July 24, 2006 – The Angel Engineers

The Angel Engineers

Work began on the spiritual wall in just about the same way it begins with human construction. Those supervising the construction job generally begin with a walk-through of the construction site. The angels also began with a walk-through.


Angel Engineers are much like human engineers in that they "walk-through" before building


These are the Engineers of the wall project. They came to get the “lay of the land” and collect some measurements. It seems as though our Heavenly Father will not build a house of prayer without a protective wall around it. We might think that they could simply speak it into existence – but no. The angels are actually going to build it.

July 24, 2006: Monday

Five ANGELS OF HIS PRESENCE walked up the path, stopping to talk to other angels already stationed here. The guards snapped to attention as they passed, and then relaxed.

Soon there were many angels around them. There was much laughter and many exchanges between them – none of which I could understand. However, there seemed to be great joy at their arrival.

As they broke free of the surrounding group of greeters, they continued to walk up the path – looking from side to side. It was as though they were inspecting the area. They greeted the SCRIBE angel and INSIGHT, who, along with the guards, did not leave their posts.

Each turned to smile at me as they passed continuing down the path. The last in the group stopped near the gazebo. “All must be made ready,” he said. Then he continued down the path to join the others. They were pointing and consulting together.

These angels wore pale lavender robes, heavily embroidered in gold on the sleeves and the hem. They themselves seemed pale – almost transparent – as though the constant nearness to the glory of God had bleached them. When each spoke, light poured from him. Otherwise, they remained translucent and very pale. Perhaps their bleached or thinned outer frame allowed light to readily pour through – like a windowpane.

These angels seemed to be an inspection party. By their reception, they were well known among their peers and represented a further step in the Lord’s purposes.

The angels did not say that they were assigned here. However, it seemed to be implied that they were the first of many ANGELS OF HIS PRESENCE that would be arriving to take up posts assigned to them in this location.