A Wee Adjustment

The prayer meetings are amazing. Brothers and sisters from
different nations and denominational backgrounds quickly
experience our oneness in Christ when coming together for
prayer. How blessed we are to be in a nation that allows us to
gather and worship our God.

We are having a slight difficulty, however. At times we are running
over the 50 chairs available, and people are needing to stand for
the entire meeting. This makes it difficult when we have begun to
worship and attendees come in late and try to step over those in

Therefore, we are locking the doors at the beginning of worship to
allow those present the joy of maintaining undisturbed focus on
the Lord. For us to come together this side of Paradise is a little
bit of heaven, let me tell you.
I thank the Lord for allowing us to experience this great joy and to
my brothers and sisters in Christ for their willingness to travel to
Prayer Mountain to worship our Heavenly Father together.

I know, the Lord is pleased, and the angels are “down right beside

Everyone welcomed