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February 2018


One of these unusual angels is in the Angel Section, the other is in the Teaching Section and there is a bit about each in the Personal Section.


This angel was given to Prayer Mountain on September 29, 2006 (Friday).

There are places in this world where the Lord has chosen to meet with His people in a special way. Examples of this are all through the Bible. These are entirely of His choosing. Prayer Mountain is one such location. As Bob Jones always said, the only other location on earth with more angels is the Mount of Olives in Israel. Therefore, the call He has placed on Prayer Mountain in Moravian Falls is an extremely important one.

Those that come to Prayer Mountain, not only meet with their Maker, but are attended by various angels. The angels attending the person or persons (if more than one) depend upon the need.

Many who come are at a crossroad: spiritually, mentally, emotionally and even relationally. The Angel Rightly Divide was assigned to Prayer Mountain to assist in these decisions.

VISION: 2006

The Lord spoke: “A new day is coming, Anna. This day will bring a restoration of all that the locusts have eaten.”

He continued: “Instead of the children of God being stuck at the crossroads, there will be a decision to go forward or to step aside so that others may seek the Great Reward. You are now walking in the direction of the new day; but the crossroads loom before you.”

“Will You help us choose?” I asked.

“The decision is yours,” He said “and each and every one of the Father’s children. Are you willing? Consider your answer. Search your heart.”

The Lord continued: “I am giving the angel called RIGHTLY DIVIDE to assist those who come to this ridge. I would urge you to avail yourselves of his assistance.”

RIGHTLY DIVIDE stepped forward. I must say, he was a very unusual looking angel. His garments – as well as the angel himself were split right down the middle. One side was patterned, silken-like fabric, ornate and, it would seem, decorated with some sort of earthly honors. The other side was solid but shone beneath the fabric. There was something like a golden wing embroidered across his chest. His head and hands were gold. The face on the fabric side, as well as his hand looked like old gold – or gold mined from the earth. The face and hand on the side with the golden wing looked like spiritual gold. Therefore, I felt that Rightly Divide was dividing between soul (mind, emotions and will) and spirit.

Both sides were beautiful to behold but the beauty was different.

“RIGHTLY DIVIDE allows the child of God to look at the two choices,” Jesus said. “I give him this day to assist those who come here – beginning with you. I will pray that the Holy Spirit guides you as you reach the crossroads.

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January 2018


What better way to begin a new year than drawing near to our Heavenly Father – to know Him – to really know Him – to see Him.

Therefore, let us begin 2018 with our Daddy.


The throne on which the Father was sitting was bejeweled with intangibles: righteousness, justice, holiness, mercy and other virtues.


Epaggelias (the Angel of Promises) spoke as he saw me gazing more intently into the light surrounding the throne, “It is the things that are not that are in heaven, Anna.”

I felt that he meant the things that are not tangible.

Epaggelias continued, “The priceless is uncreated. These the enemy wants, for their value is beyond gold. He will give mere gold and silver for them, but it is not a fair exchange. Wisdom, prudence, joy, peace, truthfulness, faithfulness – these adorn the throne of the almighty One. Mere jewels cannot compare. The streets here are gold, but faith is a jewel beyond compare, mercy a commodity more precious than diamonds.”1

I looked into the awesome light of our God. “Daddy,” I whispered.


Within the resplendent light, part of my Father’s form could be seen.2 I could see what appeared to be His feet and that which looked like a garment falling in drapes to the sea of glass. Flashes of lightening were in this garment.3 Within the

searing light, I could see something of His hands and the loose sleeves covering His arms. Above His waist, the light emanating from Him was so blinding in its intensity, purity, and holiness that I could see no further.

My Father spoke to me, “Anna, My child,” He said. Jesus turned to smile at me. Epaggelias gestured for me to move forward, closer to the throne.


I did so, rubber-legged, moving nearer to that all-consuming light. I dropped to my knees and bowed my face to the sea of glass.4

Jesus stepped over to me and helped me to rise, strengthening me as He did so. “My sister is here to see You, Father.”

As I rose to my feet, the Father’s arms of light came out from all that splendor and picked me up, lifting me high into the air. The action seemed as natural as a father picking up his child.


He set me on His lap.5

I was so overwhelmed with love and gratitude and relief, that without thinking, I held up my arms and buried my face into the light. The response was like that of a child who would bury its face in the parent’s clothing.

“Daddy,” I said, sensing peace, unbelievable peace.

“You are precious to Me, Anna.”

“I love You, Daddy.”

“And I love you, Anna,” He said, drawing me closer.

As we sat there enjoying one another, He began to address my innermost thoughts.


He said, “Those who are called to draw near to Me will share in My peace.6 But only those who have hope have peace, continual peace.7 If hope is gone, the soul is tossed to and fro seeking safe harbor, Anna. I want My children’s eyes set on Me, hoping in Me, not looking at the passing panorama of earthly events being played out before them. I want them to look beyond, to look up, to see at last the distant shore toward which they are sailing, filling their hearts and minds, their eyes and ears with Me. This will bring the hope that gives peace.”

I sat up and looked into the greater light of the area that would be His face if I could have seen it.


My Father continued, “If they delight in Me, Anna, their desires will carry them deeper into Me. Then, as they are drawn into Me, so will they leave the Earth’s orbit in greater and greater degrees. Soon, like gravity, the pull from My realm, the desire for Me – to know Me and to experience the eternal while in the temporal – will become so strong that they will be set free from Earth’s orbit and will be drawn more and more swiftly into Mine.8 I do not wish to dwell in a dark cloud any longer.9 I want My children to know their Father. I want them to see Me and hear Me, for I am a loving Father to them, Anna, and I care for every breath they take. Truth, who is My Son, came into the world. Many have ‘seen’ and walked out of the prison doors. But My Son came to reveal Me.10 Now that revelation will become present reality. The unfolding, the accomplishment of that

earthly mission, which began with the unveiling of My Son, will reach a present clarity unaccomplished before.”


I saw a hand moving back and forth in a pool of water, disturbing any clear reflection from being seen.

[This illustration is from my 1996 journal.]

“As the waters of mankind become more and more troubled,” my Father said, “the spiritual pool will become clearer.”11-12 (Then I saw a hand held over a clear pool and reflected perfectly within the clear water.) “My children will know Me. Will you help Me, Anna?”

[This illustration is from my 1996 journal.]


“If you need me, Daddy,” I said.

“I have raised you up in this hour to see into the heavenly realm, to fly in the rarified air with the while Eagle, to rest in the Eagle’s nest, and to taste of the

delights that are to come by eating from My hand so that you may eat and others digest what you have eaten.”13

“How, Daddy?”

“By giving them hope by allowing them to see and experience through your eyes and experiences. I will say through you, ‘Hope,’ for I am doing a new thing in these days; all who hunger and thirst for Me will eat and drink. You will be My chancellor.”14

“Like of the exchequer?” I blurted out before I knew it (for I had only heard the term mentioned in these days on the British Broadcasting Corporation).

“No,” my Father laughed, “My secretary.”

“Oh,” I said relieved, for I thought I might be able to handle a secretarial assignment – with the Lord’s help, I quickly added to myself.


My Father continued, “You will tell of what you have seen and heard. You will reveal My heart and give hope by revealing ‘home’ to others. Your words will be like letters from home to those in the field. When a soldier is on the battlefield, a letter from home telling of the people and places of home gives the solider great hope. He keeps going because he longs for home and realizes that he is greatly loved. Hope, Anna, is a gift to mankind. Without hope, they languish.”

“Why have you chosen me, Daddy?”

“Because you are simple, Anna, and know little. Before the foundations of the world, I called you, not because you are wise or intelligent, but because I delight in you.15-17 My Son delights in you. The Holy Spirit delights in you. And I have brought you to Myself this day to ask for your help.”


“Of course I will help You,” I said, “but Daddy, please help me to refrain from sinning against You. I want to represent You truly. Please keep me pure so that I might not defile this gift or the trust that You have placed in me.”


I continued listening to my Father speak to me. “In Him, Anna, in My Son. I trust only in Him.18 It is His life, His ministry, and the work of the Holy Spirit through you. My dear child, you are completely untrustworthy. As the life of My Son increases within you, it appears that you are more trustworthy, but actually, it is only Him; it always will remain only Him.”19

He paused briefly before continuing. “Now, Anna, you must give yourself time to be with Me. Chancellors must grow into their duties and anointing and authority.20 My child, My heart is turned toward the children. Show them My heart that they may turn toward Me.”21

He picked me up from His lap and placed me before Him on the sea of glass as He said, “Now, stand before Me.”


Within the throne room something tremendous seemed to be happening. From all directions there was a great gathering of angels converging upon the throne area. Some were flying and had wings; some did not. There seemed to be myriads and myriads of angels aloft within the throne room, and those within the radiance joined them.

A ripple of sound began near the throne and moved out through the angelic ranks. As the tone increased, singing began until it reached a crescendo at the outer edges of the heavenly host who was in flight. It was as though whatever originated near the throne passed through the others, allowing the singing to swell and then be released outward. The sound was exhilarating.

Praise You beyond the highest heaven.

Praise You beyond the lowest depth.

Praise You for Your loving presence.

Praise You for Your judgments blest.

Praise You, sun and moon together.

Praise You, whirling wheels and stars.22

Praise You, angel chorus sounding.

Praise You near and praise far.

Children sing Your praises, Father.

Maidens praise You, holy Son.

Holy Spirit, we adore You.

Finish now what You have begun.

Started long ago, hallelujah,

When together we did sing,23

Blessed Father, Son, and Spirit,

To You, O God, our praise we bring.

(The redeemed joined in the chorus.)

Praise Your holy name, hallelujah,

Praise Your holy name, hallelujah,

Praise Your holy name, hallelujah,

Praise Your holy name.

Suddenly, angels without number began blowing trumpets. The sound was awesome, electrifying, glorious. As the trumpets sounded, everyone present began to proclaim fervently:

Glory to God.

Glory to God.

Glory to God.

Glory to God.

I had never been a part of anything so powerful. It took my breath away. At the end of the proclamation, the elders threw down their crowns and fell on their faces before the throne, and so did the four living creatures and all the redeemed

and angels who were on the sea of glass within the throne room. I too fell on my face before God, for who could stand? The angels aloft held their places at attention.

Then one lone shofar blew.24 It seemed that the sound echoed throughout heaven. As the sound died away, fire and peels of thunder and lightning began to belch from the throne.

God almighty spoke, “Stand to your feet, Anna.”

I stood, but I was trembling. Everyone else stood also.

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December 2017


The real battle is spiritual. This month’s series of revelations will complete the chronicling of a demonic attack and the Lord’s response to that attack. I realize it is somewhat rare that a demonic attack is carefully recorded and perhaps even rarer to chronical God’s response carried to its full conclusion.

Why, we may ask? Mainly because victory in the battle may come years after the initial attack. Being human, we lose sight of the story because of the years between.

But with this account, we do have the full story… which, incidentally began in 2008 but the outcome was initiated only recently, (nine years later in 2017). But it shows God’s faithfulness. As the word says about the vision that though it tarry, it will come.

Habakkuk 2:2-3
2. “Then the Lord answered me and said,
‘Record the vision
And inscribe it on tablets
That the one who reads it may run.
3. For the vision is yet for the appointed time;
It hastens toward the goal and it will not fail.
Though it tarries, wait for it;
For it will certainly come, it will not delay.’”


1. A red dragon: False Fire built a nest on land that would be needed as a passage to Prayer Mountain.

2. This piece of land did not belong to the ministry… therefore, I did not have direct spiritual ownership. (You have spiritual authority over land that you legally own.) But the red dragon was defiling the atmosphere for all wishing to communicate with God on Prayer Mountain. Therefore, we asked the Lord how to rid the land of this demon. The journal pages telling of this question and God’s answer, start in this website in October 2017 in the sections on Angels, Personal and Teaching – then November 2017 in Angels, Personal and Teaching and now conclude in December, in sequence, in Angels, Personal and Teaching.

3. We did all that God instructed, plus prayer – fervent prayer to cleanse the land.

4. The Lord acted in “the natural” through a lightning storm – then in the spiritual, through His lightning strike of the demon False Fire.
1 Corinthians 15:46 – “However, the spiritual is not first, but the natural; then the spiritual.”

5. However, although striking the demon, a residue was left. The residue facilitated an Under Way to be opened. This Under Way gave access up to the earth’s surface and thus giving open access to minor demons and to the enemy’s work beneath the earth’s surface.

6. It also gave rise to a filthy vortex – the opposite of the glorious rainbow vortex on the top of Prayer Mountain.

7. Demons were using this filthy vortex as a passageway to the second heaven, Satan’s headquarters – just as the open heaven in the rainbow vortex on top of Prayer Mountain is used by angels ascending into heaven and descending to earth.

So – one battle was won but not the war. As we know, our God fights in unique ways. Perhaps that is the lesson from this account. We cannot battle using formulas. Instead, we must, as good soldiers, listen to and follow the commands of our Great General… because He is indeed, unique and His ways are not our ways.

Now – for the rest of the story:



A large, satyr-like creature came out of the Under Way and began attacking the angelic workers that were laying the stones for the new fortress.

This fortress encircled the top of Prayer Mountain, all the way down to include the ministry location and the house that would in nine years be the location of the present guest house.

The angels were building a fortress to protect the Lord’s work. They actually excavated the land for the wall’s foundation.

It was taking these angelic workers a little longer to excavate the land (for the foundation of the fortress that will encircle the two properties) than it did to excavate the foundation for the fortress on the ridge. I suppose this was due to the fact that work was being done daily on the ministry location that the witches burned down in late 2007.

So, actual physical building was going on in the area as well as the spiritual building.


Almost as quickly as the demonic attack on the workers began, warriors from the ridge came to protect them.

Then like a swarm of locusts, from the Under Way poured black hornets with yellow upon their armor. They began to attack the angelic warriors by massing against each fighter. It was horrible to watch.

There are hornets used by God as in the following scriptures:

“Yahweh your God will send hornets to destroy those who remain and hide you.” Deuteronomy 7:20.

“I shall spread panic ahead of you: I shall throw into confusion all the enemy you encounter; I shall make all your enemies turn and run from you. I shall send hornets in front of you to drive out your enemy from your presence.” Exodus 23:27-28.

“I put your enemies all into your power. I sent out hornets in front of you, which drove the two kings before you; this was not the work of your sword or your bow.” Joshua 24:12.

In this instance, the hornets (definitely) were a demonic counter attack.

Then down through the rainbow vortex came hundreds of reinforcements to assist God’s warrior angels stationed on the ridge.

The Lord’s host would throw balls of light at the swarming hornets. They would – in slow motion – tumble away from the fighting angels – almost as though they were under water. The light stunned them, however, and caused them to disengage.

The satyrs were still running at the Lord’s warrior angels – trying to bite them in their stomachs.

These satyrs were being slashed with the angelic warriors’ swords. They would yipe like wounded dogs, once hit, and would back off to retreat down the dark hole of the Under Way.

The battle was fierce – and would have been bloody if there was blood in these fighters.

The wounded construction workers (angelic) were helped to the ridge and ultimately to the vortex to travel above for healing. There were wounded angelic warriors also.

Work on the new fortress ceased temporarily until the healings could take place.


1. The Lord’s angels are taken to the throne of the Father when wounded in battle; He heals them. Yes, they can be hurt. Otherwise there would be no need for warrior angels to be sent to protect. We realize that our own spirits can be wounded in a demonic attack. Well, these are pure spirit. They, too, can suffer wounding from a demonic attack.

2. SATYR – a sylvan (fabled) ancient deity of the woods; a faun – half man, half goat, having horns on his head, a hairy body, with the feet and tail of a goat. These demons represent lasciviousness, luridness and riot. They are irreverent, ruckus and generally undermine all that is holy and pure.

3. THE DEMONIC HORNETS – They were unusually large, like Japanese giant hornets. In the natural they are 1¾ inches long with a wing span of 2½ inches. However, these were larger. This species is very aggressive, with a venom that attacks the nervous system and destroys tissue. In the natural the sting of the Japanese hornet can be lethal.

Proceed to the next instalment under the Personal Section.

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November 2017


Last month I showed you an infestation by the dragon False Fire on land near the ridge where our Lord intends a mighty work. Those wishing to go to the top of the ridge would need to pass through this infected area. It was defiling and an affront to our God. But how do we cleanse it?

The Lord began (through the material shown last month) to attack this problem. He told us how to displace it.

So far – here is the sequence:

1. A demonic problem.
2. We seek the Lord on how to eradicate it – (not going by formulas but by His direct word concerning this particular case.)
3. We follow His directive.

The last journal entry was June 19, 2008. Let us start with June 20, 2008. Please note that Page 72 was left out because it simply recorded personal information, that was not pertinent to the revelation.



