June 27, 2006 – The Angel Goodness

Vision: June 27, 2006 – Tuesday

An angel appeared in mid-air. Her robes and hair movement were as though she was in water. The movements were not like someone turning on land, nor in the wind.

Her garments were gossamer. They were pale gold. Her hair floated across her face as she turned. Lights were twinkling in her garments. She was grasping a cup that was being handed to her from the invisible realm.

“Who are you?” I asked.

“Goodness,” she answered as though still underwater. “I live in the water of the word.”

“I don’t understand,” I said.

“You will. Here is a cup, that living water may be given to those sent to this little mount.”

The angel handed me a most unusual cup. It was virtually invisible. I could see the outline of the cup and a slightly wavy effect when it passed in front of me. But it was certainly faint to the point of being visually nonexistent.

“Why is it so faint?” I asked the angel.

“Because it is the content that is meant to be seen. The content is that portion of the Lord to be offered to another. The cup is not to be seen – only Him.”
“I understand,” I said. “That cup is to be used to offer Him alone – – not a cup to hold my own opinions.”

“Only the Lord brings life,” the angel Goodness said. “Offer the contents of the cup to those who come. Keep your cloak at hand. [The angel was referring to the invisibility cloak.] Wear your shoes [which also cause invisibility] and put on the gloves [again, invisibility].”

“When the Lord’s glory rests upon the ridge, He alone is to be seen and offered to those in need,” the angel concluded.

God’s glory was not to be used as a platform to create glory for

The Continuing Spiritual Chronicle!

As we continue the unique, Spiritual Chronicle of Prayer Mountain, I, too, am growing in my understanding of our Father’s ways. When these revelations were given in 2006, they seemed to be a string of unrelated, angelic arrivals. But now, I am able to see them all together.

Now I see a pattern emerging and a decided purpose unfolding. So, I am being taught right along with you.

He Comes
I believe I have told you that many prophets – including Bob Jones – have said that when the Moravian Falls House of Prayer is built on Prayer Mountains’ ridge, that our Heavenly Father will come down within the chapel and minister to His children Himself.

At present, the body of Christ has a personal revelation of Jesus on earth and the Holy Spirit when He came down. However, His children still need a revelation of the Father on earth. We want to know Him and be called by name by our Daddy.

Therefore, He has asked for the House of Prayer – even as He asked for the Tabernacle in the wilderness and the Temple. He chooses what He wants, and we are blessed to cooperate. He declares where He wants it, and our part is to say yea and amen.


We are doing our part in preparing for His coming – and He is doing His part. He is sending the angels before Him to prepare the way.

Already He has assigned the angels Mercy and Compassion (the two ways He says He deals with mankind.) Also, Angels of His Glory cover the whole top of this little mountain. Now He sends Goodness. The essence of the Father is love. However, the outworking of that love is goodness.

Our Father Himself said this when Moses asked to see His glory: “I pray You show me Your glory,” and our Heavenly Father said: “I, Myself will make all My goodness pass before you” (Exodus 33:18-19). To make tangible His glory, our Father showed Moses His goodness.

By establishing the angel Goodness before He comes, and by Goodness bringing the cup of Living Water for His children, we know He plans to deal intimately with His own.

In this revelation, the Lord not only confirms how He will come down but He also reveals how mankind in general is meant to live.

There have been many prophetic words about Prayer Mountain from about as many gifted seers. Recently a friend asked me what I felt might warrant the gathering of so many angels to a particular location.

That, of course, is an excellent question. Part of the answer lies in His intention for the top of the ridge. When the top was first opened to foot traffic (by someone cutting a simple path through the trees) the whole top of the high ridge glowed for two weeks. People driving by on the road below, stopped their cars, got out, climbed up to the top to see such a sight.

Bob Jones called this occurrence, “Previews of things to come.” He, and the other prophets felt that the manifested glory of the Father would be revealed on that ridge: that in this particular place the Lord Himself would heal, bless, deliver and anoint – without being managed or manipulated by mankind… without hands, as it were – (as He displayed in the “preview”.) He alone would be revealed: very much as the angel predicted in this 2006 revelation.

As glorious as any means to which God Almighty publicly responds: music, preaching, prayer (and through these we experience more of Him); here in this place, clearly, He tells us that He alone will fill “the cup” – when the cup is provided. He alone is to be seen.

He alone will heal, strengthen, bless, enlighten, empower and direct without mankind being a go-between or touching His glory.

It therefore seems so right that the angel GOODNESS should bring this message and through this angel the Lord confirms the words of the prophets.

In Exodus 33:18-19a – Moses said, “I pray You, show me Your glory!” And He (God) said, “I Myself will make all My goodness pass before you…”

The Father equated His glory with His goodness – and here the angel of GOODNESS brings the message of His glory that will be seen in the fullness of time on Prayer Mountain.