Lord The enemy is not tricking me

Lord,The Enemy is not Tricking Me


This has been an extraordinary period of time. Since August, it is as though a dam has broken and all manner of amazing advances are just jumping out of the woodwork, presenting themselves to us. Let me tell you, that blessing is very welcomed indeed.

 But likewise, the enemy is extremely agitated. I mean, extremely. He is stirring up all manner of hornets’ nest and aiming them right at us.

Now, when I was young, those attacks would disturb me. I would suffer a good deal from such attacks, but there is one nice thing about being older, you have lived through so many attacks, you know that when they come, great things are right behind them.

Bob Jones said that when blessings are on their way, there is a gathering of light to the person. The demons see it and attack – trying to get the person so off-balance that they wander over into some lurking sin and hinder the blessing from reaching them.

Ah,but when you are older, you see such attacks as a trumpet blast in the air to announce great things are on the way.

I don’t know what these GREAT THINGS ARE, but I will let you know when they arrive on our doorstep.

Praise, Praise, Praise our wonderful God!