May 2023 – THE TRENCH

Wonder of wonders… angels building.

Most of the time humans see messenger angels. But the Lord has graciously shown us a spiritual truth of which we were unaware. (Well, some of us anyway.) Angels working, they not only build, they must follow the same steps used by humans while building. Foundations must be laid securely and the materials for the wall must be laid stone by stone.

There is much work even though it is a spiritual wall.

July 26th, 2006: Wednesday

As we were walking up the ridge, we reached the dividing of the path – that is where the path to the top intersects with the old logging road. Angels in light brown were working on the logging road and across the path to the top.

A deep trench was being cut down the old logging road. It turned at the location of the main path which joined the two roads and continued down. At the joining of the roads, two large holes showed that a couple of towers or something round was going to be erected. Perhaps this location is a gate opening. The trench continued down the adjacent land; (cutting off or “by passing” a small portion) where the turn in the trench was made.

A powerful laser beam from above was cutting this deep trench.



Angels were guiding the laser beam as though it was a piece of equipment at a construction site. Some of the angels who are assigned to the top were standing around the excavation site, watching. I could not tell how far down the logging road they intended to dig; neither could I tell how far down the adjacent land the trench would extend. In other words, I could not tell how much land was included in this “dig” of the fortress wall and its turrets. There was much excitement among the angels. When we arrived at the gazebo, I turned to the angel INSIGHT and asked him: “how much land will be enclosed by this fortress wall?”

“As much as is needed,” he said.

“How much is that?” I asked.

He took out a slate and wrote something on it. Then he set the slate up on his easel. It was a mathematical equation. He only allowed me to see it for a couple of seconds – long enough to be shocked – then he withdrew the slate.

“Oh great,” I thought, “math.”

“Thank you anyway,” I said to INSIGHT.

The SCRIBE angel beside him looked at me and said, “Rejoice, Anna, for the cry of your heart is being answered.”

“Yes,” I answered, “you are right. That thought was unworthy of a servant of the living God. I do rejoice and thank the Lord for all that He is doing here and within us all.


While I was receiving this, Albert had the revelation to sing: LEAD ON O KING ETERNAL while we were worshipping. Here are the words:

                   Lead on O King Eternal, the day of march has come;   

                   Henceforth in fields of conquest, Thy tents shall be our home.

                   Thro’ days of preparation, Thy grace has made us strong,

                   And now, O King Eternal, we lift our battle song.


I just talked to Wendy (Wendy had a physical therapy practice in Alaska), who called right before her workday began in Alaska. She was remarking about the fortress that the Lord plans to build (according to the angels). She said that she had been praying for the Lord to erect a fortress around the area. I thanked her for telling me because the angels had said that the fortress was being erected in answer to prayer. I told her that I did not remember asking the Lord for a fortress to be built and I wondered who might have requested the protection of a fortress. It was Wendy who prayed for a fortress. He is answering her prayers. Perhaps others within the group also prayed, but this is an answer to a question that was raised in my mind when the angels said the fortress was being erected in response to prayer.

Through these overlapping signs, He is showing His careful direction of all He intends on the ridge.