March 2023 – Prayer Mountain


During Tabernacles of 2009, the Elders (who were alive at the time) came to the top of Prayer Mountain to dedicate the land on which The Moravian Falls House of Prayer would be built.

Among them was Bob Jones, Bobby Connor, Geri Keller, Don Potter, Albert Rountree, Gary Stoppard, Bonnie Jones, and Anna Rountree (and many more participants).

For 14 years, the Elder’s prayers for the land and their proclamations over it have been lost. Now found, we want to share this important piece of history with the body of Christ. This international Eldership was speaking for all of us.

October 4th, 2009

[At the cleared area near the platform on Prayer Mountain.]

Bob Jones was asked to pour oil on the site where the House of Prayer would be built. He walked up to the stake which he had struck with a staff as instructed by an angel a number of years before. [This stake (defined, by surveying), is the edge of the property on which the house of prayer will be built.]

Bob was given a chair to sit in. He told Bobby Connor, “You should blow the shofar in every direction, Bobby.” (This was when the land started coming in.)

Anna Rountree asked Bob (Jones) to pray, then pour oil on the building site for
the House of Prayer.

Bob Jones: “Lord, I am not inclined to pray as much as I am to put You in remembrance of what happened here when Your angel brought me here and I prayed what he (the angel) told me to pray. I turned north, south, east, and west here, and I commanded the land to come in. And the vision that would come from here, the stake, the orange stake, the property line. So Lord, I remind You that this was Your vision, it wasn’t mine. And You translated me up here. So let this be a place where the signs and wonders are released. Let this be such a place.

“You sent me here first so the land could be taken back for Your purposes. Now, the land that is really needed for Your purposes is that which You made out of red clay. The land You want to take now is the body of Christ. So Lord, let this be a thing that brings the body of Christ together in a unity, and let this be a place You showed me a long time ago like a Ferris Wheel. Let the angels be taken up, ascending, and descending. When people pray here, let them ascend with their prayers and descend with the answers. So let the Ferris Wheel go, let it turn clockwise and let it be a time clock of when You are starting things anew in Jesus’ name. Amen.”

“Set the people free. Let Your Holy Spirit go forth and begin to move the proper landmarks. Let the Holy Spirit take over. Let Him motivate and direct. Keep the boundaries where the Ferris Wheel goes up and comes down. (As Bob was pouring oil on the main entrance location). You are the door. You are the way, You are the truth, and You are the life. Let those that enter here enter by Your Holy Spirit and let their prayers be heard. And they would mobilize Your angels to begin to push back the darkness and bring it into the light where we poured the oil. Holy Spirit, You are welcome in this place. You are welcome in this place. Holy Spirit, You are welcome in this place. Have Your way, Lord. Have Your way, Lord. Have Your way, Lord.

I did what He told me to do. Those trees…(the trees bordering the area for the house of prayer), a circle come here clockwise so it means an open portal. And these trees bowed down and touched the ground in an open portal. So this is an open portal, a window, a door, a heaven but it is better described as an open portal, So what you will need to do is fill it.

Geri Keller

We are living for a time on the other mountain. (The entrance to that other mountain is Nahum Drive.) I brought as a sign a stone from the other mountain. Since I am sure the promised child is born today in this very place (on Prayer Mountain), a place to reconcile the two mountains. (Geri placed the stone inside the marked borders of the House of Prayer.)

Anna Rountree

Thank you, Lord, that Isaac is born.

Bob Jones

Two pillars, the end time church, the priesthood and the marketplace. So this is awesome as a marketplace. Not only the priesthood, but the marketplace.

Geri Keller

Lord, we stand in awe, in awe about Your ways. Through all the centuries and all the generations. And You brought forth the fullness of Your word about this mountain (Prayer Mountain). We honor the fathers and mothers going all the way before us, climbing this mountain and experiencing your presence here and now. The day is here, the time has come. Now we welcome You, Isaac, son of laughter. It will be a holy laughter in the heavens and around us. Now it’s all out of lots of travailing, lots of tears and lots of prayers but now it is done. The heaven is open. It’s the place of Your very Presence. We welcome You, Lord of Lords. We welcome You, Sovereign Lord. We welcome You, mighty Father. We welcome You, Your Spirit; that You opened today a well, a well of the Fatherhood, a well of your Father’s spirit, flowing out through the land and binding together the two mountains. In the name of Jesus, Amen. (Geri and Lilo lived over on a nearby mountain off of Nahum road, just below the worship center that Don Potter helped to build for Buck Petty – so the binding he referred to was Nahum road and North Star Drive which is Prayer Mountain)

Bob Jones

Three or four days ago I had a vision of a baby really squalling, he was really screaming. I went in and saw his parents just standing there looking at him. He wasn’t what they expected. The nursemaid was just looking at him. It is in the Ezekiel 16; he hadn’t been cleaned up. I told the nursemaid you better get it together and clean him up otherwise you are going to be gone and another one will replace you immediately.

