June 2023 – The Lord’s Anointing

It’s as though the Lords bathes the top of Prayer Mountain with oil every few months.  Perhaps it’s to increase the Lord’s anointing.

Here, we are shown a section of the protective wall the angels are building that eventually will encircle visitors and angels alike.  It will protect the needed land as well as the Moravian Falls House of Prayer.

July 28, 2006: Friday

Oil was pouring down – off the trees – and on to the open areas of the top of the ridge. I had seen this oil before, but it is always good to have more of it.

The Lord spoke to me: “Stand in it,” He said. I got up and left the gazebo and walked around on the path. “Here,” He continued, “I have commanded the blessing” (Psalm 33:3).

The oil was about ankle deep and golden in color. But when I walked around in the oil, a thicker and different substance appeared beneath my feet and crept up the sides of my shoes.

The Lord spoke: “Your steps are bathed in butter.”

Immediately, I got Albert to come out of the gazebo and walk around in the oil and butter. I wanted his steps to be bathed in butter also.

When we returned to the gazebo, the Lord said: “I have commanded a fortress to be built here in order to protect this chosen area from the enemy – so that My children will be able to meet with Me here and receive the fullness of the blessing I intend for each. When built, the walls will deflect the glance of the enemy. Their glance will bounce off its surface and cause them (the enemy) to divert their gaze. The followers of the fallen cherub will look elsewhere.


Glance: Websters Living Dictionary: to look quickly or briefly; as to glance at or over something; to allude to obliquely or in passing.”

The reason I included the Webster’s Dictionary definition of the word “glance” is that I think the word is important to the understanding of the words that were spoken. It seems that the wall is not exactly invisible in the spiritual realm (as we think of invisible) but more like a nonstick skillet or perhaps like a stealth bomber. It seems (and I could be wrong about all of this, you know) that the walls deflect the enemy’s brief look in their direction – thereby appearing invisible. Some spiritual entity glancing in fortress’ direction would not allow its eyes to stop and actually gaze intently upon at the fortress. It would pass it by. This, it seems, would not preclude the enemy knowing where to look when assigned to hinder the Lord’s work in the area. In that case, they would give more than a glance toward the ridge.


Job 29:6 seemed even more accurate when I looked it up. It says:

                               “When my steps were bathed in butter                                                       And the rock poured it out from me streams of oil!”

I had never noticed that oil and butter were together in this verse – which was the case up on the ridge today.

Albert felt moved upon to look up COME YE THANKFUL PEOPLE COME – number 222 in the hymnal he brought to the Ridge. We sang verses 1 and 4. Here they are:

                           Come, ye thankful people, come 
                           Raise the song of harvest home;                                       
                          All is safely gathered in
                           Ere the winter storms begin.
                           God our Maker doth provide
                           For our wants to be supplied:
                           Come to God’s own temple, come,
                           Raised the song of harvest home.

                           Even so, Lord quickly come,
                           To thy final harvest home;
                           Gather Thou Thy people in,
                           Free from sorrow, free from sin.
                           There, forever purified,
                           In Thy presence to abide:
                           Come with all Thine angels, come.
                           Raise the glorious harvest home.


July 28th