Ministry From An Angel


Took place on:
August 14, 2006-Monday
It was unusually difficult for me to get to the gazebo today. I
had to sit down on the path. I felt that I was fighting to get
there. Albert suggested that we continue to sit on the path and
have our time with the Lord there. I thought about it – but then
I thought about bugs and ticks, etc. So, I pulled myself up onto
my two legs and began to walk upward again. I thought I might
be the first to crawl up to the top, I wished I had brought my
kneepads. I sat down in the gazebo. When I looked around, I
saw, an angel sitting in the trees.

He asked me how I felt? I told him. “Okay.” I continued out
“I’ll be all right.”
Albert, who is not accustomed to hearing me address the
angels out loud asked “what are you saying?”
“Oh,” I said sheepishly “I’m addressing someone else.”
The angel in the tree said, “Would you like me to strengthen
“That would be nice,” I continued out loud.

He came down from the tree and somewhat glided over to me.
The angel had red hair, freckles, and was dressed like a young
boy of about 10. He was skinny and had a big smiley face. On
the back of his shirt which read: “When I am weak, then I am

Give me your hand, he said.
May I give you the closest hand? (Which was my left hand.)
“Why don’t you give me both hands?” He said.
I turned in my gazebo seat and handed him both hands. As
soon as he took my hands, I began to feel “strength.”
Suddenly angels were zipping towards me, and then out again.
They became faster and faster, like swarms of hummingbirds,
dipping in and then out, taking in nectar at hummingbird
feeders. They were like streaks of light. To say the least, I began
to feel strong and extremely well.
“Thank you,” I said, as they withdrew. I wondered if I was
among the first to receive ministry from our resident angels.?
I felt light as a feather when I begin to walk down the path to
return to our cabin – and I continue to experience this well-