It is a rare blessing for an adult child to get to work with a parent in that parents’ field of expertise. The child is given the opportunity to see the parent (not with a child’s eyes) – but as an adult. The Eternal Gospel has given one of our ministry assistants the opportunity to experience just such a revelation.

When we decided to allow The Eternal Gospel to be published, we were led to Loft Press – Mr. Stephen Hunter’s publishing house in Virginia. Mr. Hunter is Cynthia ‘s (my ministry assistant’s) father.

Cynthia has been married for 44 years; which means she married as a teenager and of course started her life with her husband.

We all know how our outlook and understanding changes by the time we have a few years of living life as an adult. This was the first time she had worked for and with her father in his field, and she was amazingly gifted – let me tell you.

Therefore, this snapshot in both Cynthia’s and Mr. Hunter’s lives is an experience to treasure. The family connection made every aspect of the process of having a book published twice as fulfilling.

The experience was felt by all of us at the ministry– so that, we too felt that we were working with our daddy and surprising him at how grown up we are. We could show our daddy that he had raised us well and that we were using the gifts and talents he had passed on to us.

He, on the other hand, would have that extraordinary feeling that comes when one realizes that he has done a good job of raising a child.

Therefore we say that publishing The Eternal Gospel was “ALL IN THE FAMILY” in every sense of the word. We thank the Lord for for giving us this rare opportunity.