The Warrior King


Caught up once again in a vision of heaven, Anna sees the heavenly host, Jesus, and the redeemed in full armor.

War seems imminent.

Anna is told that all God’s children are issued armor, but not everyone heeds the command to put on the full armor of God. As with all equipment, the armor must be tested before being worn into battle.

Thus begins the testing of the armor given to her above. Remarkably, the tests take place in the root system of the tree of The knowledge of Good and Evil whose fruit is “the flesh”. This fruit is plentiful in the second heaven –Satan’s headquarters– But to deal with the flesh, Anna must travel the bowels of the Earth to allow Christ to replace her fleshly soul life with Himself. These tests are those we must all take.

This book takes the reader on a journey through the dark bowels of the flesh to reveal how they too, may come out armed and not only armed, but overcomer’s who are ready to serve The Warrior King.