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So much prophecy is coming forth in these prayer meetings that we are adding them to the website. This will give you some of the amazing prophetic utterances shared in each prayer meeting. We want to take these seriously and also to share them with you, so that we may grow and mature together.

(The prophetic words will be from these meetings only.)

February 2019
January 2019


Prophetic Words from our February 2019 Meetings


A man – I pray we be found faithful Lord, at passing on the torch to the generations that are coming, may they be found faithful at picking up that torch and carrying the light through the world. We thank you and praise you for that.

Father we ask, Lord, we do declare that at this day and this hour that You would rip open the heavens and that Your fire would fall among us. That the mountains might quake at Your presence. As fire kindles the brushwood, as fire causes water to boil, to make your name known to your adversaries, that the nations may tremble at Your presence. Father we thank You and we praise You that You desire to do this far more than what it is that we desire from You Lord, do it in us and we confess Father, do the purging – send Your fire. Do the cleansing.

Victoria – Read Isaiah 55

Michaela – I just want to confirm that word, I was already staring at Isaiah 55 in my Bible, right before you began to read it. That was really cool.

Thomas – I have had these intense open visions since I sat down. I was staring out of the window and all of a sudden, the whole wall became like an open window and there was this burnt ember color in the spirit. It would come and go. I asked the Lord and He said, “I have shifted the environment, there is a vortex around this house. I will expedite things in the spirit.” I saw from this place, it was like missiles being lit and sent out to the four corners of the earth. Each one was a promise and each one was a provision.

The Lord says that rivers of fire flow through this place and those rivers are covering the mountains of the Lord. God says do not be disturbed but within 90 days to one year says the Lord, you will begin to see a manifestation of the glory of God upon this mountain, that will transcend throughout the earth. And the Lord says, they will come and sit, and they will be kindled, there will be fire, they will be set on fire says God. They will receive such wisdom and revelation, they will say, “Thank you,” and you will not see them again, but God says this is the place that they will receive the living waters. Hallelujah.

I see this intense angel standing above us. It is as tall as the ceiling and when we began to pray the first prayer, he brought his sword out.

A man – It is really important for us to pray for Kim Jong-un and for North Korea for grace and it is for the benefit of our country too. I felt like God said it was like Esther, she was safe in the palace but what she was interceding about, Mordecai told her, it was for her and her family too. We really need to pray for him, for godly counsel of the wise and the just to be spoken to him. Even for him to have an encounter with the Lord. For freedom and the blessing to hear God clearly. For the blessing of the knowledge of Jesus Christ for him.

A lady – A river of love will flow from here to the nations.

A man – From the time I came here, and I sat down, we talked about the glory falling on Mount Carmen, I have seen the fire of God fall on this place. When the lady prayed in Korean – that is the nations of God coming together for His fire and He is sending out His glory, on each one of the nations.


A man – I saw the Lord as a dance instructor. Let us be a bride that will just follow Him in this dance. Lord let us have the heart and that mind to do that. You build what You want here.

Wayne – We sang, “Our God reigns,” in a song today. Depending on how you spell it and the context, there are three types of rains. There is rain that falls from the clouds to the earth, there is a king reigning and then there are the reins of a horse. This is what the Lord is saying to this group and it is conditional. He says that if you hand Him the reins to your heart and take your hands off, you will enter His rest and His grace and His peace.

A man – I saw two angels pulling a blanket back and light coming through to Washington.

James – Heavenly Father, You have many teachers, but You do not have many Fathers. I pray there would be a revelation of fathers who know the Father. That You would release the revelation of You as a Father on spiritual fathers, whose hearts need the tenderness, the kindness, the gentleness and the unfailing ability of Your love as a Father. That they would be those forces in the market place, they would be that force Father God, amongst us to a generation that did not know what a father was. You say, “I am raising up fathers, I am giving spiritual fathers a new place, a new definition, a new clarity into what they are given to do in their sphere of influence.”

Father we pray and ask that as you give spiritual fathers their territories, their place of influence. Let us as spiritual fathers take the position with boldness before Your throne of grace, so that the mercies that are new every morning, that power of Your mercy will so settle on these fathers that know the revelation of You as a Father and be released with much clarity. That You would grant us, as spiritual fathers how to communicate, with Your unfailing love.


Note: [The worship leaders played and sang a new song of ascent that one of them had seen and heard in a dream. In the dream, angels simply dressed were walking up the road to the top of a mountain.]

Stephen – Fire is falling. (The elecritity went off and the fire alarm went off.)

James – The Lord was talking to me about going up and the ascent, so I knew what the power cut and resulting fire alarm were. I got Song of Solomon 2:10 about my Beloved spoke and said, “Come away,” and I knew the Lord was calling us. Every step there will be signs as you start going up. Song of Solomon 2:14 speaks of steps:

Solomon 2:14 “O my dove, that art in the clefts of the rock, in the secret places of the stairs,” (KJV).

