WORLD TRADE CENTER

July 30,2006

When walking to the gazebo, we were approaching the area where the trench had been dug for a section of the wall, turrets and gate–at least that part of the wall that is visible from the path. Past the junction (on both sides of the path)  was every kind of produce, etc. Set up in a type of movable MARKETPLACE. Each of the temporary stalls was covered with a white length of cloth and manned by angels.

They were vegetables and fruits of all kinds, baskets filled with a variety of nuts and dried fruits. There was milk, grains, olives, and jars of oils. There were large sections of meat in standing blocks of ice (that did not melt). The Lord spoke :  When a famine for hearing the word of the Lord falls upon the land, here I will provide a MARKETPLACE . Those who come here will be able to buy of Me directly ( I immediately  thought of roadside produce sold by the farmer himself ).Here they will be a rich supply. Mine will be the MARKETPLACE that will supply pilgrims from all over the world.”

The produce that was displayed in the various stalls suddenly was sucked into a whirling vortex that shown brighter and brighter with the blaze that was like the flash from an atomic bomb explosion. This vortex was right in the area where the HOUSE OF PRAYER will be built. Then it went puff— forming a flat, shinning, low cloud of glory.

Angels, from all over the area, (it looked like) came to carry away a portion of the glory cloud. It looked like a “free-for-all.” However, I noticed the Scribe recording each small portion that was carried away. INSIGHT was assisting him in the recording of each. It was lively and busy; but I suppose ,there was some sort of order for none of the angels seem to get upset.

Soon the cloud was dispersed and the visiting angels were on their way to deposit some portion of grace to people elsewhere.

When the last of the visiting angels departed the angel iINSIGHT and the SCRIBE angel sighed deeply. They did not say “Whew”, but they might as well have. INSIGHT came around to the back of the SCRIBE and looked over his shoulder. It seemed as though they were checking and verifying each portion of the glory cloud that was distributed. I thought to myself that the scrub had to be very swift to record all of that activity in such a short length of time.

“Congratulations,” I said to them.Both the SCRIBE and INSIGHT chuckled.

The Lord spoke : “People will come here from all over the world. They will bathe in My glory, and then return carrying Me with them.”

“Here there will be a WORLD TRADE CENTER: trade in your sorrow for joy, trade in your illness for health ,trade in your heaviness for lightheartedness. My word will be infused into  them by beholding My glory. Their hunger will cease. Their thirst will be quenched—No, famine here, only plenteousness of the true Word of the Lord.

There was another drop of something in the same place that the other two drops occurred. Nothing visible in there, though.

A famine for hearing of the word of the Lord is in Amos 8:11–13

 “Behold, days are coming,” declares the Lord God, “when I will send

famine on the land, not a famine for bread or thirst for water,

But rather for hearing the words of the Lord.

People will stagger from sea to sea,

and from the north, even to the east;

They will go to, and fro to seek the word of the Lord,

But they will not find it.

In that day, the beautiful virgins

And the young men will faint from thirst. “

The Lord speaks of buying from him in revelations 3:18

I advise you to buy from me, etc.