Then I told his parents, “this is an ALL-NATIONS baby. You expected white, he is not white, and you expected black. But he is not black, he’s not brown and he’s not yellow. This is an ALL-NATIONS baby and this is not a bastard. Now embrace him.”

The baby was still squalling. I laid down where the baby was and whispered to him, “Jesus loves you. You’re so beautiful and you’re so loved.” The baby quit squalling. I kept going and the baby started cooing. The Holy Spirit spoke to me and said, “that which is being birthed now will only respond to love.”

When you said that, I thought this is where the vision fits. The only thing that will be responded to here is love. This will not look like anything that anybody has ever seen before. It will be multicolored so you can expect people from the other nations that will come here. The baby is born. I believe the baby was born on the Day of Atonement. The baby will cry and scream until people tell him he is loved. He will be heard when he cries. So when he quits crying then love will be here. This isn’t the male child in revelations, which I don’t believe it is quite yet, because it isn’t time, but it is a precursor of it. The main thing is that love reigns here. Love is the only thing that will be heard here. Today you started to clean up the umbilical cord. What is birthed here will like unto Christ. It will only respond to love. Embrace him (the nations that come here). That which He sends here will not be the counterfeit or the bastard, it will be the real thing.

Don Potter

Lord from the place of being a Levite, one of the most important parts of prayer is that it balances itself on the wings of praise. You said, Jesus,

Yourself, “My Father’s house is a House of Prayer.”

That word in Hebrew is “to sing your prayers to God.”

In this House I call forth the song of the Spirit. I call it out that has been in this ground for a very long time. I call forth the song of the Spirit, the prophetic song of the Spirit and the Song of Joy that has been waiting to be released for so long. And the song of the healed heart, the heart You said “I have come to heal. I have come to heal the broken hearted.”

So I call forth those songs that are waiting to be sung, to be said, to be cried, even hummed late in the night. This building will have a sound that happens even when it is empty, even when everything is off. There will be a sound that resonates through its’ corners, and it will create a melody. Close to one corner it would be one note and another corner another and it is a three-note cord. That cord makes what is known as perfect harmony and in order for it to be perfect a fourth cord coming from the Earth, a fourth note must come. So, with three notes from heaven and one note from Earth we have a completed side. I call forth those who You would bring, who would allow themselves to be used of the Holy Spirit, by the song of the Spirit, and that all those with an agenda with music, I ask Father, that You would arrest them at the door and they would no longer have a heart to steal that which has been given into the land and now waits to be awakened. Come forth in the name of Jesus. As a chief Levite, I call you out in Jesus’ name. It will only come forth through those who love and those that give love when they hear it. It will come forth through the voice of love. We ask in Jesus’ name.

Bob Jones

When Don started to pray did you all feel a new wind come? A wind come up my pants leg. It wasn’t a normal wind. His angels are winds. They were activated when you were praying. You could feel a coolness. I could feel a coolness all over my face. It means walk and face (Don said, “facing a new walk.”)

Gary Stoppard

(They) had a movie night and watched the Sound of Music. Ever since then I’ve been singing the hills are alive with the sound of music. Now I know why. The hills are coming alive with the Sound of Music.

Bonnie Jones

When we came up, there were three chairs here, I felt for the Father, Son and Holy Ghost. They are welcomed. They are already here.

Don Potter

I want to encourage you there will be no small amount of opposition, but also you are not doing a small thing, so it will stand to reason.

Bob Jones asked Geri Keller to yodel, as they do in Switzerland. Geri asked Bob Jones to yodel as they did in Yell County, Arkansas – where Bob was born. Then everyone asked Albert Rountree to chant a psalm as the early Christians did. He chanted a Gregorian chant. All of those went out over Prayer Mountain as a blessing.

Since The Elders’ Dedication

Since the Dedication, the Presence of the Lord has not departed from the land blessed by these godly servants of the Lord. Fourteen years seems a long time between the dedication of the Elders and the building of The MORAVIAN FALLS HOUSE OF PRAYER. But the Bible shows us that this is God’s way. Think how long it was between the time David was anointed king until the day he actually began his kingly duties. God’s ways are not our ways, no matter how long in between the Elder’s dedication of the land for the house of prayer and its building, His anointing stands. He desired these godly men to call forth His purposes, many of whom are with the Lord now. But they gave to this land the righteous blessing He wished.