I Want To Go Faster


August 15th,2006–Tuesday

When we sat down in the gazebo this morning, we seemed to be right beside a racetrack. Cars were whizzing past. They were almost a streak going by.

The angel Victory addressed me:

“You have just stepped onto the Fast Track.”

“Are we going to start moving that fast “I asked him.

“Do you want to?” he asked.

“Well, yes “I smiled at him –as if anyone would not want to move that quickly.

“Think about this Anna. These move too fast to view their surroundings.

“I suppose that is true”, I answered not knowing where this was going to lead ––––––– so I was a bit hesitant.

He continued. “They gun their motors and quickly traverse the track. No lasting foundation is laid through this speed: cotton candy–a very quick high and a sudden low.

What sort of victory do you desire?”

“I suppose I want to lay a firm foundation through prayer.”

“You suppose?” Victory asked.

“Well of course, I do want to lay a firm foundation through prayer.”

“And would you be able to accomplish this needed foundation by speeding on the fast track?”

“No” I sighed, “I guess not. But I would wish to move a little faster.”

He looked at me, “You need to learn the scales before you play Carnegie Hall. Each assignment is a new experience with the Lord. Each brings additional growth. Let the others zoom by.

You are to dig deep.”