Jul 7, 2006 – Angelic Work Song

July 7, 2006: Friday

It has been my heart’s desire to share with you the music of angels.  The 2006 revelation included a work song.  I asked our Heavenly Father if He would give to me that work song again.  He did.

Therefore, to the best of our ability, we are replicating this work song for you.


We hear – Angels within the woods. And – it sounded like – those in heaven – were singing in an angelic tongue – which I did not understand.

Suddenly a high voice lifted to God. Then beneath this sound, the angels on the ridge, and angels in a wider area – sort of like surround sound – join in a deeper chant supporting the high voice.

The angels on Earth lifted bowls to angels hovering just off the ground. Those in turn lifted the bowls to angels a little further above the earth. They were like a holy bucket brigade. Carefully and smoothly they passed the bowls upward.

The angelic song may be the angels’ version of a “work song”, like the songs sung by those building the railroads in the early days of this nation.

It would seem that the gathering of these prayers to this area signifies a type of loading dock. Prayers are coming from people in the area, and when the bowls are ready for delivery heavenward, the angels are ready to assist.

The presence of the Holy Spirit is very strong today. It’s like He’s hovering… as though He is protecting or covering the bowls. Wispy tendrils of light pass to each bowl as it begins its journey upward.

Perhaps these tender wisps of light are the Holy Spirit touching each bowl before it moves upward (like a mother bird on a nest touching with its beak each chick’s unhatched egg – brooding over it with tender care.)

Just then something dropped to the ground right where “something” had dropped before. I looked around; but as before, could not find anything that could have, dropped. After we prayed, I asked Albert the meaning of “a drop.” It seems as though God is making heavenly “drops” near the gazebo. [A drop or the act of dropping, is as men or supplies sent down by parachute. Websters Living Dictionary.]

Maybe the drop was a supply of more golden bowls.