The mention of “the bull” was a demon removed from the top of the ridge years before. Those of us praying were assisted by others living in Moravian Falls (through information, etc.). We sought the Lord for many weeks so that we might remove this high demonic prince from the land. Once assured of how the Lord wished us to proceed, we joined in prayer with the entire board of the ministry that owned the land where the bull was seen. One of the board members prayed with us on an open phone because that board member was out of state. Using the flaming sword from the center of the rainbow vortex on top of the ridge, those of us praying executed the Lord’s directions on how to rid the land of that demon. That was years before, however.


a. The Lord began the removal of the demon by telling us the changes in our lives that needed correcting. When the Lord’s children repent, and turn to live holy and righteous lives, demons lose their power over us. Then, when we pray “the prayers of a righteous man availeth much” and God Almighty moves in our behalf. He began that process by gathering bands of angels to cleanse the atmosphere through high praises of our God.

b. Then He came in a literal storm and struck the dragon.

c. In answer to prayers, He removed the dragon.

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October 2017


I know many believe that because I live right on Prayer Mountain with enormous numbers of angels and constant fervent prayer that warfare is eliminated.

Quite the opposite. Because of the major call on this plot of land, the demons are drawn to the light and therefore we are allowed a good deal of practice in warfare.

I thought you might like to see one such demon and hear my conversations with the Scribe Angel about what it represents and how the Lord suggested we battle this particular large demon.

[The pictures and text are right from my journal of nine years ago.]

JUNE 15, 2008: SUNDAY

A huge red dragon built a nest on a nearby property line. Now it lay wrapped in a ball in the nest – sleeping. It seemed wonderfully content to make a home for itself on land very near Prayer Mountain – an affront to our God.

Demons covered this red dragon as it slept. Within its nest were several DEAD END signs. The dragon was resting on them as though they were eggs to be hatched.

The Scribe Angel appeared. He seemed more concerned with the “eggs” on which the dragon slept than the demon itself. “Many have beaten a path, year after year, down the same highways, leading to the same inconclusive destinations,” he said. “At the end of these roads there are trash heaps and barriers that read: DEAD END.”

“However, after reaching these unsatisfactory destinations they return to the same roads again and again expecting that the very same roads will take them to a fresh, new conclusion. They never will.”

“Mankind gets stuck, running like a hamster around an exercise wheel. But your Father is picking you up and setting you on a new road.”

“This road is not a comfortable one, for there are no protective rails, but it will allow you to cut a new pathway to a new conclusion.”

“God is challenging mankind. But if you refuse the challenge you will continue to face a trash heap and DEAD END signs.”

“Already the roads are in place. The opportunity is before you. Will you renew your mind or seek the comfort of the old?”

The Scribe Angel continued: “You see, Anna, mankind must grow and change to live. Otherwise mankind settles on its lees and slowly begins to die. At first this death seems like comfort, but later they realize they are facing a trash heap and DEAD END signs.”

Your Father is offering you uncomfortableness – newness that assists in the renewing of the mind.”

He seemed to have concluded his comments, so I turned my eyes from the Scribe Angel back to the dragon and the demons crawling all over it. Parts of the DEAD END signs could be seen within the nest which excited the demons.

The demons would lick the exposed parts of the DEAD END signs – as though they were tasty or were torturing them. I have seen large animals that have captured small prey, torture the smaller creature by licking it before killing it.

These DEAD END signs had not been assigned to designated humans as yet – since they were still under the large demon; but the smaller demons were pulling at them to extract them from the heavy weight of the red dragon.

“So,” I thought, “this dragon has hatched DEAD ENDS.” I then realized that the red dragon’s nest was itself the trash heap where the DEAD END signs were hatched.

The old pathways about which the angel spoke were lined with motels; it seems: such as rebellion, anger and hatred, etc. – cheap accommodations for which the traveler pays dear – these were on the road that was well worn, familiar and therefore comforting.

Little does the traveler know that the dump of a nest (filled with DEAD END signs) hides a sleeping dragon that, when awake – will devour the traveler slowly and painfully for eternity.

I thought also, of what Bonnie Jones (Bob Jones’s wife) had seen. She said she saw the dragon going to peoples’ doors and knocking, hoping to be invited in. It seemed surprising that such a huge dragon could have moved in so quickly and felt at home enough to build a nest without our notice. I found that troubling.

“Dear God,” I said aloud, “Help us to repel him.”

Then, I turned to the Scribe Angel; “What is the name of this red dragon?”

“False-fire,” the Scribe said. “It burns with rebellion, anger and hatred – the fuel of the burning flesh.”

“What may we do,” I asked, “to counter this false fire?”

“Obey the Lord,” the Scribe answered. “Be a back-fire that the Lord ignites to stop the on-rush of the inferno.”

“How?” I asked.

“Clean the inside of the cup and bow low,” the Scribe said. “The Lord, the Avenger, the Protector will cover you. He comes to bring you into a deeper walk with Himself. Resist the Lord’s ways and you will open yourself to destroying, fiery arrows from the enemy. Hold to Him and His ways and He will use you to stop the enemy. First learn to stop the enemy attacking you and all over which the Lord has given you authority. Then, He will use you as a back-fire to stop the false-fire burning in others and destroying large portions of His work.”

“Pass the tests to prove yourself ready and able to hold the increased anointing. Stop now and you will fall backward into an ever-swallowing depth, out of which – in ratio to your downward spiral – you may not be able to return to your present light. The climb becomes too steep.”

“Humility,” he added. “Allow Him to be who He is in you. Do not forget obedience, that is, remember who you are through His calling and His sacrifice. Choose this day whom you will serve.”

This is only a small portion of the revelation relating to one of the demons that we’ve battled and the advice given to us on how to deal with it… nine years ago. We will share other material from the journals at a later date.

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September 2017


July 19, 2006: Wednesday

At the gazebo:

The angels were standing around the ridge with heads lifted, singing a lovely chorus. They did not sing in parts, but in unison. Truly it was awe inspiring.

A very beautiful angel walked up the path. Her garment showed trees, then flowers, then mountains, then planets, then birds, etc. There was only a glimpse of each as she walked. Bands of color (these looked like ribbons or perhaps some sort of vegetation) were woven into her hair. Her hair had a slight tint of green. Strangely, it was lovely instead of being off-putting. She held an olive twig in her right hand.

“Today,” the Holy Spirit spoke, “BEAUTY” comes to this mount. The Great King brings beauty out of the ashes of all

that has been and will be destroyed because it was and is not of Him.”

“BEAUTY reflects His glory and lifts the shackled soul. Beauty alone [meaning by itself] can be a distraction. But BEAUTY where He has chosen to rest HIS glory is restorative.

When we returned to the cabin, I looked up ashes in both the New American Standard’s Concordance and the old Strong’s. I found in the King James Version of the Bible this:

Isaiah 61:3 – “To appoint unto them that mourn in Zion, to give unto them beauty for ashes…”

The Hebrew “pe’er” means embellishment; a fancy headdress; beautiful diadem; tiara; turban; bonnet; ornament. It means that all who mourn will be given a beautiful nuptial tiara instead of the ashes thrown on the head while mourning (Dake’s Annotated Reference Bible and Concordance).

I asked Albert to write something about the olive twig in her right hand. The right hand signifies “faith”. The dove returned to the ark with vegetation from an olive tree when the waters of God’s judgement had begun to recede and new life had begun on earth (Gen. 8:10).

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August 2017


[Background] The Lord sent this angel to strengthen me because I had received a report that my prayer partner, with whom I have prayed nightly for 40 years, suddenly had been taken to the hospital with a stroke. Many people think that because someone can visit Heaven or talk face to face with Jesus that nothing bad or sad can happen to them. Not true. This angel was sent to say: “Look to Jesus and stay on the course.”


An angel appeared – electric with God’s power and purpose. He was clothed in white armor that looked like metal – but I think it was a fabric.

The angel stood as still as a statue. He held a broad sword. His eyes were piercing. He stared forward, but nothing that was going on was going to deter him. As he stared ahead, he remained alert. I thought to myself that to wield such a sword would take great strength and stamina.

The angel spoke: “I am here, Anna. I am Resolute.”

“I am in great need of your help,” I acknowledged. “I thank the Lord for sending you.”

He lowered his head in acceptance, then he began to tell me why the Lord had sent him:

“Anna, in the days to come the enemy’s attacks will increase upon all that is decent and loving and beautiful – all that is of Christ. This is just the beginning of birth pangs.”

His piercing eyes burned into mine.

“Now is not the time to wilt,” he spoke like a general. “Lift up your head and your voice to the Great One: God Almighty.”

He continued: “Has your life been like a pebble skipped across the water – or have you plunged deep, feeling the rivulets of cold water coming from deep springs within the earth? Are you Christ’s or are you just for show?”

If you are Christ’s you will reach into deep wells within and He will strengthen you. If you are but a glossy patina, you are about to be scorched by the heat of coming trials. Such trials will test all mankind.”

[I think I was expecting comfort or reassurance. But as I thought about it, the angel was not named Comfort or Reassurance but Resolute.]

I drew my mind back to the angel before me:

“There is nothing in me to pass such tests. What I do have is Jesus. He passed the tests before and we – the children of the Living God – will call upon Him in the time of testing to pass them again.

“I am here for Him,” I said. “I want to stand strong for His sake. He alone called me. He alone commands me – and I stand only in His strength.

“But because you have been sent to me, I ask you to help me to be true to Him and to whatever task He gives to me.

“Help me to be resolute.”

Most of us know what “resolute” means. But I do not believe I have ever looked it up in the dictionary. My most recent memory was of the Resolute Desk in the oval office of the White House. Therefore, I looked it up immediately after the angel brought this word.


having or showing a fixed, firm purpose; determined; bold; firm; steady; resolved; unwavering – unshaken.


1. a film or incrustation produced by oxidation on the surface of old bronze and often esteemed as being of ornamental value.

2. a surface calcification of implements, usually indicating great age.


1. having a shiny or lustrous surface.

2. having a false or deceptive appearance or air, especially of experience or sophistication.

3. slick.


My prayer partner is out of the hospital and into rehab. As soon as she regained her voice she wanted to continue our nightly prayer sessions. She didn’t want the enemy to stop her from praying daily for you. Right now, I am doing most of the praying because it is difficult for her. She is adding “amens” in agreement. But last night she insisted on calling out the names of those who are ill – names she knows by heart.

An angel Resolute must have been sent to her also.

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July 2017


VISION: September 23rd, 2006, Saturday Rosh Hashanah

Early this morning (right after awakening) I kept seeing myself standing on the back of two porpoises – one foot on each – plowing through the water of the sea. I held reins that were attached to some sort of bridles or harnesses that guided both.

I saw this vision over and over again. Even though I saw this vision over and over. I did not know its meaning.

Before we arrived at the gazebo, I saw this vision again. I was riding on the two porpoises – one foot on each creature. One porpoise dropped off at the ministry location where I write. The other continued to the top of the ridge.

After the porpoise dropped off, it morphed into an angel. The angel spoke: “I am the ANGEL OF PURPOSE,” it said. “One of the purposes for you being here [in Moravian Falls] is to stand before the Lord for the completion of His purposes.”

“You have two purposes. This [praying for the Lord’s glory to descend on this ridge and all that would entail] is one. [I knew the other to be revealing to the body of Christ the glories of Heaven.] Some will ride three or four porpoises. Some one.”

“But I, an ANGEL OF PURPOSE, have now been assigned to this plot of land. The Great King has designated that this land has a purpose and you and others are joined to His purpose here.”

“His purpose is sure and firm. I am here to give purpose to those who come here. May your zeal match His purpose.”

One of the questions most frequently asked when people visit Prayer Mountain is: “What is my calling? What is my purpose?

Even as the disciples were looking for their calling and Saul who became Paul, all of us are seeking. Of course our purpose changes throughout our lifetime. Also because of our years with the Lord and the number of tests we have met and passed, we become more valuable to the Kingdom – (better prayer warriors.) Also the visibility and size of the calling changes. Sometimes we are required to be highly visible. Sometimes, entirely hidden. But as my friend Bob Jones always said: “The pays the same.” Our job is to stay in the will of God.

But as each set of duties expires along the way, we are again faced with the same questions: what’s is the calling now? What is my purpose?

We want our lives to count for Christ. All of us wish to live up to the very edge of the possibilities the Lord has for us. Or more than that. We want to lean as far over the edge as possible.

Knowing that His children will be coming to Prayer Mountain in search of these very answers, the Lord has supplied this particular location with a choir of Angels of Purpose to assist those who come.

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June 2017


Many people say: “I do not feel my prayers are reaching heaven.”

They pray and pray and pray but do not believe they are “breaking through.”

This revelation of nine years ago may help you.

There is a danger of prayer getting side-tracked into that stratum called the second heaven. If unattended it could be snatched by the demonic residents residing in that dark area. They seek to steal everything belonging to the Lord, especially that which is passing through the second heaven on the way to the altar of incense before the throne of the Father.

For this reason, there are escorts. Our Heavenly Father does not leave prayer unattended. He guards each prayer. Those who are wishing to communicate with Him are precious in His eyes and He wants to hear from them. Therefore, rejoice.

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May 2017


Many gifted prophets and seers have prophesied the glory of God coming down to rest on Prayer Mountain. However, in this revelation the Lord sends the Angel of Goodness to confirm their words.

August 31st, 2006: Thursday

The angel of GOODNESS addressed me: “Did you lose the cup?”

I don’t remember what it looks like,” I answered.

“Here,” the angel said, handing me a most unusual cup. It was virtually invisible. I could see the outline of the cup and a slightly wavy effect when it passed in front of the flora on the top of the ridge. But it was certainly faint to the point of being visually nonexistent.

“Why is it so faint?” I asked the angel.

“Because it is the contents that is meant to be seen. The content is that portion of the Lord to be offered to another. The cup is not to be seen – only Him.”

“I understand,” I said. “That cup is to be used to offer Him alone – not a cup to hold my own opinions.”

“Only the Lord brings life,” the angel of GOODNESS said. “Offer the contents of this cup to those who come. Keep your cloak at hand.” [The angel was referring to the invisibility cloak.] “Wear your shoes. [These make the feet invisible.] “Put on your gloves.”

“When the Lord’s glory rests upon this ridge, He alone is to be seen and offered to those in need,” the angel said.

In this revelation, the Lord not only confirms how He will come down but He also reveals how mankind in general is meant to live.

There have been many prophetic words about Prayer Mountain from about as many gifted seers. Recently a friend asked me what I felt might warrant the gathering of so many angels to a particular location.

That, of course, is an excellent question. Part of the answer lies in His intention for the top of the ridge. When the top was first opened to foot traffic (by someone cutting a simple path through the trees) the whole top of the high ridge glowed for two weeks. People driving by on the road below, stopped their cars, got out, climbed up to the top to see such a sight.

Bob Jones called this occurrence, “Previews of things to come.” He, and the other prophets felt that the manifested glory of the Father would be revealed on that ridge: that in this particular place the Lord Himself would heal, bless, deliver and anoint – without being managed or manipulated by mankind… without hands, as it were – (as He displayed in the “preview”.) He alone would be revealed: very much as the angel predicted in this 2006 revelation.

As glorious as any means to which God Almighty publically responds: music, preaching, prayer (and through these we experience more of Him); here in this place, clearly, He tells us that He alone will fill “the cup” – when the cup is provided. He alone is to be seen.

He alone will heal, strengthen, bless, enlighten, empower and direct without mankind being a go-between or touching His glory.

It therefore seems so right that the angel GOODNESS should bring this message and through this angel the Lord confirms the words of the prophets.

In Exodus 33:18-19a – Moses said, “I pray You, show me Your glory!” And He (God) said, “I Myself will make all My goodness pass before you…”

The Father equated His glory with His goodness – and here the angel of GOODNESS brings the message of His glory that will be seen in the fullness of time on Prayer Mountain.

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April 2017


On Prayer Mountain the rainbow vortex, and the White Eagle’s nest are above a cleared piece of land under whose surface rests a huge blue, granite rock.

The presence of the rock was discovered when tests were run beneath the topsoil to ascertain if the ground beneath would sustain a structure’s foundation. We were informed that it would most assuredly. The huge rock spanned the entire cleared area. Any structure’s foundation would be built on the rock.

This following revelation took place eleven years ago in the center of that cleared area.

The Lord calls the tiny angels JOY. For years, I had seen these angels but I did not know their names. I called them “giggle angels”. They have a circle of bright light coming from them. Often, I have felt that it is this choir of angels that some people are able to photograph… not fully… but the ball of light around each.

Truly, to know them does bring great joy.

June 7, 2006: Wednesday – Prayer Mountain, Moravian Falls

Little angels flew up from the area of the huge, blue granite rock and then continued to fly upward. They flew higher and higher then swooped down and scattered around the top of the ridge. They laughed and dropped bits of light on the ridge. Then they zoomed high again and came down in a column that disappeared into the rock – like vapor returning to a bottle. There was the sound of a cork being tightened in the mouth of a bottle and muffled giggles.

I could hear the Lord chuckle.

“Joy,” He said.

“Have these been released here?” I asked.

“They have. Joy is a shared experience. Partake and carry their rewards with you. You cannot make melody in your heart unless it plucks the (heart) strings of joy. JOY companions with PEACE and HUMILITY. Only the humble truly experience joy. The world replaces JOY – like party tricks – with temporary satisfaction, which removes peace and agitates fruitless desires. True JOY, therefore, companions with PEACE and PEACE with HUMILITY.

“You are my joy Lord,” I said.

“Therefore, it is everlasting… endless joy. Therefore, rejoice.”

“I rejoice before You, Lord,” I said.

The angel Peace wears lavender because he is an ambassador of The Prince of Peace. Purple is the color of royalty.

The angel Humility wears brown because brown is the color of servanthood.

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March 2017


In this revelation, the words “la-la” are used for a place of delusion. This revelation came in very early 2015 – so almost late 2014 – many years before the popular movie that presently is available from Hollywood called “La La Land”. I have not seen that film, but this revelation deals with delusions. Also, this revelation shows two glimpses of the second heaven (Satan’s headquarters during this age): one is the second heaven as it seeks to present itself and the other, a depiction of how it really is.


I was seeing in a fuzzy way – and I was clouded in my perception. It was as though I was trying to clear the path before me, but it was too foggy for me to do so.

Suddenly, I shot upward into heaven, (second heaven).

I popped through and I came down with my feet turned out to steady me.
It was like I had dropped into a Disney animated movie: little bunnies, birds and other animals bounced over to me.

“Where am I?”

“Never-never land,” the cartoon animals etc. chimed.

“But this is impossible,” I exclaimed, “Heaven is real!”

Suddenly the cartoon characters dropped their disguise. Behind the “la-la” were demons.

“How did this happen?” I cried out.

“You ‘slipped through the cracks’,” they laughed (mimicking).

“What?” I exclaimed, “NO – let me out of here. Lord, help me.”


Immediately I was back on earth.

“What was that?” I cried.

The Lord spoke: “That was the second heaven mimicking the real. If you had accepted the delusion you would have locked away, part of your soul. Part of you would have been imprisoned – for behind the ‘la-la’ are legal bars.”


“Yes, because something in you allowed entry. Accepting and embracing the false as true, puts you into prison. The barred doors close and lock. You will have allowed the imprisonment yourself. You would have imprisoned ‘you’. You would have locked ‘you’ away from the light. Within the prison, you would find cartoon characters: facades masquerading as true, but you would not care. The true, the actual, would be covered with ‘la-la’.”

“You too would have become a cartoon character – a charming facade.”

“Why are you showing me this?”

“Because you need to know that delusion is one slight step away from everyone.”

I thought about this statement a moment – then spoke: “Please Lord, will You send me help?”


Suddenly an angel drove up in a van. Pest Control was written on the side of the van. He got out. He was dressed in white coveralls and wore a hard hat. He had a tank strapped to his back that had a tube running from it and a long wand. He smiled as he strode over to me.

“Anti-delusional Pest Control,” he sung out cheerily.

“You have come to help me?” I stammered.

“Yes, ma’am,” he smiled, “we zap delusions both great and small.”

“How do you zap them?” I asked mystified.

“Light,” he said, “I aim my pointer at them and give them a shot.”

“What does the light do?” I asked, still perplexed.

“It replaces the darkness just enough to straighten out the person’s eyesight and straighten out their heart values. The deluded have ‘fallen through the cracks’ but I come along and fill those cracks with light. If the deluded really wants the truth the light will shock them into reality and the rest is bye-bye delusion. Not all people want the truth. Some will join the cartoon cast of characters. Some will embrace the fantasy of the facade. But, if they cry out to know the truth, I am ready-on-the-spot to give them a shot of light.

“I have a great job because I only come when I’m called. I do not need to experience mankind’s labyrinth of false turns and dead ends.

“Call me when you need me. We are prompt, steady of hand and heart and always willing.” He hit me with a splat of light – my eyes opened and my confusion lifted.

He tipped his hard hat and zoomed off in his utility van.

The second heaven is not a place you wish to be unless accompanied by Jesus. Therefore, if you find yourself there alone, a quick exit is the safest recourse.

In the second heaven, demonic princes and powers have palaces and manor houses. Other’s in this stratum serve them. The angels fell in ranks. The princes – powers- world rulers of the present darkness are served by these fallen, lower angels – now grotesquely misshaped by evil. These are administrators over the evil Counter Kingdom ruled by Satan.

But as you see, the Lord provides help… always.

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February 2017


This angel has been released to the body of Christ. All of us feel the accelerated pace. Now you can see why. This angel is like a speed racer. I am taking this revelation right from my journal because from it you may see that, though the angel was released earlier, it has taken the Lord’s children a couple of years to get our feet under us and begin to-productively-move forward, comfortable in this greater speed.

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January 2017


These two angels were revealed eleven years ago. They have been extremely helpful to me… and, I am sure, helpful to all who climb Prayer Mountain. I have received more instruction from these two angels than any others.

I am daily thankful to the Lord for each of the angels He has allowed me to know. They have enriched my life through their dedication to the Lord. They have blessed me with their instruction and – if I may say so – their friendship.

How can we not but rejoice exceedingly having the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit with us at all times, the bonus of being assisted by the angels He has assigned to us, and special instruction given by angels sent to augment our understanding.

Dear children of the living God you may not see these angels (as yet…just give it time) but let me assure you, they are hard at work in your behalf.


When we arrived at the gazebo, an angel appeared to my left side across the path. He was seated on a high stool before a high slanted desk (the type seen in Dickens’ times). At the top to the right side of the desk was a hole that held an ink well. Beneath the writing surface a book rested on a shelf. He was writing on a sheet of paper – probably a page that would be inserted into the book. He wrote with a white feather quill. I could not see the ink because it was beneath my view. However, when he dipped the quill into the inkwell, the ink shone as he moved it to the page to write.

His garment was a deep blue with symbols woven deep within the fabric. He had flaming red hair braided at the back hanging down to his waist (to keep it out of his work, I suppose).

Since he was seated sideways to us in the gazebo, the angel turned his head slightly to address me. “You have asked that a book of the Holy One’s deeds and promises be written concerning this ridge. He has answered your request.” He indicated the book beneath the writing surface. I have much to do to record for you the happenings since the beginning of time until now.”

“Goodness,” I said, “I didn’t mean to record from the beginning of time. I meant now – during this time.”

“The Holy One has a history here before you came and will continue to have a history. You who have come at this propitious time are now woven into the fabric of His purposes and of His promises. His history is forever. But in order that you may recall your portion in His mighty history (I felt that he meant concerning this ridge) He has authorized a Book of Remembrance to be written. You have requested that you would bring the Holy One and all that He is doing to remembrance. He is granting you your request.”

He continued: “I am a SCRIBE sent to record for you this history – as you have said – lest you forget.”

Another angel appeared. He had an easel. On this was a cork bulletin board (well it looked like cork.) His clothes would flash ever so often with intense light. When the bright flash would come it would cover his entire body.

The red headed angel spoke: “This is INSIGHT. His skills bring forth knowledge through remembrance. Remembrance not only deepens appreciation (for what is and has already occurred) it brings forth insight leading to knowledge of the Holy One and His ways.”

The angel INSIGHT removed a line from the book and placed it on the board. Then he brought forth a magnifying glass and held it in front of that particular line of writing. The glass made the writing larger – but it was in a language I did not understand. INSIGHT turned to me, smiling – as if to say: ‘do you see with a clearer eye?’

“I’m sorry,” I said, “I don’t understand the language.”

The angel snapped his head back to look at the board. “I’m sorry,” he said. “Now,” he continued, turning back to me. The writing changed to English. It was the account of our walk up to the ridge that very morning.

“My word,” I said, “you ARE writing a BOOK OF REMEMBRANCE.”

“And the Holy One will give insight,” INSIGHT said. His garment flashed a brilliant light. (“Flashes of insight,” I chuckled to myself.)

“Thank you – both of you – and thank You, Lord.” I said.

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December 2016


July 22, 2006 – Prayer Mountain

There is an invisible wall that encircles Prayer Mountain. Angels man it. It is as though the Lord has set aside that small mountain ridge for Himself. He does share it with those of us who make the ascent to the top and seek Him in prayer.

This revelation was given six years ago – but has come into its fullness today. The “earth” is not only the planet on which we live but also the material that makes up the body in which we live. In this vision, the Lord addresses them both.

July 22, 2006: Saturday – Prayer Mountain

The Lord speaking:

“For those who stand on the wall, this is a call to arms. Not only should these watch, but they must unsheathe the sword and fight.

“These small flurries are just the beginning. The enemy moves beneath ground and only here and there pours out like an army of ants. Most (People) see what is visible. But My warriors need to see what is hidden. The Spirit will show them (the warriors) the hidden tunnels – mole holes – through which the enemy travels.”

“Why do they travel underground?” I asked.

“Secrecy. The children quickly fall asleep after each attack. Forgetfulness closes their eyes and ears. (I thought of wildebeests grazing within eye and ear shot of lions – but calculate that they are not on the prowl and therefore-presently-harmless. But these (the enemy) know the times and never sleep.

“The enemy is marshalling his forces. But as he does, he will also emit a sweet fragrance (Like a perfume) that will lull the complacent into a dangerous apathy – a half sleep – a state that is neither alive nor dead; but useable – not like a robot, but a deadly, thinking human: wily and treacherous [a zombie]. However, outwardly these will seem placid and normal for the enemy will be traveling beneath the skin, within the dirt of which mankind is made.

“But for those who do not live out of their clay, their senses will be sharpened. These who are on the wall, will be given a STRONG BOW and MANY ARROWS. These will discern the enemy at a distance and send an arrow into his heart. But effectiveness requires more than one watchman to foil the plans of the enemy. But that group – keen of eye and focused – can turn back an army.” (I thought of Jonathan when he climbed up to fight the enemy with only his armor bearer) 1 Samuel 14:4-16.

“Get up on the wall and do not breathe deeply when the sweet perfume is released. Stand your ground, holding to Me.”

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November 2016


July 13, 2006: Thursday

After arriving at the top of Prayer Mountain, an angel descended. He seemed to have wings – but it was actually light fracturing on either side of him as he came down.

He spoke: “I am from the choir known as ENCOURAGERS. Our great King sends us to encourage His children and those whom He will. At times He sends us to the unrighteous to encourage them…such as Darius. But now, I am assigned here on this small mount.”

“‘Be encouraged,’ He is saying to those who seek Him here. Be of good cheer. He would have none departing from here who have not received His encouragement.”

“Our choir receives assignments from the Holy Spirit – the Great Encourager. He wants answers to be received, joy to replace sadness, clarity where confusion once held sway. Working with others (angels), we give a boost – an increased wattage you might say – to the help they provide. We also come alongside to facilitate encouragement that is not coupled with the work of others. In that case others may come to touch the fringe of that which I bring.” (I felt that this might be like strength or insight etc.)

“We who are of your Father’s kingdom, cooperate – even as His earthly sons are meant to do. His kingdom is a kingdom of unity and love. Each step that is taken in unity and love reflects His kingdom on earth. This has been a desire of your Father – that His children would bring heaven to earth through exhibiting His character.”

“Therefore, be encouraged. The King of kings and Lord of lords is with you.”

Our Heavenly Father looks upon us with love and tenderness. He knows we are in a day to day battle and become fatigued. Therefore, like the loving Creator that He is, He helps us Himself and also He sends angels to assist.
He not only reaches out to His children, but to the unsaved – as testified by the angel in Daniel.

(The angel is speaking:)
Daniel 11:1: “In the first year of Darius the Mede, I arose to be an encouragement and a protection for him.”

The angel encouraged him. Also, remember the angels that came to Jesus after the temptations in the wilderness: Matthew 4:11: “Then the devil left Him; and behold angels came and began to minister to Him.” They strengthened Him, after that taxing spiritual battle.

Even in this present day the Lord has not forgotten His children. He has sent this mighty angel to stand at this location (on Prayer Mountain) to encourage those who seek Him. We are blessed that He has provided one of the choir of Encourager Angels to tabernacle here.


Albert asked why the angel referred to “choir” when talking about the other angels like the angel of Encouragement. I told him I was not sure but it seemed to be a reference to angelic members with the same gifting or something like that; not singers. Within his speaking of the word, there was the echo of the ancient guilds, but not like organized unions, simply those of like purpose. So I looked it up. First of all, a number of angels is usually called “a host.” However, that word: “host” is derived from the Latin “hostis,” meaning enemy, and hence came to mean an army – warriors for God. “Choir” is not only a gathering of singers, but can also mean a “band” or “a group”. Since these angels are not warrior angels, it seems that he referred to his group of angels as a “choir.”

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October 2016


“The angel of the Jubilee is here this year.  Consider him well,” the Lord said.
He seemed to be covered in vegetables and fruits and grains.  He was a large and a jolly looking angel.
He was very approachable, therefore, I addressed him:  “Since the Lord has sent you to assist us during this Jubilee year, would you be so kind as to tell me about yourself?”
He answered me in a deep voice that sounded like he had swallowed caverns.  “I will bind up the wounds from enemy attacks and set captives free.”
[ I saw a line of children, wound around with chains and these breaking off them.]
The Angel of Jubilee continued: “I come with fruitfulness and bounty.  I come with joy and plenty.  I come with New Beginnings and firm resolve.  Blessings fall from my hands.  Songs of merriment flow – from my garments.  Be not dismayed.  Enjoy the Lord’s bounty.”

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September 2016


We know angels teach humans.

The Bible informs us of this fact in Acts 7:52-53: (52) “Which one of the prophets did your fathers not persecute? They killed those who had previously announced the coming of the Righteous One, whose betrayers and murderers you have now become; (53) you who received the law as ordained by angels, and yet did not keep it.” NAS.
The Greek word “ordained” could also be translated: “instructed” (by) or “taught” (by).

And yes, besides humans, angels do teach other angels.

In this month’s revelation, we are given a rare glimpse into angelic life above.   Most of recorded interactions with angels are between angels and humans.  But here, in this brief but touching interaction between angels with angels, we listen to as well as observe them with one another.

The Annex in heaven is a structure that is able to hold a large crowd.  As we enter the revelation it is being used for instruction.


We entered the annex.  Again a crowd of angels filled the room.  A group of angels was on the platform.  They wore no armbands but had red stripes up and down the sleeves of their garments.  We stood in the back of the hall.

“These are angels who have their stripes,” Clara said.  “The Lord assigned them to believers during the last healing revival.”
“There aren’t many of them,” I said.

Clara sighed, “No, only a few on Earth were given the gift of healing in great measure.  These believers were meant to train the many; instead, most of them erected tents and held the gift for themselves.  The gift was used, but since they did not train others, it was corrupted and became a means of enriching themselves personally.”

She glanced out over the large auditorium and smiled as she continued, “This roomful is only one group of trainees.  Others are at other levels of training; some have their stripes already and are beginning to join those to whom the Lord assigns them.  Many of the redeemed on Earth have been taking a correspondence course, most without knowing it.
The believer needs to complete the course before he receives the two assigned angels.  So, everyone is in training right now, aren’t they?”

“Is this correspondence course the same that I’ll take?”  I asked.

“Yes,” she said.  “It is study concerning healing in the Word.”1   She then turned her attention to the angels on the platform.

There was a great deal of light coming from these angels.  One was speaking.  “The Lord wishes those of us who were used in the last revival to hold a reunion on Earth before the beginning of this outpouring of the Holy Spirit.  You might say that we are bringing closure to that which was.  We are being honored by the reunion being the commencement celebration that will usher in the next great move of our God for healing.”

Another of the veteran angels interjected, “We know what your next question will be: ‘When?’”

There was a chuckle of laughter from the trainees.

“We don’t know when, but the Lord has said, ‘Soon.’”

I whispered to Clara, “What beautiful angels.”

“Yes,” she said.


Another angel on the platform spoke.  “That which occurred during the last great outpouring of the Spirit for healing was very painful to all of us.”  They shook their heads, sadly looking at one another.

“Corruption crept in,” another said, “elusive sin by elusive sin.  Finally, most had corrupted the gift beyond the recognition of those of us who were serving them.”

“Mankind may be deceived by outward show,” another angel said, “but we saw all that happened.  God is not mocked.”

They paused a moment; the gravity of that which had occurred was still painful to them.
The first angel spoke again.  In this coming revival the gift will be so widespread that the corruption due to pride and power is less likely to occur.”

To his statement, another angel added, “But watch for these: pride, the lust for power, greed and sexual lust.”2

“It will not be the lesser demons you will need to battle, but the demons as strong as you and rabidly determined because the time is short,” the first angel said.3 We’ll turn the meeting over to Chabburah again,” he concluded.4

The angels seated in the auditorium stood before the angels on the platform and blew toward them.5 I suppose that this was some form of a standing ovation.

“Thank you,” they smiled.

Chabburah spoke to them briefly.  Then they left the platform.  Chabburah came to the center of the platform.  “Remember, these friends will be available to answer questions and assist, not only now, but when the revival begins.”

The other angels were touching the angels with stripes as the latter walked through the crowd.  As they passed, they saw me and acknowledged Clara.  The last angel stopped before me.  “Hello, Ann,” he said, touching my right shoulder.  He looked into my eyes and then looked at Clara, smiled, and left.

The notes are in the teaching section.

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August 2016


June 28, 2006: Wednesday – Ten Years ago

At the gazebo on Prayer Mountain:

Looking right outside the gazebo, I saw a very thin short angel. He looked like a 10-year-old, skinny boy. His ears stuck out slightly and he had short, red hair.

He was barefoot and wore khaki cut-offs that came to his knees. He had on a white T-shirt. He smiled at me.

“Who are you?” I smiled back.

“STRENGTH,” he said in a thin, boyish voice.

I chuckled inwardly – then composed myself: “Strength?” I grinned.


He turned around. On the back of his T-shirt was printed: WHEN I AM WEAK, THEN I AM STRONG, (2 Corinthians 12:10) with a smiley face in the center.

Amazingly, the first thing that came to mind was wondering if he could use a smiley face on his T-shirt. I thought it might be trademarked. After this passed through my mind, the message written on his T-shirt registered with me.

He turned around to face me again. “That is a word to the wise, isn’t it?” He smiled, winked, and was gone.

“Wait,” I called out in spirit. “Have you been assigned here?”

He reappeared: “It looks as though you need Him,” he said. He smiled again and was gone.

I thought to myself: I guess this means “Yes”.


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July 2016


This month’s entry comes as a personal spanking from my Heavenly Father. Let me explain:

I received a letter from a young man, (well young to me – he was about to retire) that held such a complicated question in it that, after an hour of writing the answer and getting only half way to resolving it – I wrote and asked for the gentleman’s telephone number, so that I might personally tell him the answer. (I thought it would take less time than trying to write it.)

The full question was rather long – but the “upshot” of his inquiry was: should he visit Moravian Falls? He said that many ministries were suggesting a visit to this and that location and that he had never found any one of them to be “special” in any way. He felt that dirt was dirt all over the world and one place was no more “special” than any other.

What he was saying sounded valid to me. “Except,” I said “the land to which the Lord calls you, that land is special to you. If the Lord tells you to visit Moravian Falls, then by all means come. Then to you it is special – because God has called you.”

Right after we hung up I said to myself: “No – that is not right. Israel and Jerusalem are special at all times – and should be to us all.”

Following the conversation, I sat down to look through some revelations to find an angel to share with you. I came across June 24, 2006 – (Ten years ago) – and received a rebuke from within the revelations. So, as I put my hand over my mouth, even though shame-faced, I share the angel’s exhortation with you. All dirt is not dirt to the Lord, it seems. I stand corrected.

June 24, 2006 – The ridge of Prayer Mountain


An angel in purple stood near the rainbow vortex on the ridge. I had never seen an angel clothed in purple. I had seen some tipped with purple [the ANGELS OF HIS PRESENCE have robes with purple on them]. But purple is a royal color and I had a good deal of difficulty accepting the color of the robe on an angel.

The angel spoke: “My name is: YOU WHO HEAR PRAYER. When I stand before the Holy One, my name is a reminder that He, by the nature of His goodness and righteousness, has committed Himself to hear prayer. Among ourselves, however, we are known by the shortened name: PRAYER.

As I listened to him, his long sleeved garment seemed to have an under color of scarlet. As I watched, the garment slowly changed to scarlet and his hair seemed to drip blood. Immediately I thought of Jesus in prayer in the garden before His death. My mind also flashed to the blood of the martyrs, (Luke 22:44).

As I continued to look, the garment returned to a purple color and the blood disappeared. I thought of Paul saying that a group of Believers to whom he was writing had not resisted to the point of shedding blood, (Hebrews 12:4).

Then there is the shed blood of Jesus – through whose sacrifice the door is opened to us before our Father – He who hears prayer, (Ephesians 1:7; Hebrews 9:11 & 12).

All of this happened in the blink of an eye.

“Anna,” the angel, YOU WHO HEAR PRAYER continued, “I was sent to the Moravians to assist them in prayer. Many (through the ages from Stephen on until today) have been martyred to make it possible for you and others to be here this day. The Holy One has assigned me to this place to assist those who come to seek Him.”

Suddenly, the purple drained from the garment and flowed, like water, over the top of the ridge and down its sides. The red remained – but then vanished in a split second.

Now his garment was a pale, shimmering golden color. Light poured from him and from the garment. A large halo of light encircled him. This radiance had all the colors of the rainbow.

Almost immediately Jesus stepped from the angel and spoke: “In answer to the prayers of the Moravians,” He said.

Then He vanished leaving the angel called PRAYER on the top of the ridge.

I was so overcome that it took me some time to regain my ability to speak. Finally, I said: “Thank You, Lord”.

Research notes which further clarify this revelation are to be found in the section called: TEACHING.

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June 2016


Yes, We May!

The angel Clarity was sent to Prayer Mountain in Moravian Falls ten years ago this very month: June 20, 2006. [There was, at that time, a gazebo on the ridge.]

JUNE 20, 2006: TUESDAY

[As soon as I arrived at the gazebo, I felt moved upon to make a request of the Lord: “Lord, I ask for clarity of vision and clarity in recording the vision faithfully.”]
Suddenly, an angel in white came walking up the path. She not only wore white, but her long hair was white, also. She walked over to the gazebo – then stepped toward a seat opposite me and sat down. I simply watched her. She began to talk to me as though she were an angel that I knew – though I had never seen her before. Sometimes they deal with me as if they know me well. Perhaps they do. It’s only me that does not know them.

“It is good that you ask for clarity – for there IS clarity in the spiritual realm…” she paused a moment to consider something, then continued: “as great a clarity as you may experience in the physical realm. I have come to bring that “greater clarity”.

She looked at me a moment and then produced – cupped in her hands – a small ball of light. She reached her hands over in my direction. “Eat these,” she said. I put down my pen and reached over to accept whatever was in her hands. “Eat them,” she said again.

Within the small light were two lenses (it looked like). It was as though someone had popped the lenses out of a pair of glasses. She continued to speak: “These lenses fit inside the eyes – not on the outside, like glasses you receive from a purchase. Now,” she smiled, “that is better, isn’t it?”

Then she brought out another ball of light. “These are for your ears,” she said. Within the light were tiny, old fashioned, ear horns. “Place them in your ears,” she instructed. I did.

“Now, for your nose…” She brought out another ball of light. Within it was a cobalt blue bottle. “Smell this,” she said. At first there was a sharp smell – sort of like one that might jar you out of a stupor. “Continue to inhale,” she said. I did and the aroma became delicious. “Better, huh?” she questioned.

Then she brought out another ball of light. I reached for it automatically now. I looked within the light. Within the tiny ball of light all manner of food could be seen. As one moved the ball of light to observe its contents, other food appeared within it. It was like a spiritual hologram. “Eat,” she said. I did. “O taste and see that the Lord is good…” she smiled, quoting part of verse 8 of Psalm 34.

“Now,” she smiled as she continued. “You have need of these.” She produced another ball of light. Within the light were gloves. “Put them on.” I did. She continued: “To go with your shoes and your cloak.” They made my hands invisible. “These are for clarity of touch.”

“You have asked for greater clarity. These will assist you.” She rose to leave.

“Wait,” I said, “what is your name?”

She seemed surprised by the question. “CLARITY” she smiled quizzically.

“Are you assigned here?” I asked.

“Would you like me to be?”

“Well,” I began, “not only do I need clarity to properly relate the spiritual world; but the body of Christ needs clarity concerning the spiritual realm. May I ask our Father if you could join the others here – so that greater clarity may be given to the body of Christ?”

“Ask,” she said.

“Father, I ask, in the name of Jesus, that CLARITY be assigned here to benefit Your children and sharpen reality – even to the lost. She seems agreeable – if You are.”

“Done,” He said.

According to report after report, the request made on that day continues to benefit many who come to Prayer Mountain. The Lord has been faithful to His word. There is greater clarity given to those who pray on Prayer Mountain.

As a bonus, one of my assistants (the one typing this revelation) said that indeed she had been praying in the area and was given “old” ear horns to increase her spiritual “hearing”. She said that they were placed into her ears and then jammed in so tightly that she thought they would meet inside her head. Then she felt a cleansing substance going through the horns into her ears and through her head. The person she was with said that her face began shining after the experience. Since the gift of the “spiritual ear horns”, she has had an increase in “hearing” spiritually. She got an upgrade.

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May 2016


A phenomenon, according to the dictionary, is something observable that is extraordinary, remarkable, a wonder, etc: in other words – something amazing. The Word of God shares many with us, such as that which was called “the star in the east” which led the sages to the child Jesus (Matthew 2:2), also the burning bush from whose center Moses was addressed (Exodus 3:2-22). These were “observable” as the definition indicates. If you or I had been with them at that time, we too would have seen these phenomena – these God ordained spiritual markers, for they were also physical.


There are unseen spiritual markers, also. These are just as powerful, but are unseen in the natural world –except by those to whom they are sent. For example, when Moses was allowed to see God’s glory (Exodus 33:18-23 and 34:5-7). God’s glory/goodness passed before Moses alone in answer to his request. If you or I had been at the base of that mountain we would not have been allowed to “see”.

Such spiritual phenomena exist today and are just as important to those to whom they are sent as the phenomena revealed to those in the Bible.

The following phenomenon exists in Moravian Falls. I began to visit the site long before I knew where it existed – for it is the White Eagle’s nest – that exists only in the unseen realm. At the time of the revelation, I may have heard of Moravian Falls (1995); but I did not know that my husband and I would move there years later – nor did I know that Moravian Falls was mountainous.

In this revelation, the White Eagle represents Christ, I am represented by the tan or juvenile eagle.



As soon as we arrived in Moravian Falls in 1997, we received permission to climb the mountain called Pore’s Knob. I wanted to see the view from a large rock outcropping on the face of the mountain. I did not know if this rock was the location of the White Eagle’s nest. I had drawings of the view from the nest in my journal dating from 1995.

The access to the top of the mountain was closed to cars at that time – so walking up the road, (which, I think was about 3 miles) was the only way to gain the top. When we arrived, it started to rain. Ominous black clouds shot across the sky – almost within arm’s reach -accompanied by nerve splitting cracks of lightning that opened the clouds giving a hint of a brighter day beyond the deep darkness racing overhead. The thunder shook one to the marrow – of one’s bones. At any moment I thought we are going to be left as permanent memorials on the upward path.

In those days there was a metal fire tower on top of Pore’s Knob. A Forrester had also made his home beside it, so that he could climb the stairs night or day to view the surrounding area. Both house and tower were long since abandoned.

When we finally reached the top of the mountain we were soaked and bedraggled with rain.

My husband headed right for the tower and began climbing the stairs. Reluctantly – and I mean, v-e-r-y reluctantly, I followed.

Now remember – this is a metal fire tower with wooden steps between the metal. It is still raining. Lightning is cracking. Thunder is rolling over the top of the mountain. I got to the second landing and sat down on the wooden stairs and pulled my legs, etc. away from the metal (as if that would help). I decided I might as well fry a little lower down. Albert went all the way to the top and took pictures for our friend, Bob Jones.

I prayed a lot – out loud, or perhaps I should say loudly!

Lightning was beginning to strike several exposed conductors on top of the mountain as Albert climbed down the fire tower stairs (as happy as a chipmunk, I might add) and we hurried from the more volatile areas – or what seemed to be, anyway. As I hurried, I looked for trees on the side of the road into which I might jump if the storm had stirred up the bears or rattle snakes which, we had heard inhabited that mountain.

Needless to say, I did not make it to the rock on that day. But – when some friends actually purchased the land that held the rock, I got to visit. Praise God; it was THE rock.

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April 2016


These angels look and dress alike. (I am not sure the gold color will translate through the copy machine and the computer.)

VISION: JUNE 26, 2006

Even before we left the house I began seeing the word: DOXA before my eyes. I did not see the word again until we started up the path to the gazebo. Then, all around me the word appeared in the trees. It would appear and then, in an instant, be gone. Suddenly the word began to crumble (like crumbling saltine crackers) into tiny pieces – which fell to the ground and rose again as angels of His glory.

Each time the word divided now, these angels came forth to stand within the trees all over the mount.

By the time I reached the gazebo, these angels were all over the top – simply standing among the trees.

As we sat down in the gazebo, Albert (my husband) remarked that there was a beautiful haze on the mount. We had seen this haze on May 30th when the lightning struck.

While we were praying, I saw fruit trees all over the top; a sign, Albert said of fruitfulness – great fruit to come.


Six years ago (when I first saw these angels) I assumed that – because their name was “Doxa”- they themselves were “glory”. I was very busy during those days and never looked up the word “doxa”; again assuming that because I had a vague familiarity with the word (like knowing it was Greek, etc.) that there was little to understand beyond my own assumption.

Oh my – was I wrong. Because of working on this presentation of the “Doxa” angels, I looked up the definition in the English/Greek lexicon. I was stunned. These angels were not representations of His glory, but had been sent to help us ascribe glory to God. They helped with our opinion of God thereby resulting in praise to His glory. They were there to point to the glory of God. They were opinion clarifiers and boosters.

This choir has a calling which I had never considered to be a “calling”. The first definitions for the word “doxa” are opinion, judgement and view. The second definitions for “doxa” are opinion and estimate.


Greek – 1391 – Doxa – To give praise, honor, glory – a good opinion or judgement or view.

The definitions for # 1391 from Thayer’s Greek-English Lexicon of the New Testament:

1. In sacred writings, always a good opinion resulting in praise, honor and glory going to someone. To give or ascribe glory to God, why and how being evident in each case from the context: thus, by declaring one’s gratitude to God for a benefit received – Luke 17:18, by not distrusting God’s promises – Rom 4:20, by celebrating His praises, Rev. 4:9; 11:13; 14:7, by rendering due honor to God’s majesty – Acts 12:23, acknowledging that God knows all things, and showing that you believe it by the confession you are about to make – John 9:21.

2. To usher in His splendor, Shekinah, magnificence, preeminence, dignity and grace.

Therefore, these angels were sent to Prayer Mountain to increase our understanding of our Heavenly Father – which will assist in our celebration and praise of His glory. They also come trailing His splendor which prepares a highway for Him when His manifest presence comes to settle on Prayer Mountain.


In the 1980’s when this land was purchased, a small path was cleared to the top of the ridge. This was nothing more than a foot path. However the path, and indeed the whole top of this little “mountain,” began to glow. It was so bright that passers-by on the road at the base of this little “mountain” stopped their cars, got out and climbed to the ridge to see such a sight. Many took away glowing stones and even sticks that glowed…and glowed for a considerable period of time – as did the top of the ridge.

It was during these early days that Bob Jones declared that the manifest presence of our Heavenly Father would come to that ridge: that He Himself, would heal, deliver, and empower His children that came to the ridge. In the past His children had experienced a powerful move of THE SPIRIT and, during His time on Earth, our Lord Jesus actually walked among us. But this was to be a manifestation of our Heavenly Father.

Later, without knowing of Bob’s prophetic word about the ridge – many prophets declared the same message.

Our Heavenly Father sets His own time to fulfill His prophets’ words. But the atmosphere on that ridge is amazing – due, I am sure in large part, to His angels that already are present and preparing to receive Him.

The Angel entries for February, March and April show angels related to a specific location – a location where the Lord has begun to lay a foundation for His appearing. These angels are different from those sent to me personally. These angels are on assignment for a specific purpose. They are sent by the Lord to prepare the way for His coming. These are not angels assigned to any one person. They are “on the job” in a specific location and will return to the Father after their work is completed.

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March 2016




Last month I shared an experience that broke off quickly due to a visiting pastor’s counseling needs. That occurred on June 21st, 2006, (ten years ago.) On June 23rd, 2006 I was in the same location and had a long conversation with the Lord about “counsel”. I felt that the Lord needed to release the Spirit of Counsel on Prayer Mountain for those who came seeking guidance.

To my surprise He said, “No”.

“No?” I barely breathed-out, for I was stunned.

The Lord then added that this might prove to be dangerous. “With such a gift freely given,” He said, “people who lack Godly wisdom would be anointed to counsel any manner of fleshly guidance.”

“For what may I ask, my Lord?” I inquired.

“Ask for a SPIRIT OF MERCY and a SPIRIT OF COMPASSION,” He replied.

Immediately, I asked for these. “I ask that these be released to add to Your presence and glory. In Your Word, mercy and compassion were proclaimed by You to be the outworking of Your goodness. Let all Your goodness, not only pass before those who come here; but allow Your goodness to settle down and reside in this chosen place.”

The Lord spoke: “MERCY and COMPASSION will dwell within My glory here. My goodness will be experienced by all who come. ‘Taste and see that the Lord is good; how blessed is the man who takes refuge in Him!’ ”

The Lord quoted this from Psalm 34. “ ‘O taste and see that the Lord is good…’ will be the answer given to the questions about this place – for all will taste and see.”

The angels Mercy and Compassion materialized as the Lord spoke. His glory washed over the ridge of Prayer Mountain.

He had given a much better gift. Praise Him.



When the Lord says “No,” to a request, he always provides something better. The Spirit of Counsel is an attribute of our God – but mercy and compassion are, (according to the Lord Himself) the essence of His goodness . . . and He equates His goodness with His glory.

Exodus 33:18 & 19

Then Moses said, “Now show me your glory.”

And the LORD said, “I will cause all my goodness to pass in front of you, and I will proclaim my name, the LORD, in your presence. I will have mercy on whom I will have mercy, and I will have compassion on whom I will have compassion. NIV


Romans 9:15

For he says to Moses, “I will have mercy on whom I have mercy, and I will have compassion on whom I have compassion.” NIV

We do not grasp the full meaning of the statement made by God Himself because the English words do not equal the total meaning of the Greek.

