July 23, 2006 – Can God Love One Plot Of Land More Than Another?

Can God love one plot of land more than another?

We know He can.

In Isaiah 62:4 the Lord reveals that He has married the land of Israel. This means He is in covenant with that small piece of land as a husband and wife are in the covenant of marriage.

We are not told, through the Bible, whether He is married to other pieces of land. However, as the bride of Christ is many, there is the possibility that other land (or lands) have been placed under His covenant protection. In fact, in this astounding revelation given in 2006, He reveals this very secret. The ridge on Prayer Mountain is also in covenant with God Almighty. Perhaps this is the reason He chose the humblest of mountains for a house of prayer – even as a manger held the newborn Jesus.

We may not see with our naked eye that He has placed His affection upon this location; but taking the land into covenantal relationship shows that it is – to Him – a special and prized possession – dear to His heart, as a wife is to a husband.

July 23, 2006: Sunday

I saw a very large canopy. The fabric of the canopy was like fine silk. The posts holding up the canopy were like trees, laced here and there with mountain flowers. Angels stood at the two posts that I was able to see clearly.

“I am betrothed to this land, Anna,” He said. “She is married to me.”

“I thought that was only possible between You and the land of Israel.”

“As the bride of Christ is many, so this land is married. She is My own. I have waited for this day and this very hour for her to be seen by all, to be chosen by me and carefully tended. Let her rocks and trees rejoice, for they will witness what few places witness.”

“How can land be married?” I asked.

“With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible,” He concluded.

There was a very heavy presence of the Lord after He spoke. His presence was almost tangible – as if it had substance. I actually reached out my hand to see if there was a change in the quality of the air – if it was thicker.

We rejoiced that the Lord had chosen this little piece of land and has allowed us to be here at this momentous time in its long history.