The Moravian Falls House of Prayer

The Moravian Falls House of Prayer

January 2022 – The Plumb Line
December 2021 – Glory to God, We Visit the Architect
November 2021 – Walking the Line
October 2021 – So Long, Old Friends
September 2021 – The Lord Marches On
August 2021 – Onward and Upward
July 2021 – Let the Trees Clap Their Hands
June 2021 – The Moravian Falls House of Prayer
May 2021 – A Bit of Home
April 2021 – A Tale of Two Signs
March 2021 – A Sign That Points
February 2021 – The Sign
January 2021 – The Moravian Falls House Of Prayer


January 2022


Due to the rampant COVID infections in our area of North Carolina, I have spent much of my last two years seeing few people (other than my two administrative assistants.) We have kept the fire burning on the altar of the prayer however, and we are expanding the website with motion and music. Also, we are recording the books. In other words we are busy, busy, busy – but inside.

But one day I was outside watering the flower boxes and was approached by a lady and her husband who were visiting Prayer Mountain for the first time. She knew nothing of its history – but was instructed by the Lord to travel to Prayer Mountain in Moravian Falls. It seems as though she was visiting locations pointed out to her by the Lord.

The Gift

She carried with her five plumb lines and was taking each to a location designated by the Lord. She had never heard of The Moravian Falls House of Prayer, but realized – when she did hear – that the structure to be built as a chapel on Prayer Mountain was to receive the last of the five plumb lines.

Below is the plumb line brought to The Moravian Falls House of Prayer.


Why is this important? Well – anytime the Lord sends you a gift it is significant. But this gift is a tool for building – and building accurately – and we want that. Of course we are expecting the physical structure to be correctly built – but we are especially concerned that we build spiritually on the Rock of Christ: Jesus being the chief cornerstone.

As it is said in Isaiah 28:16-17b. “Therefore, thus says the Lord God, ‘behold, I am the One who has laid as a foundation in Zion, a Stone, a tested Stone, a precious Cornerstone, of a sure foundation. Whoever believes will not be in haste – 17. And I will make justice the line and righteousness the plumb line…’”

Our Heart

It is our hearts’ desire to see God Almighty build His chapel –unmixed with our flesh, that He will direct and make all decisions in accordance with His deep desires and that we will wait on Him and follow His commands. We want Him, Him and only Him.

It says in His Word that He will build His church (both physical and spiritual) and we want to give Him the time and space that allows Him to fulfill His word. We don’t want to push anything in or through our flesh.

We are grateful for the plumb line.

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December 2021


There was overwhelming Christian love and camaraderie as we visited the architect to initiate plans for the Moravian Falls House of Prayer.

Our architect is not only an elder statesman in the county of Wilkes, but also is a godly man. We are fortunate to have such a skilled designer in this area.

You cannot imagine the excitement bursting within each of us as we began applying ourselves to this blessed offering of love to our Lord. Other areas throughout the world have been set aside for chapels open to the public for prayer – but we are “pinching ourselves” that we here on this small mountain have been allowed to join that number.

The plans include outdoor patios and a water fountain to add to the tranquility of the area.

To God be The Glory

Our Lord has called for this chapel, and therefore, it is our great desire That He have His heart’s desire – as well as be pleased.


November 2021


Here is Pete from Duke Energy. He is marking the location for an electric line to be run underground to the proposed well.




We must provide for the water and electricity before we can move forward with building the Moravian Falls House of Prayer.

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So Long, Old Friends

October 2021


Back Hoe

           Here is the last of the rotten board removal. We’re making room for the new.




Almost Gone

These structures were like old friends. But even old friends need to make way for the Lord’s new purposes. (Especially if they are rotted.)


Light on the Door

Here is the back of the ministry, with all the materials out of the way. Notice the sunlight streaming a beam on the back door. That, dear friends, is very encouraging.