In Romans 9:15 the Greek word, eleco, comes from the prime root eleos, which is usually translated “mercy”. The word means to have an active compassion or graciousness. This active compassion denotes an attitude that arises out of a mutual relationship, such as between parents and children or brothers and sisters.

Because of the relationship, each can expect faithfulness and trust between the parties. Therefore God’s own statement implies active compassion toward those with whom He has a relationship.

There is a legal implication within the word “mercy”. Although those cannot claim God’s promised mercy, they can certainly expect it.

To have compassion is oikteiro in Greek, from the word oiktos meaning pity.

The Greek word means, “to show distress at witnessing the misfortunes of others”. It includes a sense of unhappiness for the ills of others – to pity them. The term arises from “inward parts” of the animal sacrifices that were considered the nobler parts, the heart, liver, lungs and kidneys. Later the “inner parts” were expressed by “womb” or “bowels” as the seat of feelings.

However within the word “compassion” there is not the relationship that evokes an active response, such as in the word “mercy”. There is the possibility of a response, but not the active expectation upon the part of the recipients of compassion.

“Mercy” is for those who have entered into a relationship with the Father by choosing to be conformed to the likeness of His Son. “Compassion” is for those who did not so choose.

But His goodness and therefore His glory, is that He deals righteously with all – the saved and the unsaved. He is good.

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Febuary 2016


When we at first begin communicating with the Lord directly, it is often through hearing His voice. Truly wonderful, isn’t it – to hear our Heavenly Father or our Lord Jesus or the Holy Spirit. You are talking to and hearing from the Living God. Wonderful.

Then, if He be so gracious, He removes the scales from our eyes and allows us to see into the spiritual realm which is even more amazing.

This pretty well changes life as we know it.

Now we realize that we live in a world carefully watched by our Heavenly Father, our Big Brother and our Friend, the Holy Spirit. Also, we realize that we are assisted by countless angels. Before seeing, we actually thought this was true, but now we see and hear and experience it.

However, our Heavenly Father not only calls upon angels to assist us, He often uses them to demonstrate a truth He wishes to make when training us.

This vision is one of His training sessions. These angels are not assigned to me personally, but are illustrating visually a truth He wishes to convey. They are reinforcing the truth by “being it”.

Before the vision began, I was asking the Lord how He wished us to move forward. Often, we might call that which we see before us: “unity”, but strangely, on this day, He spoke another word: “cooperation” – which also implies “unity”.

By illustrating the truth He was showing me through the angels called “cooperation”, He answered exactly the question I asked.

VISION: July 22, 2006

(Taken from a journal recorded ten years ago.)

A grouping of angels descended together. They were all sizes and represented (it seemed) by their features, all nationalities or people groups. They were bound together by a scarlet cord. [They looked like a bundle of asparagus or some vegetable that might be sold in such a bunch.]

They stood silently. Then one began to point in a certain direction. Suddenly, all of them lifted from the ground and moved very quickly in the direction of the pointed finger.

Then, another pointed in a different direction and they all moved as one in that direction. One began to bend down and they all bent down.

I was somewhat puzzled by this. “What is this, Lord?” I asked.

“COOPERATION,” the Lord answered.

Just as He spoke the answer to this question, a pastor from out of town came walking up the path. I called to Albert (who was sitting in another location) and we spent several hours ministering to this pastor.

Even though the message the Lord relayed to us was only one word, amazingly that one word was a complete answer to the question I asked the Lord.


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January 2016


Here is a revelation whose time has come.

I received this “experience” (as my husband urged me to call the visitations) June 10, 2006, ten years ago. The world was a very different place ten years ago. The angel prophesied these troubled times and brought comfort by telling of the assistance he would bring through various means of spiritual communications. As you hear of the provision the Lord has made for us, I pray that you too, are comforted with the comfort that only the Lord can give.

The Lord spoke: “The storm is coming sooner than you think.”

Suddenly an angel appeared clothed in a gossamer blue robe. From it he took out pictures that he held a moment – observing each – and then releasing each to slide away. These pictures eventuated in thin streams of vapor before traveling out of sight. Then he made an arc with his hand over his head and continuous pictures appeared. It was like motion pictures in mid-air.

He spoke: “Part of the Lord’s glory, part of His goodness, is revelation. As the world goes mad (remember the world was very different ten years ago. He was speaking prophetically about the days in which we now live) revelation will increase for those who bathe in His glory. You will need His greater revelation. I am the ANGEL OF REVELATION. I bring dreams, visions, insights, joinings (I felt this was something like prophetically putting together two seemingly unrelated occurrences,) confirmations of the heart and of the bowels (kind of like a “gut” feeling). I bring insight through numbers, timings (like the timing of the Lord, I believe) and sparks.” (I think these sparks mean intuition.)

“I am given to you now to bring an increase in God’s system of messaging.” The angel chuckled, “No electronics needed.” He smiled. “He also has His own “text messaging” through the Scriptures. The angel chuckled again at his own play on words. “Prepare to receive revelation like a stream.”

The angel showed me myself with a stream of pictures – with flashes of light here and there – pouring into my forehead. It was as though I was in constant communication through revelation.

“Thank you,” I said, as I received this gift from the Lord.

I stared at THE ANGEL OF REVELATION for he was surrounded by pictures coming from his robe, his hands, from his mouth and radiating from his head. He smiled at me and was gone. However, the stream of revelation continued into me. He had come to initiate this constant flow.

“Thank You, Lord” I said out loud to Jesus – Who is the Giver of all Good Gifts.

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December 2015


June 3, 2006 – Saturday: Pentecost for the Diaspora.

The Lord spoke: “A new thing, Anna, remember. Rejoice in each step of the way. Each step leads to a clue and a reward. THE ANGEL OF REWARDS is given today.

The ANGEL OF REWARDS appeared. He was at least 50 feet high and his robes were rich with jewels. I knew those jewels were the virtues of Christ. He smiled down at me.

The ANGEL OF REWARDS spoke: “At each station there is a clue and a reward. He, the Great King, is the reward.”

[The wind of the Spirit blew stronger as he spoke.]

I asked: “How does one obtain each reward?”

“The Holy Spirit applies the setting and works the work of The Holy One to replace that which is dead with He who is alive. Allow the Spirit to replace the old with the new. The One who was dead and is alive forevermore sends me to you to encourage you to follow the clues and receive Him in greater measure.”

“You are very beautiful.” I said – because he was.

“These are Him.” He said and disappeared. I think I offended him.


The angel is relating spiritual growth to a treasure map. In the natural (on a map) at each location the seeker would be given a clue marked with an “X” that would take him/her to the next “X” on the map. But with a spiritual map the seeker is also rewarded when each new location is reached.

“So why is the Angel of Rewards bringing this particular message?”

Because he is giving insight into the difference between worldly treasure and spiritual. The more one learns the history of great civilizations and sees their abandoned ruins, the greater the clarity one receives about the foolishness of setting ones heart on anything in this world. Instead if the Lord grants us wisdom, we begin to realize that Christians are given houses or lands, even spiritual gifts, to steward for the Lord’s purposes while we are on this earth. All is given for His purposes and for His kingdom’s sake.

“So – what aid does this angel give?”

A clue is given when one receives insight as to what is blocking the Christian’s further growth in the Lord. Sometimes it takes years before we receive insight – but once clarity is given – if we repent – the blood of Jesus cleanses us and automatically we receive the reward of Christ filling and replacing the flesh in our souls with Himself. The true reward is always God Himself – even as He said to Abraham – “…Fear not Abram, I am thy shield and thy exceeding great reward.” KJV

Unlike the rise and fall of civilizations or the fickleness of fashion or the elusiveness of money or power – God is eternal. In all ways and in all things, He satisfies completely the longings in our souls.

Therefore, the Angel of Rewards brings insight and clarity and if heeded – Christ filling that abandoned portion of the soul where the flesh had once set itself up as king.

We have grown in Christ. Therefore, we too – like Abraham – receive an “Exceeding Great Reward”.

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November 2015


Our Father has assigned angels of all classifications to care for His children: some teach, some guide, some protect (as with the angel armies).

But if a more personal protective intervention is needed, there is the angelic choir called: “HELPS”. [The word “choir” is from an Anglo-French root meaning an organized group or a division of angels.]

This account is of my first interaction with a member of one such squad: AZAR, the angels of HELPS.

The incident begins with a vision. The vision leads into an experience. [The two are very different ways of receiving spiritual information. A vision is outside the body - like a movie. An experience draws one into the unfolding narrative.]


The sound was ancient and terrifying.

Startled, I spun around to see a colossal battering ram relentlessly moving under its own power across a desert basin.1 Its wooden wheels were at least sixty stories high, and they groaned and yawned under the extreme weight they bore. Blasphemies were carved into its black battering arm, the end of which was the iron head of a goat.2

Although it moved slowly, people on the desert floor seemed helpless to avoid its path; they were crushed as it rolled over them.3 Screams filled the desert valley and ricocheted off distant rock formations, filling the desert basin with terror.

Slowly the battering ram topped a sandy hill and began to pick up speed going down the other side. Breathless from shock, I clawed with my hands and dug with my feet into the deep sand of the hill in order to reach the top and watch its path.

It picked up tremendous speed as it plunged down the other side of the hill into a deep valley. In its path at the bottom of the hill was a walled city. Both city and wall were the color of the sand and seemed to be half sunk into it, almost reclaimed by the sand from which they had come. In faded lettering on the side of the wall I could read: THE CHURCH.4

The battering ram was massive, and the adobe wall of the city did not look strong. With brutal impact, the goat’s head smashed into the wall and continued through it. It plowed through the houses and buildings, losing little of its speed. When it broke through the wall on the opposite side of the city, it slowed to a stop, settling into the sand.

A strange silence fell.

Occasional screams broke this silence. They came from those who had been mutilated or from those who recognized that a loved one had been killed. But stranger than the silence was the fact that few sought to escape across the rubble of the wall – few.

Then slowly, all by itself, the battering ram turned and began to start up the hill again, moving in my direction. The goat’s head on the end of the ram was laughing, exhilarated, as if drunk with blood.

I thought it might see me, so I left the top of the hill and began to run in the opposite direction. As I ran, I frantically scanned the desert basin for a hiding place. I could hear the huge wheels laboring as they carried the battering ram toward the top of the hill again.

Suddenly an angel began to fly beside me.

“Where can I hide from the battering ram?” I shouted as I ran.

“The battering ram rolls relentlessly over all the earth now. Up high,” the angel said, “up higher than it can see is the only safe place. Let me show you.”


With a wave of the angel’s hand, a stairway appeared, touching the earth and reaching beyond my view into heaven.5 I moved to the base of the stairs and looked up. I was still heaving from running.

The angel flew beside the stairs, higher than its base on Earth, and waved me upward: “Come on!” the angel shouted. “The ram is coming, and we don’t want him to see this stairway. Come on!”

There were no hand rails on the narrow stairs. The stairs were clear like glass, which can be slippery. I could hear the battering ram rolling; although I was still panting, I began to run up the stairs.

“Faster!” the angel called.

I kept my eyes on the stairs. In his hands the angel had a scarlet cord fastened to the stairs at the bottom.6 I could hear the battering ram getting closer, but the angel pulled the cord and brought up the first section of the stairway, like attic stairs that can be lowered and raised.

“Hurry!” the angel urged.

I continued to run up the steps, breathless. The angel pulled the thin rope, and another section of the stairs rose.

“Keep climbing,” the angel said, although now his tone of voice was less urgent.

With a mighty effort, I completed the stairs and turned to make sure I had indeed escaped. The battering ram was directly below, rolling beneath us as the third section of the stairs was pulled up.

“You were safe after climbing the second set of stairs; but to be really safe, you needed to pass the third,”7-8 he said.

As the battering ram rolled past, I tried to catch my breath and settle myself. Only then did I look around.

“Where am I?” I asked.


“Paradise,” the angel smiled, as he tied the cord holding the stairs to a docking post.9 A sign above the post read STAIRPORT.

I looked out over the most beautiful park I had ever seen. There were gentle rolling hills, beds of subtly colored flowers, and grass as uniform and green as the rolled lawns of English manor houses. A walking path crossed this part of the park. There were also quiet pools, a stream, and luxuriant trees that on Earth would have provided shade, but there was no shade or any shadows here. A soft light emanated from everything growing.

“Beautiful,” I thought.

“Yes, isn’t it,” the angel answered.

I did not seem surprised that he read my thoughts. I turned to look at him; only then did his appearance register with me. He looked to be six feet two or six feet three inches in height and in his midthirties, if I were gauging by human years. He had brown curly hair and wore a brown, transparent, full-length robe. Underneath the thin brown robe I could see that he had on blue-and-white-striped work overalls, the sort one might obtain in the store of a farming community. The thought struck me that the brown overrobe was so thin that it was probably cool to wear when working.

A coil of rope crossed his shoulder and chest, circled in a wide loop near his waist, and returned across his back to the shoulder again. He wore a white belt, from which hung a white tool pouch. This pouch looked a little like the handtool belt worn by telephone repairers. He was unlacing a pair of silver-tipped, brown, high-top work boots as he spoke to me.

“No shoes up here,” he smiled. “This is holy ground.” I looked down at my own feet and saw that that they too were bare.

He stood up, putting the boots under his arm. “You’re safe here,” the angel continued. “All of that is down below.”

“What was that?” I asked.

“The great enemy of our Lord and of His church.”

“But it was destroying the church,” I exclaimed.


“Some of it may be destroyed – that which calls itself the church,” he continued. “It has a sign saying it is the church, and many live behind that sign. But the church – the real church – escaped; the real church is alive and can run faster than any battering ram can roll. It’s clumsy, really; but if you are dead stones, if you are not alive, then of course it is more than any man-made structure can resist. However, the real, living church of Jesus Christ can hide in caves, float on the water, or climb into Paradise.10 A member of the real church will know where the hidden stairs are located. That person can call for help, and we will let down the stairs so that he can escape. The real church is more agile than the battering ram. Living stones have feet.”

Then, like someone who had just remembered his manners, he said, “Would you like some refreshments? It would help you.”

“All right,” I said, trying to get my bearings.

A tray of fruit floated to us.11 “Here you are,” the angel said, gesturing toward the tray, “a choice.”

I reached to make a selection of fruit. Some varieties I had seen on Earth, and some I had not. All were without blemish. We both made selections and began to eat.12

“You need to get acquainted with the locations of the hidden stairs,” he continued.

“Is there a map?” I asked.

“No,” the angel laughed. “The map is in the Spirit. By your following His leading, He directs you to the hidden stairs.”

I glanced toward the stairport. “These stairs look like glass,” I said.

“Light,” the angel replied.13 “Nice, aren’t they?”

“Do people ever fall off these stairs?”

“Not if they keep their eyes on Jesus,” he chuckled, “but I wouldn’t advise looking over the side. You might get wobbly doing that.”

“This is good fruit,” I exclaimed.

“Yup, everything’s good up here,” the angel said, mimicking a cowhand.

I laughed, bemused. He was not anything like my idea of an angel. “What is your name?” I asked him.


“Azar,” the angel said, “I’m the one who answers you when you call for help.”14

“Is there only one of you?” I asked.

“You mean for the whole earth? Oh no, I couldn’t take care of the whole earth. We’re assigned to a small number to whose call we will respond, more or less according to lifestyle. Sometimes a stunt person will need one of us all by him or herself, but usually we can handle five. The boss chooses who they will be.”

“The boss?” I said.

“Well, our immediate boss, not the Lord; no, I mean the angel in charge of helps. While you are living on Earth, I’m the one who will answer your call for help. So don’t take up mountain climbing,” he laughed.

He amazed me.

“Had enough fruit?” he asked.

“Yes, thank you,” I said. The tray of fruit disappeared.


“Now,” the angel continued, “you can return the way you came. The present danger is past, but I would suggest that you take the path to the throne room. You must be here for a reason, but that knowledge has not been given to me. Your Father can tell you why you have come.”

“My Father?” I said, glancing out into the park, lost in reflection. It seemed inconceivable, not only that I was in Paradise, but also that I could go to see my heavenly Father as a child might go to see an earthly one.

“Certainly,” he said, reading my thoughts. “Just take the path.”

“Does this path lead to the throne room?”

“All paths here lead to God. They are not like the paths on Earth.”

I looked toward the path as if it were a distant horizon too far away to reach.

“Go on,” he laughed. “Go see your Daddy. I’ll be here when it’s time for you to return.”

I turned to search his face.

“Don’t you want to know why you’re here?” he asked.

“Yes,” I laughingly exclaimed.

He threw up his hands and shrugged, as if to say, “Well?”

“Thank you,” I said earnestly.

He smiled at me and spoke quietly, “The Creator of the universe desires your company. Don’t keep Him waiting.”

I smiled and showed him that I was stepping onto the path.

He called after me, “I’ll be here when it’s time to return.”

I waved to him, acknowledging that I had heard. Then, somewhat breathlessly, I set my face toward the throne room.


