We Are One


We begin the year with one of my favorite revelations. I am excited that
it came up on the rotation of dates for the Spiritual Chronicles of the
Moravian Falls House of Prayer the first month of 2024.

The Lord wants us to start the year remembering that although we are
living separate and colorful lives, we who have given our lives to Christ
are family.

We Are One

August 6, 2006: Sunday

When walking up toward the gazebo, I saw a patchwork quilt, laid out
all over the land. Its patches were bright primary colors.: Intense,
yellow, bright red, electric blue, like a patchwork quilt for a child’s
room. In each square, a living picture was playing. Each held a story –
stories, I thought, of those who had come to this mount.

These stories were playing at the same time. But not all the pictures
were of people. Some more of the fauna on the mount: Squirrels, birds,
etc. Their stories were being told also.

Every so often, another patch was added to the quilt, and began to play
its story within its little square. The squares were many colors, and

sewn together with a heavy, red thread – which later, someone said
was the blood of Jesus. There was a joy and childlikeness about this

I thought to myself that the whole earth is full of His glory.

Suddenly a mountain shot up from the top of the ridge. I heard a voice
say. “The mountain of the Lord will be chief among the mountains. He
will rise, and all will fall before Him.”

I asked: “What does this have to do with us?”

The voice answered: “Prepare!”