May 2023 – A JUBILEE GIFT 

Fifty years ago (1973) the Lord urged me to give my wedding dress to the costume department of East Texas Baptist University in Marshall, Texas (my hometown). There is always a great need, as well as a great lack, of such specialty clothing items. I wanted others to gain the use of the dress and veil instead of it sitting in an attic.

In April 2023, a blessed Christian from Brazil, Bolivia, and Oklahoma City was told by the Lord to bring me a wedding dress. She said that she actually had a vision of me in the dress.

The wedding dress and veil were a part of the closeout sale of a shop that Karina, the young Christian from Brazil, knew of. The Lord urged her to go and she did.  (Two older business people had lost their shop lease and all the store items had to be moved out of the building within 24 hours.  Karina got a call and got all the items moved out in a night, 4 large truck loads including wedding gowns.  This was 2 years ago and just now she came to Prayer Mountain and brought a few of the items)

Drawn to the wedding dress

As she was helping to clear the shop, she was drawn to the beautifully preserved wedding gown and veil. It was then that she was told that the dress was for me.

Little did she know the full story concerning the wedding dress. It was a jubilee gift from the Lord.

Do I know why?

Do I know why He has remembered the transfer of my wedding dress to wider use? I must say I do not. This is one of those mysteries that will unfold over time. But I wanted to share the original story so that when the reasons come to light, you will share in the unlocking of the mystery.

Here is the dress and veil: