Mark Twain On The Mountain

From – Monday August 7th , 2006


Ahead of me, on the path was a very large, white steamboat – the sort
that traveled the Mississippi, and then far inland by going as distant as
the flat bottom boats could move through the bayous.


A man – and in this instant an angel – was always on the prow of the
boat, throwing into the water a marked and weighted cord or “twine”.
Since it is difficult to shout “twine” the one gauging the depth of the
water would call out. “mark twain “and then add the water’s depth.
“mark twain – 15 foot” and so forth.
The flat bottom boat needed at least 12 feet of water to navigate the
narrow and often shallow bayous.

We felt that the angel was testing the depth of the anointing (12 is the
number of leadership) to ascertain if the full number of leaders had
arrived to help move forward the House of Prayer.

The marking of the depth was to us a warning also to take care as to
how we moved forward towards God’s purposes.