May 3, 2006: Wednesday

May 3, 2006: Wednesday


Some of the angels were sitting in the trees.

I spoke to the Lord: “You have not chosen the high and mighty, but You have chosen this lowly ridge, You who were born in a stable instead of a king’s palace. Oh Lord, You who have chosen this lowly ridge – reveal Yourself. Let the full weight of Your glory rest here.”

I continued, “Lord, you have given the ANGEL OF BREAKTHROUGH to America and the ANGEL OF VICTORY to this ridge. We thank You for them. Use them to bring about Your desires and purposes. Lord, we want to thank You for the prayers the Moravians prayed to You.”

“Lord, we pray that You lead those who will come to this place to pray – that you might remember those prayers and answer. We add our prayers to those of the godly Moravians. We ask that the cup of these prayers would – not only be full – but begin to overflow. Let true worship and praise go forth from this place.