Jar of Marbles

The Jar of Marbles

My friend, Bob Jones, had a vegetable
garden every year. It wasn’t large, so he
tended it himself. He was always digging
up children’s playthings – such as a
metal, toy bus or marbles, etc. The
marbles he taped to a piece of
cardboard with the colors coinciding to
the jewels on the Jewish high priest’s
breast plate. He joked that he had lost
his marbles but was now finding them

My husband and I were at his home the
day he found an Amber marble. Rick
Joyner called him to tell him that they
had just had a baby girl and asked Bob

what should they name her. “Amber”,
he replied, and so she was named.

My husband and I were witnessing
history. I felt closer to this child of the
Joyner’s than any others and sent her
birthday presents during the years they
were living in Moravian Falls–
where we, too were leaving at the time.

The History Continues

When Robert Rummage, and about 50
of the intercessors from the Bob Jones
Vision Center came to visit me recently,
they brought me a jar of marbles. He
then repeated to me a part of my own
history about the amber marble, without
knowing that we were present with Bob
at the time it happened.

I can’t tell you how touched I was. It was
like having a piece of my dear friend,
returned to me, history not forgotten,
just not visited very often.
The Sign Multiplied
Through that jar chocked full of
marbles, a slice of history between all of
us who had come to Moravian Falls early
– has swung around and returned to me
multiplied. It returned full of glorious
promises. For a minute, it was as though
my friend lived again – standing there,
smiling and saying:” See – what God
began in that little garden is now
multiplying and will touch many.”

The Lord sent us an encouragement
through that jar of marbles. The
chocked–full of marbles–jar is as a
promise multiplied many times over.

It’s as our Heavenly Father is saying:
“You ain’t seen nothin’ yet”