God’s judgement against sin has begun with His household, the church (1 Pet 4:17; Rev 14:7). His purpose is to separate the weeds from the wheat of the living and true church (Matt. 13:40-43; 1 Cor. 11:18-19; Rev. 18:2-4).

The adobe walls represent that which is constructed by “the flesh” of religious people from whom God calls “dust” (Gen. 3:19; Jer. 17:5) and who are powerless against Satan and his hordes (2 Cor. 10:3-4; Isa 31:1).

Jesus Christ is the ladder or “the way” to heaven, for “no one comes to the Father but through [him]”. (John 14:6).

The scarlet cord that is secured to the first section of the stairway into heaven represents the first stage of redemption through the cross of Calvary (Josh. 2:18).

The second section of the stairway is the second stage of redemption through the cross of Calvary.

The third section secures one’s position in the heavenly realm with Christ “far above all rule and authority and power and dominion” of the enemy (Eph. 1:21).

The word Paradise means “park or garden.” The Father designed the true Garden of Eden there especially for the Lord Jesus (Song of Sol. 5:1; 6:2; Ezek. 28:13). In His garden the original tree of life still grows (Rev. 2:7).

Slaves did not wear shoes in households in biblical days; only the members of the family were shod (Luke 15:22). Hence, removing one’s shoes in the presence of God acknowledged that one did not own or control the holy ground on which one stood (Exod. 3:5; Josh. 5:15).

The living church on Earth is the body of born-again Christians who share a common life of glorifying and obeying the Lord Jesus through keeping His Word and through worship, prayer, and fellowship – all as energized by the Holy Spirit.

The heavenly fruit is made of God’s light and is eaten by the angles and the redeemed there (Rev. 2:7).

The Hebrew word that means “help” is azar.

Angels only know what God the Spirit reveals to them. There are matters that Christians know but that angels do not know (1 Pet. 1:12).

Scriptural notes which further clarify this revelation are to be found in the section called: TEACHING.

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October 2015


Our compassionate heavenly Father has assigned another angel to assist us in the coming days: The Angel of Hope. I thought you might like to see an angel assigned recently instead of twenty years ago and hear what the Lord is saying right now for this time.

1st Day of Rosh Hashanah 2015 –

I spoke to the Lord:

“Lord, I feel pregnant with hope – eager anticipation.”

The Lord spoke: “I have placed hope that is multiplying within you. Even as nations crumble, I am bringing forth a hope that will not be found empty. It is a hope that draws on My capacity – My name – My promises.

“Even as faith is the belief that I AM and I will, hope shoots grappling hooks into the future and draws My desired consequences into the present. Hope draws it into your hands for ready use.

“Have eager anticipation. Ask.”

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September 2015


I am sharing this experience with you to honor four young women that visited me recently. Two were from China and two from Mike Bickle’s church. When they came into the office, they saw the picture from my journal lying on the desk. I told them that I was thinking of sharing the revelation/experience concerning the betrothal gifts with the picture drawn twenty years ago. They told me that many children learning English in China read “Heaven Awaits the Bride” and also follow this web-site because they like the pictures, as well as the true stories.

So – in honor of the children in China that read these true stories – Bless you and I hope you enjoy this amazing experience with our Lord.


The ancient custom of giving the future bride gifts at the time she agrees to marry is still prevalent today. The man, now, usually brings an engagement ring.

The custom is featured in the Bible when Abraham’s servant travels back to the area where Abraham’s relatives live to seek a bride for his son Isaac. Supernaturally the chosen young maiden is shown to the servant, (who represents the Holy Spirit). When she says she will go with the servant to marry Isaac, the servant unloads (from his camel caravan) gifts for the family of the chosen bride and many valuable gifts for her.


The following is such an occurrence in my life – twenty years ago, while living in a government project. The revelation/experience was written in a book: ‘The Priestly Bride’; but the colored pencil drawing that was a part of the story in the journal has never been seen, (except by the young ladies from Kansas City and from China.)

The scriptures substantiating the scriptural relevance of the vision and clarifying the experience will be found in the “Teaching” section of this month’s web site.

I do hope you enjoy it.


The edges of the air were on fire.

I raised my hand to shield my eyes from the searing light. The very molecules of the air within our apartment were burning white-hot from a central point.

Swiftly the Holy Spirit spoke: “Rise, Anna.” At the time I was down on my knees in prayer asking for more of God. Now, however, I had stopped praying, for I was struck by the wonder materializing before my eyes. The air sizzled and curled.

From the center of this phenomenon, the fiery glory of the Lord began to burn through the wall of our apartment. The Holy Spirit had to set me on my feet, for I could not stand. Seeing the Lord’s glory while on Earth and in one’s body is very different from seeing Him above while in spirit. His glory is almost more than the physical body can bear.1


As I rose to my feet, stately angels of His presence stepped through the center of the blazing light to enter the room.2 They came in pairs but separated as they touched the room’s atmosphere. Four angels stood before me in a semicircle to my left, four angels in a semicircle to my right. They wore pale lavender robes embroidered with deep purple and gold on the sleeves and hem. Golden girdles bound these garments across their chests.3 Each angel carried something in his hands in the manner of an emissary.

Then four additional angels, similarly dressed, entered the room through the burning air. Each of these held one pole of a canopy, the sort one might see in a Jewish wedding. As they moved forward, the word LOVE could be seen at times in the canopy’s fabric.4


The Holy Spirit stirred and swelled into a whirlwind in response to the One who now stepped beneath the canopy. King Jesus, brighter than the sun, entered the room.

Through the shock of unbelievable light, I could see faintly that He was wearing a rich purple cloak that opened in the front and hung in folds to the ground. It had long sleeves and was edged with a wide, gold brocaded border. Beneath this garment was a white robe that also reached to His feet. The robe was grappled across His chest with a golden girdle. On His head was a golden crown that was similar in some respects to the crowns used to cap Torah scrolls.5 He was terrible in majesty, awesome in holiness, splendid in beauty.

The Holy Spirit swirled around me to strengthen me, for the intense light and power emanating from the Lord made it difficult for me to stand.


Then, as if by some silent command from Jesus, the nearest angel in the semicircle stepped toward me. In his hands he held a golden crown, which he carefully placed upon my head. “Wisdom,” he said, smiling slightly.6 Then crossing his arms over his chest, he nodded respectfully and stepped back into the semicircle.

The angel opposite him in the semicircle stepped forward with the gift he was carrying. He placed golden earrings on my ears. “Knowledge,” he said.7 Then he too folded his arms over his chest and moved back to join the other angels.

One by one each of the remaining angels of His presence brought the gift that he held in his hands. After the physical gift was placed upon me, the angel named the spiritual gift it symbolized. The gifts these angels presented included a golden heart that hung on a chain over my own heart – understanding;8 golden bracelets on each wrist – discretion;9 a golden nose ornament – discernment;10 golden rings on each finger – the ability to communicate;11 and a golden necklace – the fear of the Lord.12 The eighth angel stepped forward and blew a mist of gold over me. It covered me like a veil from my head to my feet. “Favor,” he said as he smiled.13 He too nodded and stepped back into the semicircle.


I was stunned. I had never received such an immediate and extravagant answer to prayer. I looked down at the gifts that I was able to see. They were princely – gifts of my Father from my Father.14 But why the canopy?

“Lord,” I said, “let all of these gifts be within for Your pleasure.”15

He smiled at me. “Because you have asked that these be for My pleasure, they will be [for My pleasure] and will also be experienced by others. These gifts will unlock My heart to you and to My body. All mysteries are bound up, locked away in Me, Anna. But the mystery of My love is the greatest revelation of all.” Moving toward me, He said, “My chosen one, My love, a fruitful bough, an orchard of fruitfulness.”

“Lord,” I replied, “I am barren.” (I had never borne physical children.)

He smiled again as He answered, “You will bear and be more fruitful than if you had borne physical children. I have withheld your bearing. But now I place My hands upon you that you might bring forth good fruit – many children, all heirs, kings and priests to their Father.”

He placed His hands upon me. Fire and power surged through me. He continued to speak, “No longer will you bear shame because of unfruitfulness.”


“Cleave to Me,” He said. I am your Husband. Let My covering be on your head. His eyes burned into me as He continued, Ï am the Lord your God, and none is like Me. I am the beginning and the end. I am your health, your protection, and your fruitfulness. Thousands upon thousands of heirs will you bear, those who will walk right into My kingdom, those who will be at home in My chambers.

“Anna,” He said in a more intimate tone, “You are more beautiful now than earlier. My heart is turned toward you. My desire is for you. You have captured My heart. Lock this away in your heart, for My promises are true and sure.”

I could hardly breathe. “Lord,” I whispered, “let it be soon.”

“It is already accomplished,” he said. “Bear fruit for the kingdom. Shun pride. Point not the finger.”


He bowed at the waist as a sign of His departure and stepped back under the canopy. Once under the canopy, He turned and walked through the burning opening in the wall of the apartment. The four angels holding the poles of the canopy also bowed and walked out with Him, holding the canopy over His head as He disappeared. The angels of His presence also signified their departure, and two by two they followed the Lord.

Then the Holy Spirit swirled before me again, this time gathering up all of the remaining fire and light. He too passed through the apartment wall. Instantly, the gifts became internal and no longer adorned me externally. The wall closed.


“Father,” I whispered, “who am I to marry a King? I come with nothing.25 I have no dowry.26 I do not even have a hope chest with linens and…”

Before I could continue, my Father thundered audibly in the room: “Can I not provide linens for My children?”27

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August 2015


There is not much information about the Elders in heaven. Many people feel that they are risen humans from the old and new testaments. Since one of those mentioned as being among them was in fact looking into heaven from earth and telling about the full number already being in place, these Elders seem to be angelic.

The following occurred on December 21st, 1994—very soon after I began to visit heaven.
That which took place was part of the equipping for the call the Lord was placing upon me. At that time, however, I knew nothing about telling the body of Christ about these visits. I was recording these visions/revelations/experiences for myself alone.( There is damage to the page from the fire that burned down our home– and the fact that the journals sat in water from the fire department as they tried to save the house.)

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July 2015


This training session occurred on June 16, 1995—twenty years ago. I am putting the first two pages into this web-site because they have the pictures. The interview, comprised of questions and answers, will be typed—except for these first two pages. Bible references follow.

I looped my left arm through her right and we began to walk on the path.

“How do you feel you are doing?” she asked.

“I’m not sure,” I answered.

“That means you do not want to answer that question,” she smiled.

“Perhaps not,” I laughed.

“Well,” she said, “let me address the question. I believe you have grown in thankfulness. This pleases your Father.”

[I realized that I was jumping into a subject rather abruptly, but I remembered a question Albert (my husband) had asked.] “Where are you on times off?” I asked.

“We have no times off,” she laughed. “When assigned to you or to another, we are able to remain in contact with you and also to behold the throne of God. You might say we are here and there.”1

“When we appear to you, we are here, but still there…connected….present before the Father of Lights. Paul speaks of being in two places—where he was presently and with those in prayer in another place.”2

“Now,” she continued, ‘’we are not everywhere at one time—but we, like your spirit—can be there and at home. You are here (in heaven) and you are also on earth. You can send your spirit out to another to touch and also remain touching the Godhead.”3

“To tell it may seem complex; but in reality it is most natural. But, we do not have vacations where we must go away to another part of the realm. Your Father works and we work—but do not tire of the assignments.”4

“If wounded, we must return to ‘home base’ as it were, and report in.”

“What heals you?” I asked.

“You mean, who heals us…the Lord Jesus. We are spirit and healed by light and life.”5

“The balm for us is God’s love….like honey. The fusion for any wound is light and life Himself. As sacrifices our God desires now are spiritual, so are healings here.”6

“The material is an outward representation of each spiritual reality.”7

“Mankind needs such. The spiritual realities are too abstract for them: like a child that needs to touch, see, smell, taste and hear; these bring a coarse understanding and a dim light, but are all they can bear.”8

“All that are from God are now, were and will be.”9

“We are friends are we not?”

“Yes,” I said. “Are there others I do not know personally—or their names, I mean,–that are assigned to me?”

“Yes, many. In your Father’s good time you will know them. They are already present—reaching toward you, but it will be as though they step through a barrier to draw nearer. Mankind does not know the love extended toward it by their Father. You might say that (mankind) has built in friends,” she laughed. 10

“Your main teacher is God Himself. But we are attracted to His light…(I had the impression of a magnet pulling to it particles of steel shavings.)”11

“Spirit calls to spirit.”12

“I watched you grow and will be your friend from creation to everlasting.13

“You were placed in Christ from the beginning. I was created and assigned before you came forth on earth.”14

“When you are here (in heaven) the true is so simple, is it not?” she asked. “Truth is like a golden nail.”15

“Those personally assigned to you will always be with you….friends. But we are not as great a friend as our God. I do not want you to tire. Return now (which means to return to earth) You may come again whenever you wish.”

“Before I go,” I interjected, “are there angels with short term assignments to individuals as well?”

“Yes,” she answered. “But, that is for another day.” She threw back her head and laughed. “Another day, Anna. Do not tire yourself.”

[I hugged her. She felt a little different from a human person. She could see that I was registering perplexity.]

“Another day,” she smiled.

“Thank you, Clara,” I too smiled—a long smile of gratitude.


1. Matthew 18:10  …”their angels in heaven continually  behold the face of My Father who is in heaven.”  And Luke 1:19: “I am Gabriel who stands in the presence of God and I have been sent to speak to you.”

2. Our resurrected human spirits are in union with Christ’s spirit and He is both in heaven and on earth and in others…and we can be in more than one place, too.  I Cor. 5:3 and 4….” In the name of our Lord Jesus, when you are assembled, and I with you in spirit….” And Col 1: 5…” even though I am absent from you in body I am with you in spirit…”

3. Col. 3:1  “If then you have been raised up with Christ, keep seeking the things above where Christ is, seated at the right hand of God.” And Eph. 2:6….” and seated us with Him in the heavenly places with Christ Jesus.”

4.  “John 5:17…”My Father is working until now, and I, Myself, am working.” And John 5:20 …”The Father loves the Son and shows Him all things that He, Himself, is doing.”

5.   John 6:63…It is the Spirit who gives life…”.  We can be subject to the Father of spirit s and live.  Heb. 12:9, and we are being subject when we come to the Son.

6.   1 Peter 2:5..”you are a holy priesthood to offer up spiritual sacrifices.”

7.   Heb. 9:23 and 24.  The earthly tabernacle was a copy of the true one in heaven.  Jesus said: “I am the true vine.” He also said that He was the true bread and the true drink.

8.   The true is in heaven and the things on earth are a shadow or a copy. Phil. 3:20.

9.   All that is from God is everlasting.  What He gives is Jesus Christ  who is the same yesterday, today and forever.

10.  John 5:43.

11.  John 14:26.  The Holy Spirit will teach us all things.

12.  “Deep calls to deep.” Ps 42:7

13.  John 1 5:15.  If Jesus calls us friends, then we know the angels are friends.

14.  Eph. 1:4—we were chosen in Christ before the foundation of the world.

15. Ecc. 12:11. “The words of wise men are like goads (pointed sticks that poke you to get you to move forward) and masters  of these collections are like well driven nails: they are given by one Shepherd.” A nail secures something.  A golden nail would secure the truth of God in our lives.

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June 2015


Exactly one year ago I showed you Daniel to demonstrate angelic attire. Now I am showing you another time of encountering the angel Daniel. In seeing Daniel on this occasion there was greater clarity as to the assistance that he, himself, renders to me (and, I am sure, to others).

I will type the text. You will be able to see some of the writing on the pages with illustrations, but reading it is always difficult. Therefore I will hope to give to you greater clarity by typing that which is in the journal.


Going up the tunnel, I was singing. The lavender and blue lights in the tunnel were rolling like neon. An echo of my song came back to me. Either it was an echo or someone else was singing the same thing after me. I was going forward in the tunnel by swinging on the bars of lavender and blue like a jungle gym.

Once out of the tunnel, a couple of angels flew by and said:

“Come fly with us, Anna.”

They held onto my arms and up we went like three stunt planes flying together. We zoomed and turned and rolled. We also laughed. Flowers popped out all over my clothing and then squashed down to become a flowered pattern—then faded to dazzling white.

“Sometimes I’m so amazed up here.” I said.

“We must go now,” one of the angels said…and both disappeared.

Seated on a rock near me was Daniel. His staff was propped against the rock on which he was sitting. (The staff has an orb at the top of a tall blue pole. The orb is full of eyes. A golden cross topped the staff.)

“Daniel,” I said, although I felt it improper to call him by his first name. That seemed too familiar for such a venerable angel.

He seemed to be working on something in his hand. I never asked him what it was.

“May I help you?” he asked looking up.

“I don’t know?” I answered. “There are mysteries to unlock. Do you assist me in the understanding of these?”

“If the Lord chooses,” he said. “Is there something you wish to know?”

“Explain to me about your staff, if you would please?” I asked.

He began. “the eyes are for sight, but special sight…..sight that enables you to judge with godly judgement. Your giftedness in this area will be assisted by me.” He waved his hand and pictures appeared in the air. ‘”Visions,” he smiled, “I assist in the understanding of dreams and visions. I want you to know,” he continued, “I enjoy working with you. If you will give yourself to this study, your Father has much for you to relate.”

