June 2023 – An Overflow of Praise

A heart’s desire of those who are a part of THE MORAVIAN FALLS HOUSE OF PRAYER is that the music of heaven might be made available to the body of Christ. We asked the Lord to use us in this endeavor if He wished this also.

We thought He might reveal the heavenly music to us directly. But He didn’t. Instead, our brothers and sisters from around the world began to contact us. They would send to us music each had heard above.

We, according to our promise to the Lord, are passing it on to you. We are extremely blessed that this lovely song of praise was brought to you from Betsy, a friend in Kentucky.

May 2023 – The Hills are Alive with the Sound of Music

Those in the body of Christ that the Lord has moved upon to draw closer to The Moravian Falls House of Prayer are being given music from heaven.

Each may have been born with musical talent, but now these are sending to us that which they are receiving from heaven. They are excited about receiving such music and we are excited that they are sharing this lovely music from above with the body of Christ.




One of the Christ Jesus Triumphant’s ministry assistants and a friend from Kentucky were sitting on the platform on the ridge recently. They were talking about the angels when suddenly our friend heard a rumble. As she looked, she saw angels rolling out thousands of golden barrels from heaven. Just as suddenly our friend from Kentucky heard the song: “Roll out the barrels…”  

Both the ministry assistant and our friend felt the rumble of heavy casks rolling out from heaven and bouncing as angels directed their distribution. As our friend from Kentucky sketched the revelation, she kept feeling excited about the phrase in John 2:10, where the wedding coordinator exclaimed, “but you’ve saved the best wine for last!!”  



Both we and (it looks like the Lord and the angels also) want everyone to be blessed when they come to PRAYER MOUNTAIN.

March 2023 – A LOT OF LOVE

 On the way to the top of PRAYER MOUNTAIN our brothers and sisters in Christ are receiving a lot of love. The leaves are off the trees and the weather has been gray and bitter cold – but for those making the journey, they burst upon A LOT OF LOVE.


We want everyone to be blessed when they come to PRAYER MOUNTAIN.


February 2023 – WE’RE OFFICIAL

We have our answer from the government. We’re official. We have our trademark. Even before it is built, The Moravian Falls House of Prayer is so well known that we needed a legal trademark to protect it.

Later, I am sure there will be music CDs by those who lead worship in the house of prayer, and they will need protection, also. Already fine musicians are talking about moving here to be among the worship leaders. Lord help us. There will need to be housing.

When Albert and I moved to Moravian falls 26 years ago, the crying need at that time was housing. It still is. We move more slowly in Moravian Falls. But who knows – one day – we might speed up.




On the Road

On the road to the top of Prayer Mountain was our Christmas offering in gratitude to our Heavenly Father for sending His Son to Earth for the salvation of mankind.

We pray that it was a blessing to those who came in the cold and rain to honor our Lord.

The View from Prayer Mountain

This little video was filmed from the Prayer Platform on Prayer Mountain, Moravian Falls, North Carolina.



A Little History

Before the rails went up on the platform, (during the time it was being constructed), my husband and I would lie in the cool autumn sun and pray for its completion. It was a little bit of heaven, let me tell you. The sun was shining, the air was clean and clear, and there was nothing between us and heaven.

Joy In The Lord

Those who come to Prayer Mountain are so full of joy and hope. For those who have come and those who plan to come, let me say: all of us know our Heavenly Father is touched and deeply grateful – that you are coming to Prayer Mountain.

Some of those who come to Prayer Mountain

Our friend Betsy sent us this song based on Psalm 115. Graciously, she is allowing it to be shared with you. We felt it reflects our Father’s heart.



The Father chose this location – not a person nor a group of people: God alone. He chose it for Himself. Then He spoke through the mouths of such prophets as Bob Jones, Bobby Conner, Doug Addison, Rick Joyner, Geri Keller of Switzerland, Chief Big Pond, and hundreds more to confirm His choice. He is helping the body of Christ in this way because He knew it would take many years to bring all the people and circumstances into place in order that this house of prayer might be brought forth in the right spirit.

Everyone connected to The Moravian Falls House of Prayer longs to see the Lord build His house – not the flesh of mankind but the Lord.

Those Who Come

But even now, the Lord is blessing those who come. I wish we could show you a photo album of all who come to Prayer Mountain.

Just know that those of us who have seen the whole process are praying for all of you – with extreme joy.


The Peace of the Lord

One of the great blessings of Prayer Mountain is the stillness and heavenly peace at the location the Lord has selected for the House of Prayer. Even before we have the structure, our God is pouring out His presence on all who come to be with Him in that place

Here is one such expression from Betsy, our friend. She is generous to share this heavenly music with the body of Christ.

Close your eyes and enjoy.


Honoring the Country We Love

This year we have been celebrating our country, the United States of America, with not only red, white and blue buntings, but also with signs that help us remember each of the patriotic holidays throughout the summer

In May we celebrated MEMORIAL DAY

Realizing that America celebrated another patriotic day in June, we left up the red, white, and blue so we could celebrate FLAG DAY.


But America also celebrates PURPLE HEART DAY in August; a day to remember and honor our service men and women who, while bravely representing our country, have been injured or even killed.

And then in September, we celebrate LABOR DAY.

Five months of patriotic celebrations. Praise God. May God bless America.