Even as I look back at this revelation, I am surprised. You see, I had a certain idea about the supernatural world and this revelation somewhat demolished it. I can understand the Lord wishing to build a barrier around the location that will hold a structure He has requested, but for such a structure to actually require being built was and is perplexing to me. I thought the Lord might come down and wave His hand and say something like “Be there a wall.”

But no.  The angels are actually building it. They have as many workers and different departments as we humans might have. I knew nothing of wall construction, but they actually dug a deep trench for “footers”. The area on top of the mountain was alive with angels the entire time. Besides the structural engineers that arrived first to “scope” out the land, this large group of angels arrived the next day. The structural engineers returned but brought with them an assistant architect and an assistant contractor and all their assistants. Also, the Scribe and Insight were recording for the Lord. It was a very colorful group.

Shown in the group discussing the wall’s, blueprint – (from left to right): THE SCRIBE, three ANGELS OF HIS PRESENCE, (engineers), ASSISTANT TO THE HOLY ONE in ARCHITECTURE, the head of INSIGHT peeking around, an ANGEL OF HIS PRESENCE CONSTRUCTION SUPERVISOR, (builder), an ANGEL OF HIS PRESENCE (an engineer).

July 25th, 2006: Tuesday

The five ANGELS OF HIS PRESENCE returned, walking up the path. With them were quite a number of other angels. Those with them wore various colored clothing. Two among these looked as though they wore rich attire. The others were in less stunning robes.

The entire group stopped down the path from the gazebo. The ANGELS OF HIS PRESENCE were pointing into the wooded areas and consulting with those they had brought with them. Soon the angel in the most elaborate attire pulled out a large roll of paper. It was perhaps a map. He unfurled it in the air in front of them, and all of the angels gathered around looking at it. There was more pointing and discussion. Finally, there seemed to be some consensus of opinion and the large blue page was rolled up again.

Then the whole group continued up the path toward us.

Near where the house of prayer will be built, they stopped again, unrolled the large sheet of paper in mid-air, and began another discussion. The other angels who are on the ridge stood silently listening. The SCRIBE angel continued to record. INSIGHT stood watching intently.

The fact that they were discussing something near us allowed me to observe their clothing. The angel in charge of the large piece of paper wore a richly embroidered robe. On his head he wore a cap – it looked Italian Renaissance – in a rich color. The other angel with whom they consulted, wore a light-colored garment patterned with waterfowl on a background of yellow. His garment also looked embroidered. He wore a close cap of the same color as the embroidered robe.

The angels with them looked like assistants. Three wore pale blue and two wore pale green.

They smiled at me as they passed, moving up the path. However, they did not address me. They stopped again near the location of the camp site (a location on the Morningstar land). When they unrolled the large sheet of paper this time, I got up from my seat and stepped out of the gazebo in order to get a better look. Since the unrolled paper was suspended in the air, I could see it. It was a blueprint. I watched a while and then returned to my seat.

For a while, I sat looking at the SCRIBE and INSIGHT who in turn were looking at me. Finally, I spoke: “Look, I don’t want to seem pushy, but could you tell me who these angels are who are accompanying the ANGELS OF HIS PRESENCE?

“They are assistants to the Holy One in architecture and in construction. God alone is THE ARCHITECT and THE CONTRACTOR, but these are here to assist Him in His design and in His construction schedule.”

“What plans are they looking at?” I asked.

“The blueprint is for a fortress. The Holy One is erecting a fortress around this area as protection. This is in response to prayer (at that time I did not know who was asking for a wall). The stronghold [meaning the chapel that will be built] however, is to be secured by man,” he said. Then, apologetically, he added: “Excuse me. I need to write all of this down.”

“I thank you both,” I said to the SCRIBE and INSIGHT – for I felt that Insight had assisted even though he did not speak. However, they do seem to be working together.

The group of angels had moved on to other parts of the land – lower down perhaps. It seemed as though they were going over more land than just the top of the ridge. I surmised that the base of the fortress would rest lower down the hill.


                                                 ARCHITECTURAL ASSISTANT,

                                                 ASSISTANT BUILDER or


                                                 FORTRESS UNDER CONSTRUCTION

                                                 THE CHAPEL IS CALLED A STRONGHOLD


Fortress: (Dictionary of Biblical Imagery) “Old Testament battle stories have as one of their staples, fortresses – thick-walled cities, often on high mountains, meant to be impenetrable and intimidating to enemies. Yet of the approximately thirty-five references to fortresses in English Bibles, most are metaphoric pictures of God and His acts of salvation. Often, “rock” and “fortress” are used together to refer to God. Fortified cities were built, if possible, high on a cliff or mountain, with rock providing an unshakable foundation and impenetrable defense.”

Fortress: (Pictorial Bible Dictionary) “Every city in ancient times was fortified by a wall and its citadel. The King James Version (KJV) often speaks of such cities as ‘fenced,’ and other terms are also used by the KJV and the Revised Version (RV). Even before the Israelites entered Canaan, they were terrified by reports of cities ‘great and fortified up to heaven.’ These cities were not necessarily large. They were usually, indeed, quite small. Jerusalem was so well fortified that it was not until the time of David that the city was captured from the Jebusites. Usually the city was built on a hill, and the fortifications followed the natural contour of the hill. Many times there was both an inner and an outer wall. The walls were built of brick or stone and were many feet thick.”


Stronghold: (Dictionary of Biblical Imagery) “Although the term stronghold and fortress are somewhat interchangeable, the former is a more generic image than the latter. Both constitute places of safety from the enemy. Rather than necessarily a walled fortification, though, a stronghold may be any inaccessible place of refuge, especially an elevated one. The KJV generally uses ‘high tower’ rather than the NIV’s and other versions ‘stronghold.’ The fifty biblical references to strongholds fall into two categories in the narrative and prophetic books. 1) they are literal places of military refuge, or, as in psalms: 2) they tend to be metaphors for God.”

“We can understand the feelings evoked by the image of the stronghold when we observe the threats with which it is often paired: trouble, enemies, oppressors, pursuers. These cannot reach or destroy the one who has found refuge in God saving presence. That presence is often pictured in terms of a temple or tabernacle where God dwells. Often a temple within the city was the city’s highest point, and citizens under siege went and hid in the ‘stronghold of the temple.’ The true stronghold in Scripture is indeed a high, lofty place. One can reach that place, however, only by bowing low before the God of salvation. The Bible pictures His presence as the only true stronghold.”


It seems to me that the Fortress and the Stronghold are two different things. The outer wall and turrets are going to be built by the Lord Himself. The inner Stronghold – perhaps the sanctuary – is assigned to man.