A Promise Keeping God : Inspection Time

The Lord has many ways of training us. One of his most effective ways is by example. In this revelation He shows that He finishes what He begins. More than the completion of the wall, He is showing that He is keeping His promise. (If He says He is going to do something – even if it takes centuries – He will do it.)


August the 18th, 2006 Friday

When walking up to the gazebo, I saw the wall. The stones were laid, and the towers erected. The towers were constructed of smaller stones – but they were solid, not hollow with internal stairs as would be the case if they were constructed for humans.


 On the picture from left to right


Two Stone Layers


Angel of the Presence of the Lord.

The wall was higher than the trees. As I passed by the wall, it would appear and disappear – like a hologram.

The gate – which had not been hung – must be enormous.

The angels, those that are workers on the wall – were all over it. Some, like the angel in charge of construction, along with the UNDER-ARCHITECT angel were inspecting the work.

A few Angels were with them, as before. The CONTRACTOR or engineer was pointing to certain locations on the wall and his assistant was writing down the notes he was giving.

Therefore, the top of the ridge was a beehive of activity. The faithful SCRIBE and INSIGHT were at their posts. Every once in a while, I would hear a group of the builder’s shout. I wondered if they shouted because they had passed inspection.?