November 2012 – Personal Message

I am incredibly excited that the Lord has allowed me to address you personally.

The Last Few Years

For several years the Lord has had me on a “tour of duty” with The Moravian Falls House of Prayer. Daily corporate prayer with dedicated Christians is one of the great joys of my life—and these prayer warriors are among the most dedicated of those with whom I have prayed. It has been an extraordinary period of time. I thank the Lord for allowing me to be a part of this corporate offering of prayer and praise to His glory and for the bringing in of His Kingdom.

But now the Lord is calling me out of this means of service to Him and into another. I’ll miss the faithful prayer warriors of The Moravian Falls House of Prayer, but my heart and my prayers go with them always.

A New Day

The Lord is calling me back into writing.

Friends of mine had opened this website for me already. Honestly, I never thought I would use it. But now I find I do wish to share with you through this means. It is more personal— and I want to be more personal.


Also, I just realized that I could share some drawings of the angels I have known. These would be taken from my private journals. Believe me—it is not that I am a superior artist. But sometimes it is helpful to see—as best possible—what has actually been seen.


Then I would like to share some teaching with you. Our dear friends, the Strangs, asked us to write a book on Christian doctrine for Charisma House. We had finished the first dozen chapters of the book and sent them to our friend in Kansas City to be typed. But before we could complete the remainder of the book our house burned taking the rest of the book with it.

Then my husband began a long decline with an illness that eventually took his life. During this long decline I felt saddened that the huge amount of work that we had completed on the first half of the book would never be released to the body of Christ.

Even though I am very sorry not to be able to give to them the completed book they requested, some information will be able to reach the body of Christ and hopefully will be of help.

The Lord being my helper, I will begin another book for Charisma House relating to heavenly visitations.

Questions and Prayers

If you have questions that arise from Heaven Awaits the Bride or wish me to pray for you, please write me via my Moravian Falls address which you can find on the Contact page of this website.

I take prayer very seriously. I will pray for you.

This is a new adventure for me— I hope it will be for you also.