The Land Enclosed by the Angel Wall

The Land Enclosed by the Angel Wall

Here, The Lord is showing the land that will be protected by the wall that is being built by the angels.

August 1, 2006: Tuesday

Lord,I asked, how much land are You enclosing within Your fortress?”

“I am protecting the entire top of this rise and down the hill. (The foot of Morningstar’s

property perhaps)”

“Why so much property?” I asked.

“You mean, why so little?”

“As I have told you, many will turn their faces and their herbs towards the mountain that is not a mountain. Few will stand for my purposes here (on Prayer Mountain) But it is chosen by Me. Many of the promises (of the mountain that is not a mountain) already lie in the dust of the world’s stratagems. When I speak through My prophets, prayer is needed to grease the wheels of manifestation.

“Many are praying there” (on the mountain that is not a mountain)

“Many Are praying, but not for Me.”

Lord,” I said, please keep our hearts pure.”

“Man is to guard his own heart. He has given the freedom to open or close doors to it. He may ask for assistance, but the final decision belongs to him. Guard your heart.”

He continued: “I have called, and I have chosen. But unless those called and chosen are willing to leave Egypt (the world) and walk through the water (separation through a circumcised heart) and the fire of the desert (testing) to meet with Me – camping in My presence and climbing up the slopes (difficulties ) then this promise, too, will be like a sterile egg ( will not bring forth life )

“Will you pass through the dry places holding to Me? When I look, will I find My chosen intercessors willing and standing? Come, let us work together.”

The mountain that is land across the valley from us. Once classified as a mountain, it no longer has the height to legally be considered a mountain; but the change in his status is not “on the books “and not known generally.

Isaiah 59:16 a-b: “And He saw that there was no man and was astonished that there was no one to intercede.”

The heart:

The unregenerate “heart is only evil (self-centered) continually.” (Gen 6:5 and 8:21).

The Great Commandment is “you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart…” (Dt. 6:5).

“You shall therefore impress these words of Mine on your heart” …

Eze.11:9––“And I shall give them one heart, and put a new spirit within them, and I shall take the heart of stone out of their flesh and give them a heart of flesh (soft).”


Later in the day on August 1, the Lord told me to turn to the book of Nehemiah. I knew that Nehemiah had been instrumental in rebuilding the wall in Jerusalem.

I found that at the beginning of the book of Nehemiah the publishers had provided a map that indicated the locations of the gates, and showed where the temple was situated within the walls. But most interesting were a couple of notes concerning certain passages in the second chapter. Nehemiah 2:8 “and a letter to Asap the keeper of the king’s forest that he may give me timber to make beams for the gates of the fortress.” The note said that the “fortress” protected the Temple and the house – i.e., the governor’s home.

The other interesting note was one that stated (chapter 2 :18) that the work began on August 1, 444 B.C.

The Lord had me read this note in Nehemiah on August 1st, 2006.