July 27, 2006 – All Is Quiet

July 27, 2006: Thursday

When we walked up the path, it seemed that the angels that were part of the excavation team on the day before had moved to another part of the property. The deep trenches here at this juncture appeared to be dug and a wall in place.

An angel was walking the edge of the wall talking to someone (an angel I’m sure) that was inspecting the dig from the other side of the excavation. Light shone from the section where the angel’s voices were calling to one another.

Once we were at the gazebo, I was able to look around to see what all the other angels were doing at this time. I saw only the SCRIBE angel and INSIGHT. The guards, also, were at their posts. I wondered if the other angels were in another location on the property, watching the laser dig more of the trench.

“Good morning,” I nodded to the SCRIBE and INSIGHT. Each bowed slightly and smiled to acknowledge me. “Good morning, GUARDS.” These acknowledged me also.

Three angels in deep conversation walked up the steep side of the hill, stopping where the house of prayer will be built. These smiled at me also.

All was quiet. The angels seemed engaged in other parts of the property upon the ridge.

We prayed. Albert wanted to sing, COME THOU ALMIGHTY KING. One of the verses said: “May we thy glory see.”

When we were leaving, I bid “goodbye” to the SCRIBE and INSIGHT. “What do you do during the time we are not here?” I asked the SCRIBE – for I didn’t want them to be bored.

“The story of the Great King’s dealings with this small piece of land continues even when you are not here,” he smiled.

“Of course, you are right,” I said. “Thank you for reminding me.”

I nodded and smiled toward the three angels that were standing where the house of prayer will be built.

By the time we reached the juncture of the logging road and the path to the top, the angels who were inspecting the trench were gone.


It was a quiet day.