May 24, 2006: Wednesday – Moravian Falls

May 24, 2006: Wednesday: Moravian Falls

“Anna,” the Lord said.

“I am here, Lord.”

“Be faithful in little, to show yourself approved for much. Be obedient. Let Me see in your life a willingness to hold to Me, though many hearts may turn cold and many become stone. Keep a soft heart before Me and embrace the simple requests I ask of you.”

“The mettle of commitment must be tried (tested). Hold not in arrogance but in humility… not in striving but in watchful rest.”

“At each step there is a clue and a reward. Seek the clue for I am the reward.”

“Oh Lord, do not forget us.”

“Do not forget Me,” He said.

“Help us, Lord.”

“I will. I AM,” He said.

The Test of Moravian Falls

The Angel Expectation