Schools In Session

Schools in Session

In showing you the day to day arrival of the angels to Prayer Mountain and the conversations occurring at the time, the one thing I have not brought to your attention, is the fact that the Lord and the angels are engaged in spiritual teaching with each encounter.

When I was first taken to heaven in 1994, it was plain to me that the Lord had put me into a school of the Holy Spirit.

However, with the spiritual chronicle of the Moravian Falls House of Prayer He has continued the lessons begun in heaven. Each encounter holds within it a nugget of wisdom – a truth illustrated by the picture appearing before me or the explanation given by the angels or the Lord.

I may be a little dense, but I just realized that we are in school together. Of course the schooling must proceed at the pace of the least cognitive receptive – me – and therefore, can only impart one truth a session.

But to be trained by the Lord and His substitute teachers – the angels – is a rare gift.

So, I hope you enjoy hearing the school bell ring, the metal lockers slamming shut and the shuffle of classmates sliding into their desk seats, for school is in session.