In the ascent, the Lord is there in the stairs. Remember Exodus 24 when God called Moses to the top of the mountain, but they stopped part of the way up and the Lord appeared, and they had an experience with the Lord? You see, the Lord calls us up and that is the important thing – we are going up to the top of the mountain with Him, but every step along the way, He reveals Himself and that is what He did this morning. It was like we got to a first step and of course Wayne said there are four more and I believe that, but every step, the Lord reveals Himself in the ascent as we are ascending.

Wayne – A few months ago I gave the worship leaders a word that the Lord had given them songs but not for that time and then I said, enquire of the Lord, when would be the right time and today was the right time.

Yesterday my wife and I met with some friends and we had fellowship and this morning he texted me and, in the text, I guess the word is emojis – he sent five flames of fire. Today was the first fire, that was the song of ascents. We are going to have four more and then it is going to take off.

The chapel is going to get built. We sang a song of ascent. You don’t sing songs of ascent unless you are going up to some place. The songs of ascent were going to the temple. Now I am not calling the Chapel a temple, but I am going to say that it is the Lord’s house and that was the first song of ascent. Four more and then it is going to take off.

Stephen – When we started to pray my chest just started to be on fire. So, there is (spiritual) fire all over me, even as we speak. But to confirm what Wayne says, because one of the things that I have been hearing in the past couple of weeks before coming up here is we are ascending the mountain, both in the natural and the supernatural, we are ascending. We are gathered in an upper room. There will be a mighty rushing wind, it goes with the fire.

Battered and bruised are the people of God, battered and bruised and crushed we have been, but God is pouring out fresh oil upon all of you. He has seen the brokenness, He has seen the abandonment, the betrayal, and you say, “Where did I miss the mark?” And He is saying, “You didn’t miss the mark. I have been there with you all through this. It is just the process; you are being crushed.” Out of great pressure comes great diamonds and there are mantles of diamonds that are descending from Heaven. Two weeks before I got here, I saw them and I said, “What is that about, Lord?” Recently, I walked into my guest bedroom and I stepped on something sharp. I swiped my heel and it was a diamond – it was a confirmation of what I was seeing about these mantles of diamonds falling, just to encourage you. I have seen miracles but out of great pressure, comes diamonds. Many of us have been through great pressure and these mantles are falling upon us and it is giving us new authority. New grace to hold our heads up high, not to be crumbled any more, not to be looked over. Step into it, step into what He has called us to be and do; it is great and mighty.

The wells are bubbling. It is not going to be like we have seen it, it is very different. Don’t get stuck on the manifestations, keep your eyes on Jesus. It is going to turn things topsy turvy.

Barry – When we were worshipping and our voices were lifted up, I felt like the Lord was saying to me that everyone, in your worship, your voice is like a trumpet. Lift your voice to the Lord, lift it up. I felt like there was this swell of voices, sounding to God, that He loved to hear. It was a very powerful thing that your voice is like a trumpet raising up to God when you worship and when you pray.

Matthew – What I was hearing so clearly, it was like the Lord was saying, “I am removing obstacles. I am tearing down high places.” He said, “I am threshing the mountains and beating them small.” Then He said this, He said, “I am laying claim to what belongs to Me.” This was here in worship and I sensed this was for us as a people but also for the land here. My prayer in that was, Lord, You take what is rightfully Yours, You take Your place.

This was a waring thing with Him, it was not like Him coming as a Lamb, it was Him coming as a Warrior. I think the trumpets, you know the trumpets at times when they were blown, it was the sound of war. What the Lord is saying is that now is the time – He is laying claim to what belongs to Him – that is us. My prayer is, fully possess us.

The other thing that I saw, that goes with the fire is I saw the shepherd’s rods, you know, like Bob Jones had, but they were not like regular shepherd’s rods, they were not released yet, they were being forged in the fire. So I felt like the Lord was saying, “I am preparing levels of authority that I am going to release to My people.”

Wendy – There is a really special anointing here today. There is a power for corporate things to manifest but there is also something really sensitive and personal.

One of the first things I saw in worship, were angels with these beautiful silver-like ribbons, just dancing and they were celebrating and that was specific to the writing ministry that you do encouraging people and the hope that you pour out.

With that, the Lord started talking to me about the chaff and there have been so many words about the fire and He was talking to me about the consuming fire of His love that will devour the chaff in every place in our lives where we chaff. As those mantles come – because they are weighty – the chaff can cause their introduction to feel like warfare. So, there are places within us and also within the region where there is chaff that exists which might feel sharp. This sharpness might cause us to resist. But as we press “in” during this time of preparation (that is for the things that are coming), we can be free of all that is causing us to resist for it is the consuming fire of His love that is coming and will do away with all that will hinder us being able to bear the weight.