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The Lord Marches On

September 2021


These pictures are of the beginning of the deconstruction – before the Lord begins to build the NEW.

Here is the greenhouse as it was. It is difficult to see, but this greenhouse is about 25 feet off the ground. It now sits on the property of a blessed Christian family who will use it well.

The greenhouse is still intact, but the wood holding it up is crumbling. [There is no logical reason for this rapid decay. Treated wood was used. It was also stained and given every protection.]

It just looks like the Lord is ready for something new.

The greenhouse was still “holding up well.”


Beginning deconstruction.


A little further along.



Ready for the concrete removal.


Thank you for your years of service, old friend.



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Onward and Upward

August 2021

Often Bob Jones had said that the area around the chapel on Prayer Mountain should look like the garden of Eden – there should be benches, and quiet walkways for meditation, contemplation, and, where possible, flowers.

We are beginning. But before we can engage in any planting plan, there must be water to ensure the survival of the plants. On July 19, 2021, a well company designated the location of the first well.

Looking for a location for the first well.

The well location with surrounding vegetation.


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Let the Trees Clap Their Hands

July 2021

We wanted to offer prayer and praise to our Lord up on the Ridge of Prayer Mountain.

He is worthy and, I am sure the angels have missed joining with His children to exalt Him!

We are trying something new in order to include you in this offering of praise to our King.


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June 2021

We thought you would like to see an artist’s rendition of the Chapel.

These come from three oil paintings that hang in the Prayer Room in the Moravian Falls House of Prayer’s temporary location on Prayer Mountain. We need to pray before we pray, don’t we?

Only those who have visited have seen this depiction, but we feel it helps a good deal to be able to see a likeness of “what” you are praying for.

This first rendition of the Chapel shows a feather on the outside. Bob Jones said that the feather represented life, so that in this rendition, “life” is on the outside of the Chapel.

In the second rendition, the feather has moved to the inside of the Moravian Falls House of Prayer. You can see it glowing in the upper right side (as you look at the picture). Now Life fills the Chapel and is bringing great light to others.

The third rendition of the Chapel shows the fulfilling of the many prophecies concerning the Moravian Falls House of Prayer. God Almighty comes down to be within that structure, and to meet with His children – to speak to them, to heal them, to bless them and to anoint them.

This, of course, would not be the first visit by our Heavenly Father: He came in person to reveal His glory to Moses; at another time He ate with the elders of the Jewish people (when the children of Israel journeyed out of Egypt.)

Mankind has seen Jesus and experienced the Holy Spirit. But now it is our Father’s desire to allow His children to see Him and talk to Him. He does not wish to hide Himself from His family any longer.

The Dark Cloud*

“What is the dark cloud about which my Father spoke?” I asked the angel Elijah.

He replied, “the dark cloud that surrounds God is actually the dense oil of the Spirit, a great good, a visible sign of the magnitude of the anointing, incomprehensible to mankind and therefore seemingly dark. To the majority of mankind, He is hidden in darkness. Light that they cannot see emanates from Him. To many of His children He seems hidden, but the fire of His love is burning through the density of that oil now and will allow His children to see His love, His mercy, and His fatherly compassion, as well as the startling reality of His Holiness

If you wish to learn more about the angel Elijah, please go to

April 2016 – The Angel Elijah’s Teaching

* Heaven Awaits the Bride (Charisma Media/Charisma House Book
Group 2007) 122-123 (Part 1).

Deuteronomy 4:11-12 The Darkness
11 You came near and stood at the base of the mountain, a mountain blazing with fire to the heavens, with black clouds and deep darkness. 12 And the LORD spoke to you out of the fire. You heard the sound of the words but saw no form; there was only a voice.

