July 29, 2006 – AN ISLAND OF PEACE

July 29, 2006: Saturday

When we arrived at the gazebo, an angel said: “Rest, Anna”.

I closed my eyes and rested my head in my hands on the table. The angels began singing. The SCRIBE stood at his desk as all angels present lifted their voices in praise of God. The praise washed over me and the trees began to drip oil again.

“Rest, Anna,” the angel said. Not only will this place house a FIELD HOSPITAL and be a STRONGHOLD, but also an ISLAND OF PEACE where the pilgrims rest. There will be healing for the wounded, protection in the times of trouble, and rest for the weary.

Then the Lord spoke: “I am all sufficient, Anna. I am the way and I am the reward. None come to the Father except by me. None is sustained within the Father except through Me. None is healed, protected, or given rest except through Me.

He continued: “I am coming and My reward is with Me.”

The angels finished their song of praise and we continued by praying, thanking, and singing to God and also having communion. I felt amazingly refreshed when we started home. Praise God.