“May I hold your staff?” I asked.

“Yes,” he said.

“All of those eyes and no mouth to speak,” I mused.

“They see, and what they perceive comes through the staff into my hand and augments that which I, alone see—multiplies it—and I speak. I am the voice for the eyes. Also, I hear for the eyes and what I hear travels through the staff to the eyes. I am the hearing for the eyes.”

“Why more seeing than hearing or speaking?” I asked.

“Seeing means perceiving as well as looking. So there needs to be additional ‘seeing’ to balance—in the right proportion–the speaking and hearing. Wisdom, knowledge and understanding, as well as discernment through perception are included. The staff shows a level of authority in this area of ‘seeing’. The Lord is allowing you to ‘see’ for His purposes and because the times are short. More mysteries will be revealed. The Lord wishes to find you faithful, Anna. Be faithful in the small and He will add the larger to it. Do you desire this?”

“Yes,” I said.

“Then follow instructions. Live in God. If you wish to live in God for eternity, why not start now? Stop dividing the kingdoms—HEAVEN and EARTH. Begin to live in your heavenly home.”

He continued: “Cling to your Father. Talk to Him. Move in Him. There is much to do today…but do not do it apart from Him. Simply learn to live in Him.” (Colossians 3:2: ‘Set your mind on the things above, not on the things that are on earth.” NAS)

While holding the staff there were panoramic visions around me. I handed the staff back to him. “That staff is fun,” I said to him.

“We are friends and work well together,” he said referring to the staff. He spoke of it as though it were a person. Seeing my puzzlement, he added. “In the spiritual realm, all spirits do not look like humans.” [Into my mind flashed WHEELS.]

“Rest in that for today,” he said. “There is much to do; but the Lord is with you and many are added to you (angels). We, too, are with you.”

He smiled and said: “Run along. Obey God.”
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May 2015


There are dreams or visions that give the believer indications that the Lord is accelerating the speed with which He is drawing the person into the bridal process. He is drawing you closer.

The pictures were simple. However, I certainly did not understand their meaning when they were given. Even when I asked my friend, Bob Jones, I did not understand the full implication of all the Lord was showing me. Bob said: “You caught the wedding ring.”

“Goodness,” I thought, “what does that mean?” The White Horse represents the Holy Spirit that takes you to the Son. [I'm sorry for the dark line in the center of the drawing. It is from the copy machine.] This revelation was given in February 1995-a couple of months after the Lord opened the heavens for me.

If you have begun to have dreams or visions of wedding attire, or of being carried away to the Lord or the sun or the Prince (as in Cinderella), rejoice, for the Lord is drawing you into greater intimacy.

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April 2015


Before I show you the revelation given on Valentine’s Day, February 14, 1995 (twenty years ago), let me give you a little historical background:

Al and I had recently moved to the Panama City area. About two months earlier I had begun to see into heaven. When we moved to the Gulf Coast, we joined a little beach church. The pastor and the congregation were in their twenties or younger. They all wore cut-offs and baseball caps turned backwards. The pastor preached a good sermon, though. He knew the Bible. It was very lively, to say the least.

That is only preliminary background to the actual day of the vision. After receiving the revelation, I tried to draw and color the mountains that I had seen….poorly, I might add. However, I went to the Panama City library to begin research on these spices. While there, the pastor of that little church came in and stopped by the library table. He asked what I was doing and I showed him—with great embarrassment (he was a professional artist). I am telling you this because now, all these years later, the picture has not improved in its quality—but here I am showing it to EVERYONE. I am trying to console myself by hoping that, now, the picture is history.

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March 2015


When getting to know the angels assigned to us, some are revealed a “little-at-a-time.” How is that possible? This is Cerise, an angel of ZEAL.


As soon as the Lord saved me, I began to hear His voice. I did not “see” but I could “hear”. It was wonderful. I could hear and talk to God—and I knew it was God.

Almost immediately He told me that He had set me aside to be the wife of a minister in the small town I was visiting. What? I was a new Christian and to tell you the truth, neither the minister nor I were even vaguely interested in one another—I mean—not the least flicker of interest: zero. But because the Lord had said it to me, I thought: “Well, I may have been too blind to see it—but this must be the one for me.”

How exciting. How amazing. But I needed to say that I would, indeed, marry him. God requires no one to accept something against his or her free will. Now, there were huge considerations to take into account: my screenwriting career was taking off in big way, I had been given the lead in a show (for which I was already doing backers auditions) that was to open in New York in the Spring, I had the best literary agent in New York, I had an unbelievable parlor floor apartment on West 11th street in the Village, I had tons of friends—all in the film industry or on Broadway. I traveled the world and lived a life most people only dreamed of living. I would need to give up all of that to be married to a minister who lived in a town of 2,400 people and a church with a congregation of 15. Hummmm—what to do?

Well, really there was never a contest. I chose God, the minister, the small town and the church…and never regretted it. I walked away from the other life.

When I made the decision to follow the Lord however and wherever He led me, He assigned to me two angels. I did not see them—nor hear them; but the Lord told me their names and their particular strengths. One was called Cerise and he was an angel of ZEAL. “Was not cerise a color?” I asked myself. But there were so many new events in my life at that time that I did not pursue finding out. That was in 1975…the year I married my husband.

I did not really think about the angel of Zeal in the years after that. I never saw him, nor heard him, so….Now let us zoom forward the 1995—20 years later–. Right before we moved to Florida, the heavens opened and I began to see into the spiritual realm. Now I was seeing angels and Jesus and our heavenly Father and our home above. At that time, the Lord graciously revealed to me the angel that had been assigned to me so many years ago: CERISE.

I am including a paint chip from a store in Panama City. I asked them to show me the color cerise. Here is what they sent me. [I am including the paint chip—but the color did not translate through the copy machine. The angel is wearing the true color.]

The angel looked young. He had fire coming from his hands and feet—and actually left fire where ever he walked. Looking at the fire radiating from him, one would surmise that he was zealous. Cerise was of great help in the twenty years after I married my husband and his assistance is doubly needed as we head into the future. It has now been 40 years since he was assigned to me. His influence, instead of waning is increasing. Why? Because of that which is facing the body of Christ in the years ahead, we will need zeal for the Lord.

We are fortunate, for we know that since there is a whole choir of angels that assist us in acquiring zeal, we may ask the Lord for an increase. Our Father will send the Holy Spirit, as well as our dear Lord Jesus and choirs of angels to give us more godly zeal. He will set us aflame with His love and passion—even as the angel of zeal appears to burn with fiery love and singleness of purpose for our Lord and for accomplishing His will.
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February 2015


I am including the text of the picnic with the illustrations drawn at the time of the revelation. Remember the text and pictures passed through the fire that burned down our home and the water that was generously poured upon the house by the fire department in an attempt to save the structure.

For this reason, the text is typed and can be found under the heading THE PICNIC in the section on teaching, for I am not sure you will be able to read all of the original text. In the personal message section of this month’s web site, there is an “oh, my word” revelation that relates to The Picnic.

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January 2015


There are all manner of angels that specialize. SENSE and NONSENSE are two from this special category. They teach while cheering us up…something of a rare combination.

Suddenly two angels came strolling down the path near the pool (in heaven). They looked like young men of about twenty-five years of age. One had brown hair and wore a brown robe. The other had blond hair and wore a blond robe. There was something comical about them. But I did not know why I felt this way. Salt and pepper came to mind when I looked at them. They were laughing and talking.

“Hello,” I said. “Who are you?”

“Sense,” bowed the angel in the brown robe.

“Nonsense,” bowed the angel in the blond.

“What?” I laughed. “God is not into nonsense.”

“Oh, yes,” said Nonsense. “There is more understood by the spirit than the mind.”(1)

“And much that the mind is given to comprehend as true,” Sense added. (2)

“That reminds me of a song,” said Nonsense.

“Oh, dear,” said Sense.

“We will sing it for you,” added Nonsense.

“We will?” asked Sense.

“Why not?” replied Nonsense. “You always like my songs.”

“I do?” Sense asked incredulously.

“They certainly are better than yours,” Nonsense quipped. “Yours sound like math problems.”

Sense roared with laughter. “All right, all right,” he said. “You start it.”

Nonsense sang:

What is it like to live above?

What is it like above?

Walk blind you see, walk deaf you hear,

That’s what it’s like above, above.

That’s what it’s like above. (3)

There was a long pause. “Is that it?” Sense asked.

“Well, I’m not singing an aria here,” Nonsense answered. “That is it.”

There was another long pause. “I like it,” Sense said wholeheartedly.

“Thank you,” Nonsense said begrudgingly. “Shall we sing it together?”

“Very well,” Sense nodded. “Would you like to join us, Anna?”

“If I can remember it,” I said.

“Just jump in when you can,” Nonsense added. Nonsense began to sing the song again. We joined in when we could.

When the song ended, Nonsense asked, “Shall we sing it again?”

Laughing, Sense and I said, “By all means.” Sense continued, “Come, Anna, we will walk with you down the path.”

We began to walk and sing the song again. We sang it again and again and again. The more we walked and sang, the funnier everything seemed. We all began to laugh uproariously. In fact, we laughed so much that we could hardly stand. At times we had to hang on to one another just to remain upright.

“Your songs are better than I remembered,” roared Sense.

We almost fell down laughing because the song was true, but absolute nonsense. We walked and sang and laughed until we neared a large verdant garden, the entrance to which was guarded by two enormous cherubim.

“We leave you here,” said Sense.

I wanted to ask, “Where?” But before I could ask, Nonsense said, “Whenever you need a little traveling music, just let us know.” They bowed laughing and were gone.

*Notes will be explained in the section on TEACHING.

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December 2014


(First I will give to you the revelation and then, will supply the teaching notes for this revelation in the section TEACHING).

This experience in the spiritual realm takes place in heaven right after I first arrived. I was sitting down by a clear stream at the time.


When I returned to look at the water, another face was looking into the stream with me.

“Hello,” a child’s voice said.

I turned and sat up to face her.

“Are you on tour?” she asked.

“Yes,” I answered, staring at her.

She appeared to be a child of about five or six years old, but she was shining. She had no wings, and her eyes looked old beyond the years displayed in her small stature. She wore a pale calico pinafore over a faintly colored, short shift. Her hair was curly and tousled as if from play. She looked like a little girl, but every so often I could see through her arm or leg and knew her to be a spirit. She was intriguing.

“Have you just begun the tour?” she questioned.

“Yes, I think so. Why?” I asked.

“I wanted you to come play with me,” she said.

“Play with you?” I said incredulously.

“In my sandpile,” she said. “Can you come?”

Just then the tour guide walked over to us, and I stood. I was torn between getting to know this small spirit and continuing my tour.

“May I go with…what is your name?” I asked her, bending over to question her as one might question a child.

“Crystal Clear”1

“May I go with Crystal Clear for a few minutes?” I asked the tour guide.

“Oh, all right,” he said. “Meet us at the almond grove when you finish.”

“How will I find it?” I asked.

“Crystal Clear will show you the way.”

“Yes, I will,” she said excitedly. “Come along with me.”

Suddenly we were on a vast shore line, but there was no sea.2 It looked as though the beach was still there, but no ocean. In the sand were all manner of red and blue children’s buckets and shovels.

She continued to speak: “Haven’t you always wanted to build a sandcastle?”3

I chuckled, “Well, not really, Crystal Clear.”

“Yes, you have,” she said. “Think about it. You’ve wanted to build on Earth, and all of that is sand.4 When the tide comes in, it goes away. Even the tools for building remain longer than a sandcastle, for the tools are from God. But if you use them to build on sand instead of in eternity, what do you have? A waste of time,” she shrugged. “You have wanted a sandcastle. It’s silly really, isn’t it?”

“I suppose so,” I said quietly. I did not want to admit it, but she was right. I had wanted a home and financial security and to accomplish something—for God, of course—but I had tunnel vision for the life on Earth. I had Christianized the gospel of the world and bought into my own packaging. It was a bitter thing to hear that the focus of my life had been fleshly and worthless to God and that I had not gotten away with it.5

“Do you want to play?” she continued cheerily.

I felt a little sick. I thought I would change the subject. “Why such a large sand area?” I asked.

“Many want to build on sand, so we let them. It gets it out of their systems, you know. Maybe if you build on the sand right now you would feel, ‘I’ve done that.’”

“It seems a silly thing to do,” I said stonily.

“Well, yes it does. However, building on earth is really the same: silly toys that are long forgotten here, toys that do not even gather dust in the attic but disintegrate and are totally forgotten here—a waste of God’s precious time,’’ she said much too breezily.

I had the taste of a copper penny in my mouth.6 “Is it all right if we do not play today?” I asked.

“Oh, all right,” she said. “Do you want to join the tour?”

“I don’t know,” I said dazed. I felt as though I had been hit by a truck. “I like your name, Crystal Clear,” I said acidly. “It’s apt.”

“Maybe a little rest,” she said as if she had not heard my remark. “Now remember to come back to see us. We love you here; do keep in touch.” She held up her tiny hands and I held up mine to reciprocate. Light came from hers into mine and knocked me softly backwards.

I lay on the air, as someone might lie on a gurney while being wheeled through hospital halls. My arms were across my chest, and I floated down the path like a patient returning from surgery.

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November 2014


This angel came to me May 27, 2006.

The Angel of The Fear of the Lord was dressed in contained fire. The garment seemed to be on the verge of bursting into flame at any moment. He was tall with snow-white hair. His hair was tipped with flames. From his hands shone beams of light and three beams from his head. Each step that he took produced footprints of fire on the surface he was moving across.

He spoke to me: “I am the angel Fear of the Lord. I come to you now that Wisdom may follow. I come not just to you, but I am given to those who come to worship, praise and seek the Great King—He who is King of All.

The Lord has sent me because you have much need of wisdom. The King’s children need to know the Fear of the Lord. I will assist them. I bring with me apples of gold in sockets of silver—godly treasures that bring honor to the King. Many seek the perishable treasures, but those who seek the Great King will seek the pure gold set in redemption. This gold leads to all manner of salvation. The true gold of God guides the child away from self.

I am come now to bring this fear of the Lord. I have brought with me Prudence and Discretion–Wisdom follows.

The Fear of the Lord is needed now. Therefore the Great King has sent me in response to this need.”


He departed.

Proverbs 25:11

Like apples of gold in settings of silver
is a word spoken in the right circumstance.

Prudence and Discretion eventually began to stand with and help Wisdom when she arrived.
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October 2014


Here is the angel VICTORY (well, to the best of my ability to draw him). He stands about 8 feet tall and shines with an intense brightness. His robe looks for all-the-world like liquid mercury: quixotic, subtly shimmering, changeable light. Since what he said and what he did are of great significance, I will discuss him in all three sections: ANGELS, PERSONAL and TEACHING in order that you might better understand both this angel and, hopefully, angels like him.


I want to share with you the appearances of this angel—but—since some of what he says relates to others (because the appearances occur on earth, unlike all the encounters with angels within the books THE HEAVENS OPENED, THE PRIESTLY BRIDE and HEAVEN AWAITS THE BRIDE—those relate to me alone in heaven) I will not include those sentences. The general spiritual content, however, will remain intact.


“Suddenly, a very large angel appeared. It was as though he was dressed in liquid mercury. The large angel addressed me: ‘I, the ANGEL OF VICTORY, come to you now to assist you. I come with the KEYS TO OPEN ALL NECESSARY DOORS. I come with the KEYS TO THE WEAPONS THAT WILL VANQUISH THE FOES.’”

“I am he who serves with Michael. I am he who accomplishes the bidding of the Lord of Hosts and of His General, the Holy Spirit. I follow on the heels of BREAKTHROUGH (an angel released to the nation in which we live.) I am released to you today. Will you receive me?” THE ANGEL OF VICTORY asked.

“I will with great thanks to our God.” I answered.

He continued: “Do not fear, Anna. Be strong and courageous.” He looked at me. “Expect the doors to open. Expect the Lord’s purposes to be accomplished. I, VICTORY, command many (angels). We stand ready to bring His purposes into victory.”

“I thank the Lord for His kindness,” I concluded.



“I was in the office on September, 2014, when an angel appeared before me. He was large and wore a dull silver cloak with a hood. Suddenly, he removed the hood and took off the cloak. The fabric—whatever it was—hid an angel of blazing brightness. He wore a silver robe that looked like liquid mercury. It was the angel VICTORY that I had seen many years before.

He spoke. Although his voice was modulated, the sound went into my very bones and shook me: ‘…the years have been accomplished for you (it was implied that this was a corporate “you”) to be endowed with your further calling. You said that you would receive me. Will you be strong and very courageous? Will you embrace your further calling?’”

“What is that calling?” I asked.


“For what purpose?” I asked the angel.

“For the purposes God Himself will reveal—purpose by purpose—immediate and changing purpose by immediate and changing purpose—guided by the nod of His head—guided by the glance of His eye,” the angel said.