Exodus 30:22-33 The Anointing Oil
22 Then the LORD said to Moses, 23 “Take the finest spices: 500 shekels of liquid myrrh, half that amount (250 shekels) of fragrant cinnamon, 250 shekels of fragrant cane, 24 500 shekels of cassia—all according to the sanctuary shekel—and a hin of olive oil. 25 Prepare from these a sacred anointing oil, a fragrant blend, the work of a perfumer; it will be a sacred anointing oil. 26 Use this oil to anoint the Tent of Meeting, the ark of the Testimony, 27 the table and all its utensils, the lampstand and its utensils, the altar of incense, 28 the altar of burnt offering and all its utensils, and the basin with its stand. 29 You are to consecrate them so that they will be most holy. Whatever touches them shall be holy. 30 Anoint Aaron and his sons and consecrate them to serve Me as priests. 31 And you are to tell the Israelites, ‘This will be My sacred anointing oil for the generations to come. 32 It must not be used to anoint an ordinary man, and you must not make anything like it with the same formula. It is holy, and it must be holy to you. 33 Anyone who mixes perfume like it or puts it on an outsider shall be cut off from his people.’ ”

All these things (the oil, the tabernacle, the golden utensils) are a type or pattern from heaven. So as all these items and people are anointed with the oil, it is a representation to us of our Father who is surrounded by the dense anointing.

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May 2021

For those wishing to “sit a while” as you seek the Lord on Prayer Mountain, we have purchased four wide, sturdy, outdoor rockers. After all, for some, there’s nothing like rocking and praying – and our Daddy wants you all to feel “at home” here on His land.

The rockers come from The Vermont Country Store¬ – whose name already gives us mental pictures of autumn leaves, and delicious jams and jellies.

These sturdy rockers are now in place, ready for your use. We hope these are a blessing to you. I can’t tell you what a blessing it is for us to be able to make them available to you.

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April 2021

This account is of two new signs. It is a chronicle of a seldom described part of the history of Prayer Mountain. One sign is actually a repainted, abandoned sign and the other is a brand spanking new one.

SIGN #1.

This sign was made by a dear friend of mine. Before moving to Texas with her husband she worked for Disney animation. They decided to leave California to start a cabin building business in Texas. After building their own log cabin, they decided to rethink their career path and went into the making of signs.

She was designing and making signs when my husband retired from the pastoral part of the ministry. My friend and I decided to create a historical coloring book for this small, but amazingly significant town where the River boats turned around on the bayou and headed back to New Orleans. We thought that it would help the visiting adults to have the history of the houses, churches, hotels, etc. and settle the children in the back seat by giving them something to color. We used my very young nephews and niece as the children ringing a church bell or climbing a tree, or fishing in the bayou, etc.

After we finished the coloring book, Albert and I moved from Texas to Kansas City. Years later, when we moved to Moravian Falls, we needed a few signs to guide the visitors.

Recently, when the land on the top of Prayer Mountain was sold, the only sign to survive the sale is the one pictured. It had been brown, but the previous owner used the back to create a new message and painted the sign purple. Therefore, instead of sandblasting it, we kept the basic sign purple (since that is part of its history), repainted the lettering, etc. on the front, and returned the sign to its original location.

We felt that it was a survivor that made its way back to its former “post”. Like an old soldier that limped home after many years of service, we joyously salute this battered and abandoned warrior. Long may it stand in the service of our God.

SIGN #2.

A: This is one of three such signs we have purchased to put up because we are blessed by having children who accompany their parents to Prayer Mountain – as well as several who live here. We want to show these children the Lord’s love by driving slowly so that their parents can call them out of harm’s way.

B: Also, some visitors come with their friendly, small dogs. Both children and dogs will get out of the way, if you drive slowly enough.

Many thanks.

These are the two new signs (well, one is an old faithful).

We thought you would enjoy a bit of the history of the signs, because – let’s face it – we rarely give them much thought. But they, too, have a fascinating story to tell.

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March 2021


As we told you last month, the sign that marks the location of The House of Prayer is slightly to the side so that those wishing to pray on the exact top will have access. This white stone on the ground points to the eventual chapel location.

