The Tour Guide

Right after going to heaven, I found myself on a moving sidewalk with a tour guide calling out locations of interest. Here is the drawing right from my 1995 account which appears in the journal. The first book is now […]


There are many ways of going to heaven (which we will talk about some time in the future). One way is by the tunnel—a section of which is shown here in my 1995 journal. (Please forgive the discoloration due to […]

The Hope Chests

I am showing a prophetic object instead of an angel this month because it is part of the camel caravan. The camel caravan had one angel guiding the lead camel and one angel at the end of the line to […]


This picture is taken right out of one of my journals from early 1995.  At that time, Albert and I were living in Florida fairly near Bob Jones and his wife.  Once a week, we ate with them at one […]