Anna Rountree Interviews

We are delighted to offer you a few of the interviews Anna has participated in over the years, collected in one place.

We pray our Lord blesses you.

Anna provides people with a stunning vision of what heaven is like and often discusses the correlation between events today and what she sees in the spirit realm. She now lives a quiet life apart with the Lord in a mountain cabin.


Modern Day Mystics VI – The Heavens Opened – Anna Rountree

This is the complete one-hour interview of Anna by Sid Roth

Anna Rountree is interviewed and shares the most fascinating heavenly account of what is in the Kingdom of God. This is taken from her book, Heaven Awaits the Bride.

Darren Stott and Supernaturalist Ministries –
Episode #109 with supernaturalists Anna Rountree and Charlie Shamp.

From our friend, Sid Roth at “It’s Supernatural”

Guest: Anna Rountree
Radio interview – January 20-24, 2003
Anna has visited heaven over 200 times! – Show 1314

Here is a delightful reading of some of Anna’s journal entries.

Audible Angel Channel

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