

The Hebrew “pe’er” means embellishment: a fancy headdress; a beautiful diadem; tiara; turban; bonnet, ornament. It means that all who mourn will be given a beautiful nuptial tiara instead of the ashes thrown on the head while mourning (Dake’s Annotated Reference Bible and Concordance).

I asked Albert to write something about the olive twig in her right hand. The right hand signifies “faith”. The dove returned to the ark with vegetation from an olive tree when the waters of God’s judgement had begun to recede and new life had begun on earth (Gen. 8:10-11).

The Prophetic Call of the Two Mountains: Continued

The next day, the Lord continued the prophetic word concerning Prayer Mountain and Pore’s Knob.

“The Field Hospital on Prayer Mountain”

A. This prophetic word is an expansion of the prophecy given the day before (in last month’s angel section). His word troubled me, and I was going over and over His remarks in my mind. Therefore He clarified the prophetic word (along with a caution about judging His battle plans… ie. a gentle rebuke).

B. July 17th, 2006: Monday – Vision

The little dove that we saw before up on the ridge, was here again. She flew to a tree branch near the gazebo and sat quietly watching and waiting.

“Here,” I thought, “is the symbol of peace; but in my ears is the sounds of drums and marching.” These were joined by bagpipes and an animal horn being blown. It was as though there was a marshalling of troops from many lands

The dove of peace flew down from the nearby tree and began to hop around near the gazebo. She was on a bed of dry leaves and could be heard easily.

The Lord spoke: “Peace, unshakable peace in the midst of war; communion with Me in the midst of chaos; love in the midst of hate; passion in the midst of lethargy and despair. ‘Come to the water of Life and drink freely,’ will be the proclamation of those coming to this hill.”

I asked Him, “What of Pores Knob?” for I continued to mull over His statements from the day before

“I gave you insight in order to increase understanding – not to have you fret over My battle plans. The battle is Mine, Anna. You have a part in this battle. But I am the One who assigns My soldiers to their posts.”

“I have asked you to pray that their faith fail not. But you must stand at the post to which I have called you. Do not attempt to rescue those with another calling or those assigned to a different post. Those assigned to be the diversion also serve.”

“But My glory will rest here. I have brought together those who are willing to take a stand for Me. This too is a warrior’s duty – to stand in love and peace toward one another, releasing that love and peace to all who come.” (It seemed to me that this love and peace provided a congenial atmosphere that would draw down His glory for the benefit of others.)

“I need a narrowed focus from you, Anna, and a forehead of flint (Ezekiel 3:9). Let none distract you – even with the seeming good.

[The dove flew to a branch over the area where the house of prayer will be built. She sat there quietly most of the time remaining during our prayers.]

Pilate said to Him, “What is truth?”*

We here in America have been lied to so egregiously, that honestly, we do not know who to believe. But I promised to give you the exact words from the angels and our Lord that had been archived beginning sixteen years ago. I want to be faithful to that promise.

The following is essentially a prophetic proclamation. Sixteen years ago there were no signs at all of it being fulfilled. Now there are the beginning signs. But, as yet, many human participants have not understood enough to turn their eyes from one location to line up with this equally unique calling. But, I believe, it will happen. For both tracks are important to the Lord’s plans and to the fulfillment of moving Moravian Falls into being one of God’s protective harbors for His children.

Two Mountains

I do not know His complete plans, but elsewhere in the archived notes it says that whatever He is planning on Pores Knob (the high mountain facing this lower mount of Prayer Mountain) is going to be very big and very glittery. Remember the eye in Lord of the Rings? It was focused on the ring bearer until a diversion was established to draw it’s gaze away from the one ring’s destruction. (This prophetic word came out before that film) – but it is the same idea.

Both mountains are important – [the diversion (on Pore’s Knob) bearing the heat of battle] and the field hospital [on Prayer Mountain (restoring God’s children)].


I heard marching, marching – the sound of boots. The sound seemed to come from a single location. Then the sound was joined by other marching boots until the world shook with the sound.

The Lord spoke: “every boot of the booted warrior…”

I could see the globe of the world. It was black.

Suddenly pinpoints of light broke through the darkness. These gained in number until shafts of brilliant light were here and there around the globe.


“What are these, Lord?” I asked.

“They are gatherings of refuge. These are not cities. A city would be too visible. These are gatherings that would seem too inconsequential to warrant a full-scale attack. They are pledged to Me for unity.”

“Pore’s Knob is a diversion, Anna. Those there will bear the battle – while here (on the ridge of Prayer Mountain) I will establish a field hospital. The enemy’s eyes are not on this ridge. He always seeks the high place. Always he is confused by the lowly – the humble. [I thought of the words: “Can any good thing come out of Nazareth?”] While the enemy marshals his forces to dilute and hinder the prophetic word concerning the high place, angels are gathering on this little mount.

“Pray for those in the heat of battle, that their faith fail not.”

“Both the diversion and the field hospital are needed.”

* Pilate said to Him, “What is truth?” (John 18:38a NASV)