July 2023 – Spring Up O Well

We have had the most wonderful visit on Prayer Mountain from 24 members of the Bob Jones Vision Center…(which is a 24 hour prayer location that is part of Morning Star.)

Rick Joyner, Morning Star’s founder is involved with The Moravian Falls House of Prayer. Robert is Rick’s chosen shepherd leading the Bob Jones Vision Center. Their desire is to link Morning Star’s prayer vigil with Mike Bickle’s International House of Prayer in Kansas City and the Moravian Falls House of Prayer in Moravian Falls, North Carolina.

Bob Jones certainly was foundational in all three locations. I think Bob would be extremely moved that Robert had this idea.

 We here who are part of The Moravian Falls House of Prayer are longtime friends of Rick Joyner’s. Also, Albert and I spent many wonderful years laboring in the prayer movement in Kansas City.

Already there are many deep connections and mutual respects.

On Saturday, June 3rd, our visitors stayed and prayed about three hours and stood with us for the bringing forth of The Moravian Falls House of Prayer.

I said that Mike (Bickel) had stood 40 years for the land on which they were meant to build a house of Prayer in Kansas City. (I know because I remember praying for it 34 years ago when we were in the prayer rooms of Kansas City. We already have put in 26 years in Moravian Falls. I am somewhat hoping we are not going for 40 years for The Moravian Falls House of Prayer. After all, Mike was in his early 20s when he was given the prophetic word. We came to Moravian Falls when I was 61. I would need to be 102 to span that 40 years, as did Mike.)

There is so much personal history between all who have been called to serve in creating this gift for the Lord.

But there also there are also many who wish to stop The Moravian Falls House of Prayer. For the most part, they are newly “on the scene.” They do not know the history of those standing for God’s purposes. Our prayer is that they will turn and join us.

We are so grateful to the Bob Jones Vision Center members for their support, love and prayers. We stand with them also, and with Mike Bickle.

This lovely song was written specifically for the Saturday June 3rd meeting. The prophetic psalmist that wrote it is singing it for you… most properly his name is David.