May 1, 2006: Monday

May 1, 2006: Monday

The Lord spoke: “What time is it, Anna?”

“I do not know, Lord.”

“It is time for My glory to be seen again on the Earth. You have asked to be a part of My returning glory have you not?”

“I have, Lord.”

“I have promised you that you would be a part of a mighty work. Are you ready to begin?”

“Yes, Lord,” I answered.

The angels that seem to surround us now when we visit the ridge, began to dance.

Music poured down like rain. The music had a texture. At first it pooled upon the ground and then began to spread. The angel’s feet were splashing in the music as they danced. Even though the land was a ridge and not a valley, the liquid music began to rise: first to their ankles, then to their knees, then to their thighs and then to swim in.

Al and I, who were sitting in the gazebo, were up to our necks.

Then the liquid music began to soak into the soil. The angels stood, hands raised, silently worshipping God. As far as we could see, the soil was soaked with worship and adoration of God.

The trees responded as a soft wind from the Spirit began to add to the praise and worship.

 I spoke to the Lord, “Lord, you have called us to stand for your purposes here (on the ridge). We wish to respond with a ‘yeah’ and ‘amen’. Come, Holy Spirit.”