The chapel will sit toward the front of the ridge with a clear view of the two closest mountains: Pore’s Knob and Moore’s Mountain. It will overlook the valley below – a beautiful prospect.

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February 2021

(I hope I mean this in more ways than one.)

Here is the sign at the location for the building of THE MORAVIAN FALLS HOUSE OF PRAYER.

Many who come to Prayer Mountain wish to know the chapel’s exact location so that they may pray on the spot. (FOR WHICH WE ARE GRATEFUL.)

We have put the sign slightly to the side, so it does not impede your access to the location for prayer. But we are going to add a white stone with an arrow on it that will point to the exact top.


The chapel will be built toward the front of the property. It will catch the first rays of the eastern sun.

At night it will be as a “light on a hill” – easily seen from the road.

It will be a beautiful token of our love for a Mighty God and an answer to His expressed desire to meet with us in a special way. TO GOD BE THE GLORY.

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January 2021

Sometimes it takes a long interval before dreams or prophecies become realities -especially in Moravian Falls. One such dream, held here for 24 years, is just coming into being.

It was on the hearts of many to establish a House of Prayer on Prayer Mountain. Also, it was prophesied by many (Kim Clement and Bob Jones being among them). But much land on that ridge was needed – not only for the chapel – but to keep the Mountain in a lush and natural state. Many wished to re-plant the native Mountain Laurel and the native Dogwoods that filled the woods 25 years ago. There were to be quiet trails dotted with sturdy benches in order to provide pleasant locations for our Father’s children to reflect and pray – as well as a chapel.

There are three lodges available in walking distance of the chapel location – thereby allowing retreatants a quiet and serene time in the beauty of the country with everything at hand without needing to use their cars to get to each location.

The early pioneers of this “hope” felt the chapel should be called “The Moravian Falls House of Prayer.”


Therefore, the early arrivals partitioned the government to acquire an official trademark. However, at that early stage, we had nothing that was required by the government to qualify us to receive that legal designation. There were several steps necessary before we could apply. One of the requirements was to have open prayer meetings on a regular basis over a lengthy period of time.

When we first began, we had only hopes and dreams. Therefore, in those early years, such an official designation was not possible.


But now, we have had open prayer meetings on Prayer Mountain for fifteen years. So, we are ready to announce that the name of “THE MORAVIAN FALLS HOUSE OF PRAYER” will be officially attached to the open prayer meetings on the top of Prayer Mountain.


Three ministries have been praying together for several years and have linked arms to see The Moravian Falls House of Prayer move into its next phase.

The original plot of land has been purchased, and discussions of a planting program to restore the native laurel and dogwood have begun.

This three-fold cord is a realization of our Father’s great desire to have “cooperation” as one of the original building blocks for His chapel. The three ministries decided to trademark the name in order to be a witness to that cooperation between brethren.


For those of us who have been standing in prayer for the whole 25 years, this step forward is a great joy. We always expect progress to be slow here (it is after all the Moravian Falls way: we stop to take off for deer season or turkey season or holidays, for too much snow or too much rain, to care for the ill or dying, for children’s programs and visiting family members, etc. – in other words, for good old fashioned country living. Some of our local shops in the nearby more populated areas of Wilkesboro and North Wilkesboro still shut down half a day on Wednesday because it is Wednesday-go-to-meeting-night.)

I grew up with all the stores closing at noon on Wednesdays. But it has been a long time since my hometown, or many other hometowns have given honor to a night when people are expected to attend church.

Such is the area the Lord has chosen for The Moravian Falls House of Prayer. If moving forward takes a little longer here, we can bear with one another and with the Lord so that He may bring about His results with love and gentleness.

We are on His timetable here in Moravian Falls. We have found that “His time” makes for a much sweeter life for everyone.

May The Moravian Falls House of Prayer be permeated with His love for the brethren and with His desire for cooperation between His children – but mainly with a steadfast, unending love for our Heavenly Father – our great King.

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