May 7, 2006: Sunday – Angels Catching Drops of Rain


I am taking you back to the beginning of the Lord’s spiritual guidance that began with the angel Victory’s appearance (April 13, 2006) announcing a mighty work to be accomplished by the Lord on Prayer Mountain.


Our Heavenly Father often begins mighty works (either with a person [think of the calling of Saul who became Paul] or with land [the use of hornets to run the giants out of the “Promised Land”]). He is performing the same miracles today when initiating His call on a specific locale. It seems as though He enjoys laying down a marker as much as we are thrilled to see one.

Such is the case with Prayer Mountain in Moravian Falls. Only this time we are “in” on the secret so that we all may rejoice in His glorious plans and in the way He lays a foundation.


When the land was first purchased . . . changing its function from an apple orchard to a retreat center for God’s people; a walking path was cut through the trees on the ridge to allow people to ascend to the top of the little “mountain”.

As soon as the path was cut it began to glow. The radiance was so intense that it covered the top of the little “mountain” and was seen from the road at the bottom.

People driving their cars on the road at the foot of the “mountain”, stopped, got out and climbed to the top in order to gain a nearer view of this miraculous sight. Once on the ridge, they would pick up rocks – which amazingly – remained glowing for days. This phenomenon lasted about two weeks. Bob Jones called it: “Previews of things to come.”


I often wondered how that phenomenon happened. Perhaps it was through a slow increase of His glory over the years that was uncovered when the path was cut. If that, indeed, is part of the answer, this next vision illustrates God’s continuing increase, (as He prepares for His greater glory) by permeating the soil with His liquid light.

The following vision came on May 7, 2006 – only a few days after the angel Victory announced His intentions (April 13, 2006).

May 7, 2006 – Sunday

Each time we go to the ridge we learn something. Today, it was raining as we walked up to the top. The soft sound of the rain on the abundant foliage blanketed all other sound – although there is not much sound up there anyway – except for the singing of the angels.

“Lord,” I said, “You have promised the early rain and the latter rain. What greater way could there be of introducing the latter rain than the appearing of Your Son.”

There were angels on the ridge catching the drops of rain and infusing each with light before allowing the drop to continue to fall to the ground in streams of light.

Since there were many drops, there was much activity and laughter. It seemed important that today’s light rain be infused with light. It was as though the angels were preparing for something – even before the Lord reveals the land He has set aside for the chapel.

He has continued to soak the land with His supernatural light. His preparations are always executed without negligence or omissions. They are perfect and complete.