“Here,” the ANGEL OF VICTORY said,” the Sharbiyt ( number 8275 in Strong’s Concordance of the Bible…meaning a scepter.) “has been given to you. ‘First the natural, then the spiritual.’” [The natural had been extended to us earlier.] “Now, I, VICTORY, have been commissioned to give to you the spiritual of that natural.” He reached out to me—extending in his hand a slender rod of 12 to 15 inches. It was plain except that it glowed intensely. I reached out my hand and took it. It had some weight to it. It looked a bit like the batons used in a relay race.

“What is it?” I asked.

“Seek and you will find,” the angel said—and vanished.


Often the Lord requires me to look up the meaning of Hebrew words in order to understand in greater measure the situation or person or object he is describing in or explaining in that language.

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September 2014


The angels shown here are WISDOM in the center, PRUDENCE in the Summer Green color and DISCRETION in the Berry color.

My friend, Bob Jones, always referred to Wisdom as “the redheaded woman.” When I showed the drawing of Wisdom to him he said: “I always see her as older.” “Yes,” I told him, “but I am not a professional artist, I am doing the best I can.” Wisdom does look more mature than the drawing of her that I am showing you. She is dressed simply with a golden girdle across her chest and around her waist. On her head was some sort of golden enhancement. It looked like thin, golden leaves. It wasn’t a crown as we think of a crown– but a delicate embellishment that marked her station in some way. The Bible says:

Proverbs 3:13-18

13 Happy is the man who finds wisdom, and the man who gains understanding;

14 For her proceeds are better than the profits of silver and her gain than fine gold.

15 She is more precious than rubies, and all the things you may desire cannot compare with her.

16 Length of days is in her right hand, in her left riches and honor.

17 Her ways are ways of pleasantness, and all her paths are peace.

18 She is a tree of life to those who take hold of her, and happy are all who retain her.

(Perhaps the golden leaves in her hair refer to this verse.) 4:9 “She (Wisdom) will place on your head an ornament of grace; a crown of glory she will deliver to you.”


Proverbs 8:12

12 I Wisdom dwell with Prudence and find out knowledge and Discretion.

Proverbs 1:3&4
3 To receive the instruction of Wisdom, justice, judgment and equity.

4 To give Prudence to the simple, to the young man knowledge and Discretion.

The colors indicate freshness and an aliveness to that which is being imparted to the hearer.

THE DEFINITION OF PRUDENCE: Wisdom applied to practice.

THE DEFINITION OF DISCRETION: Being careful about what one says or does.
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August 2014


I saw this vortex very soon after the Lord opened the heavens to me. I had no idea of what it was. Therefore, I called it a funnel in my journal of December 20, 1994. I’ll type what was said at the time and then allow you to see the text of 1994 afterwards….(because, I’m not sure you could read my writing.)


“While praying for a relative who had been in an automobile accident, I saw a funnel of angels with a bright, white light at the end. These angels were in white with large white wings. People—escorted by angels were being carried into the intense, white light. I felt that these might be those who had recently died and were going into the nearer presence of God.”


Please remember that this journal went through a fire and the subsequent soaking of water by our fine volunteer fire department—actually fire departments from several nearby towns were needed to put out the fire that took out our mountain cabin.

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July 2014


On January 23, 1995—fairly soon after the Lord opened the heavens to me—I saw the angel Judy (or she who praises). This picture is from my journal of that date. (Remember, I was drawing for myself—therefore I did not take extreme care with the journal drawings. I hope you don’t mind. But I wanted you to see that which was actually drawn on the very day of seeing the angel.) I am adding the section of the book HEAVEN AWAITS THE BRIDE that tells of that encounter.

I was so fixed upon the sight that I jumped a little when my name was called from behind me. It was Judy, the angel of praise.

She was dressed in a gossamer green under tunic, bound with a golden girdle. Over this was a deeper green cloak that had long, oversized sleeves. These sleeves contained pockets that held all manner of golden musical instruments. Her neck, hands, and feet had a slight tint of gold. Her auburn hair was plaited into seven loops interlaced with gold. On her forehead was a small golden box, housing Scripture. She began to speak:

“Anna, rejoice that you are loved. I am sent to comfort you with the mantle of praise.”

“What is that?” I asked, wiping my eyes with my hand. The bright angel with the vial for tears disappeared.


“Shh,” she said, putting her finger to her lips. “Let me help to calm your soul. Rest.” She became a small, green whirlwind. The wind and movement caused all the instruments within her robe to play together. The sound of praise was so pure that it seemed to draw angels from the air. They gathered in a large circle around her. She began to sing:

O great I AM, Eternal One,
Fountain of life within the Son,
Wellspring of blessing,
Wellspring of light,
Infinite mystery hid from our sight.


Searched by the Spirit,
Revealed through the Son,
Mystery unfolding, though ever begun.
Beginning and ending, great circle of light

That shatters the darkness, confounding the night.


All beauty, all joy, all splendor in One,
His grace freely shared through the life of His Son.
His life and His death and His life evermore,
Though crucified ever, to die nevermore.


All hail, Great Redeemer,
All hail, Mighty King
Of Life and of Truth and of Light do we sing.
All praise, adoration, and thanksgiving.
Through time never ending, our homage we bring.


As she sang, the aroma of galbanum and cassia filled the air. Galbanum bespeaks worship, adoration, thanksgiving and praise. Cassia urges homage to God alone. I needed both. I needed the idols in my heart to be cast down. Also, I needed to be lifted up, out of myself, through turning my eyes toward Him in praise. Her song was like a mantle dropping upon me—lifting my spirit but settling my soul.

At the end of the song, the many angels that had gathered withdrew discreetly. Judy spoke. “Worship God, Anna. He alone is worthy.” Then she too disappeared.

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June 2014


Angels wear different clothing styles—according to the assignment, it seems. The Bible tells us in Hebrews 13: 2—”Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for by this some have entertained angels without knowing it.”

The angel shown on this page is called Daniel. The name Daniel in Hebrew means “God’s Judge.” He is dressed in many ways like a judge in the legal system in England. He even wears a wig. When I first saw this angel he was sitting on a rock in Paradise. Strangely enough, I did not ask him about his attire; but I did ask about his staff. It was as tall as he was and finished with an orb that was full of eyes.

Since the orb had no mouth I was puzzled about how it could be of assistance to the angel. He said that it gave him additional sight. This, he said, was helpful in his deliberations. He explained that, although the eyes could not speak to advise him, they added to his perception…that seeing was not just looking but also discerning.

Let me share with you a story of an angel encounter that occurred on the mountain where I live. This did not happen to me, but to the husband and wife from whom we purchased the land on which our house was built.

This land was set aside by The Lord for the Moravians that came to America to form a Godly community. They sought to serve the Lord in whatever way He called them and to do so in love and fellowship with mankind. The settlement that was established in this area of America was in Winston-Salem—not on this parcel of land.

However, all these years later, a Christian man and his wife purchased some of this anointed land and built a cabin on it. Soon after building it, he and his wife and another couple came to spend a night in the cabin. Upon rising the next morning, they entered the living room and were greeted by two angels dressed in the attire of the Moravians in times past.

The angels looked at the owners and said: “We have been waiting for you.” They then disappeared. These angels—dressed as Moravians of old –were sent to welcome them to the land. That is a blessed confirmation of the fact that you are in the perfect geographic center of the Lord’s will for your life.

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May 2014


The year was 2008. Our home had burned down only two months before. I live in a very beautiful part of North Carolina. On the cleared path and in the woods near my house I saw angels having a wonderful time.

[I will type out what was written at that time and then put the actual text at the end of the pictures—which is exactly where it appeared in the journal.]

2008: “I was reminded of Bonnie Chavda’s word to Harry Bizzell that there are locations where angels play and that this was one of them. It was simply a time for them to enjoy one another. Several held tops (they looked like large diamonds) and would spin them in their hands. It was like “play day” at school when I was a child. Yes, that was it. The angels—though very old indeed—had retained a child-like-ness . Of course, I thought to myself, it is easier to remain childlike if your body is as supple as a childs.”

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April 2014


This large, old-looking angel is Elijah. He was blue (an angel of revelation). His clothing had flashes of lightning in constant motion within the folds. He was bald and had a long white beard. Although I had never heard of bald angels, I did know that—being spirit—the angels are able to appear as they wish. Perhaps this appearance suited his calling.

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March 2014


This is the angel that takes me to visit the healing angels. She is very beautiful. You will find these stories in THE HEAVENS OPENED or in the first book of HEAVEN AWAITS THE BRIDE.

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February 2014


The angel Phyllis was one of the first spiritual beings that I knew had been assigned to me. I believe that the Lord gives angels to all of us to help us here on earth, but on December 28, l994—very soon after the Lord had opened the heavens to me—He assigned Phyllis to me. It was almost as though she was suspended in clear water, for her garments and wings and her hair seemed to float like the tendrils of a translucent jelly fish.

Phyllis is a blue angel. She is an angel of revelation. The exchange that follows is with the Lord. Part of the exchange is missing due to the water filling the containers holding the journals (when the fire department tried to put out the fire that burned down our house.)

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January 2014

The installation that took place in the court of heaven confirmed me in the position of being my Heavenly Father’s Chancellor (secretary). The picture is right from my journal of January 1, 1995. All of the small lines within the picture represent thousands and thousands of angels. The discoloration at the bottom is from the journal sitting in water when the fire department tried to put out the fire that burned down our home in 2007.

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December 2013



“In the midst of the intensely white light of the throne area, there stood twenty-four very tall beings with crowns on their heads. Each wore a chain with a single gold medallion hanging from it. The hair on their heads was white, and they were full of light. I could sense that they were ancient, wise and bore much authority.”

[The twenty-four beings around the throne of the Father are called ELDERS, a term signifying the governmental authority of those of faithful seniority. Their delegated rulership is seen in their wearing golden crowns, which at times they cast before the throne and prostrate themselves in worship (Rev 4:4 and 10).]

Again, the discoloration of the page is from the journal sitting in water when the fire department tried to save our home from fire. That is me standing before one of the ELDERS. The exchange is in the books credited above. This took place December 1994.

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November 2013


The following (right from my journal of July, 1995) shows one of the ways the Lord teaches us….pictures. The section marked in yellow is dialogue spoken by the Lord. The pink marks research that I pursued related to the vision. It was marked in this manner when I copied it from the original source (the journal). Therefore all mistakes have not been corrected. The Lord asked me to use this vision in the second book: THE PRIESTLY BRIDE. [The second half of the book: HEAVEN AWAITS THE BRIDE.] The rock where the Lord had His nest was on Pore’s Knob in North Carolina. I had never seen this rock when it was featured in this vision. But since then, I have been blessed by actually visiting that rock several times……………many years ago now. But it is as I drew it in my journals. Now it is part of a protected area within a gated community. However, the huge rock face is visible from miles away.

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October 2013


Again, this picture is right out of my journal (1995). I was as at the hanging gardens in Paradise. The water mark at the lower right and somewhat on the left is due to the journals getting wet when the fire department tried to save our home from burning down. The Journals were in small safes, but were not locked. The water seeped in.
In the picture there are waterfalls that are pouring down through the vegetation. A pool is seen at the bottom. The tiny figure in the water stain is me.

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September 2013


I never come before my Heavenly Father without permission. In October l996 I heard my name called: “Anna.”
“Lord, may I come before you?” I asked.
“Come!” He said. I began to shoot up to heaven like a rocket.


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August 2013

When traveling up the tunnel to Paradise (in 1996) I saw that I was accompanied by a number of blue birds. The closer I came to Paradise I realized the blue birds were actually blue angels.

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July 2013

I am placing my journal–pages, mistakes and all–into July’s angel section. This was a later revelation than those I’ve shown before. This experience with the Lord came two months after our house burned. I hope it blesses you.

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June 2013
The Sword

I am showing you the sword as I drew it in May 1995. I am hoping that you will be able to read the hand written description that I wrote in my journal at that time. (Remember, I had no idea that I would ever be sharing–what I consider treasures– with anyone else. But for the Lord’s sake and for the building up of His Kingdom, I am opening my private journals to you.)

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May 2013

In may 1995 I was given a sword by My Father. It was for the purpose of writing–although at that time I did not know that He was calling me to write of heaven. I will share the picture of that sword and that which the Lord said at the time of receiving it. The sword will be shown next month. First I want to share with you pictures of the Cherubs that accompany the sword–protecting it, and because of it, me. Again, these
pictures come right out of my journal.

The pictures are a bit blurred because the journals passed through a fire that burned down our home and also because they were so soaked by the fire department that it took three months to dry them out. You will need to look closely because there is a slight hint of the hands that are part of the underside of the wings. Their names are Jachin and Boaz. GOD WILL ESTABLISH/IN HIS STRENGTH.


My Father spoke, “Jachin and Boaz will go with you now,” He said referring to the two cherubs. “They guard the sword. They are very powerful and most loving; they will be your friends.” He addressed the Cherubim, “Guard well.” They bowed and then turned around and bowed again. Their bodies had two fronts and no backs.

Part of the function of the Cherubim is to guard. The two large pillars supporting the roof over the porch of the temple that Solomon built were named Jachin and Boaz (1 Kings 7:15, 21). In the spiritual sense, the pillars stood guard at the entrance of the holy place, as cherubim also guarded the entrance to the Garden of Eden (Gen 3:24).


The cherubs were covered with feathers that had eyes in them. They had hooves. Each had two faces. Cherubim may have one, two, or four faces. The Cherubs that are part of the chariot of the Lord have four faces. They have two hands that are part of the wings–but underneath. In these drawings, the hands are only partially seen near the hip area. I gave them a bit more color than they actually have because it is almost impossible to see them when they are light tan which is their true representation. Jachin has the face of a man and lion and Boaz has the face of an eagle and an ox.
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April 2013
Tour Guide

Right after going to heaven, I found myself on a moving sidewalk with a tour guide calling out locations of interest. Here is the drawing right from my 1995 account which appears in the journal. The first book is now in HEAVEN AWAITS THE BRIDE….along with a fuller description of this angel.

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March 2013

There are many ways of going to heaven (which we will talk about some time in the future). One way is by the tunnel—a section of which is shown here in my 1995 journal.

(Please forgive the discoloration due to the journal passing through the fire that burned down our home and the water marks from the fire department’s attempt to put out the fire.)

The picture is of me heading up the tunnel to Paradise. I am turning cart wheels. Clearly, I’m exuberant. There is buoyancy—an overflowing of effusiveness. It’s as though you cannot contain the joy you feel. You must express it.

This is true of the angels as well. In Freddy Hayler’s magnificent CD called Song of Angels released around 2001, he shares a vision of heaven. A preview of the recording was sent to me by Joy Strang with the question: “Is this heaven?” When I listened to the CD I began to cry so loudly (you know, something like Joseph when he interviewed his brothers in Egypt) that my husband called down the stairs: “What in the world is the matter?” “It’s this vision,” I called back. “It is so amazingly beautiful!”

I wrote Joy that very day: “Yes—that is heaven—and how do I know?—because in the vision, angels were turning cart wheels in the air. No one would dare make that up…and you would have needed to have seen it in order to be brave enough to tell it.” Angels turning cart wheels. The exuberance one experiences on the way to heaven and once in that glorious place.
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February 2013
The Angel of Promises

This picture is from my journal on March 22, 1995. There are lines through the drawings because the angel is drawn and colored in my journal.
This depicts the first time I met the Angel of Promises. (I did not do a very good job of drawing the wings.)
Our original conversation was taken down at the time. You may be able to read it. If not, the exchange is exactly reported in the first book within Heaven Awaits the Bride.

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January 2013
The Hope Chests

I am showing a prophetic object instead of an angel this month because it is part of the camel caravan. Each camel bore one chest. These were carried in by two angels at a time. The forty-eight angels stacked the twenty-four chests in the middle of the living room. They were piled to and then through the ceiling.

They were shaped a bit like a camel. Their color was in keeping with the animals that bore them. They had five golden straps securing them and two blue handles for lifting. The prophetic blue of the handles was a “play” on the phrase: “getting a handle on it”. The keyhole was a cross. However no key was given to me, for Jesus Christ is the Key.

The fifty angels—the number of jubilee or of deliverance.

Hope chest- a chest or the like in which a young unmarried woman collects articles which may be of use to her in a home of her own in the event of her future marriage.

The twenty-four or double twelves— is the number of the elders around the throne—heavenly government. The twenty-four chests signify heavenly revelation to be shared on earth when the chests are opened.

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December 2012

This picture is taken right out of one of my journals from early 1995.  At that time Albert and I were living in Florida fairly near Bob Jones and his wife.  Once a week, we ate with them at one of the Panama City restaurants.  It was great fun.

I had only recently begun to see into heaven and even go there on multiple occasions.  This particular angel came to me one morning.  She did not give me her name.  Therefore, because she made me laugh, I called her “Chuckles”.

Later that week I showed the picture to Bob Jones.  He said the angel was “Emma”—the healing angel.  The text right near Emma was written into the journal in 1995 right after I showed Bob this picture.

The discoloration at the bottom of the journal’s page is from water damage.  My journals were soaked with water when the fire department tried to keep our home from burning to the ground.  They did not succeed but the journals survived.

Since many have heard Emma’s name when they either went to Lakeland Florida during the move of the Spirit or watched it on TV.  I thought you might enjoy seeing what she looks like.

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