Amen Lord, we praise You that as we gather, You draw us into the fires of Your love, Lord, and it starts to consume everything that is not of You and that we shall be prepared – so that we will be ready to receive what You are pouring out. Lord we would know, as we go forward in You, that we will not buckle; but we will rejoice (as it is the manifestation of so many prayers through the generations).

Elisa – (11 years old.) I saw a vision of a white flower and Jesus’ hand dripping blood onto the flower – covering it.

Wayne – Interpretation: White = Pure. Jesus covering the flower with His blood meaning – He intends to KEEP the flower pure – washed in His blood.

The flower is the group that He is calling to be part (big or small) of the building of the Father’s House.

This group will not be large in number. They will be in unity: Psalm 133 and Psalm 18:3.


Mary Beth – For I say to you, I have drawn you deep within my heart of love and I have drawn you into this place for this moment and this time for you are My legislative body and you are my bride and you have been awakened unto My love. And you have been awakened unto the destiny of that which I have called forth of my church.

And I say to you that you will be activated, even this day because I have called you to soar. I have called you to come up and over and yonder. I have called you to be fully awake, fully awake to the lover of your soul. Fully awake unto that which is indeed the mandate of Heaven to Earth.
For I say unto you there is a shifting, a changing and a resetting. I am resetting even you who have come into this place. For I truly have hidden you in the cleft of my rock, but I say to you I am now calling you forth to soar from the cleft of the rock.

I have called you a generation, I have called you an Abraham, an Isaac and a Jacob generation. I have called you to be one in Me and one with one another. I have called you to see, I have called you to hear, I have called you to speak, I have called you to write and I have called you to be the expression of My goodness. You are My light, you are My fire, you are My rainbow of Heaven.

You are the scrolls that I am unsealing even in this day. You have strategy from Heaven. You have blueprints for this moment and this time. For you come into a Kingdom, unashamed and ready to receive a full inheritance. For the blood of My son was never in vain and it will get its just reward. Rise up, for the blood cleansed you and washed you. For I say unto you, “Not guilty.” Live out of a place of, not guilty. Live! I say to you even in this room, “Live! Live abundantly.”

For my eyes are on this nation and my eyes are on the remnant.

Dianna – The Lord gave me a vision about three weeks ago, I live in New Mexico and it has to do with the now. I was praying with a friend called Joyce and I saw the vision a couple of times and He said, “Tell Joyce what you are seeing.” I told her, I saw myself swallow a golden nugget and it dropped into living water in my belly and it was boiling living water. I opened it up, like a fortune cookie and it was blank. As we began to pray, Joyce heard, “Moravian Falls,” and instantly it was written on the little piece of paper in my vision.

I began to pray about it and I saw two different numbers, one was 222 which is today. The other was 922 which is the birthing, as 9 is the birthing of a new thing and yet it is the living word of God, it is His light, it is His love, it is all that He is.

The ingathering begins at Moravian Falls – the gathering of His people here. The only assignment I was given, was 222 – sometimes when He sends me out, He only gives me a little.

Anna – There is something in 222, it is a very significant number to me, I have felt that for years, what is this, what is this 222?

Jackie – I just want to bear witness that this morning, as I wrote the date and noticed that it was 2:22 (February 22nd), I thought, wow, God is releasing something today. Double portion on a triple level, yes Lord, we receive it.

Dianna – There is a little more:

Isaiah 11:11- Then it will happen on that day that the Lord
Will again recover the second time with His hand
The remnant of His people, who will remain.

Isaiah 22:22 also applies, it is the key of David and is right with it – “Then I will set the key of the house of David on his shoulder,
When he opens no one will shut,
When he shuts no one will open.

It is not about how long will we say, “You are going to do something.”
How long are we going to be “becoming”? Until you believe it is here, you are going to keep on becoming what you already are. I kept hearing, “It is time to begin to speak,” and this is not name it and claim it, it is rhema and you people are full of rhema.

(Romans 4:17 – God, who gives life to the dead and calls into being that which does not exist.)

As the Holy Spirit leads, speak it as if it is done. The Kingdom is already here, He is just waking us up, because the King is already here.

I saw a vision of ancient blue suitcases in this place, already here. They had something to do with Bob Jones. The Lord had me pick one up and put it in my belly. God has imparted, it is the word, it is the ancient faith word of who He is, that He wants to become substance today in us. Each one of you has a suitcase, I knew that.

So, I thank You for this, all over the globe and it is taking place right now, thank you for the fire of Your glory that is being released from this little room right now, into our nation and it will devour everything in people and in the land and the systems that are existing of Babylon, it will devour everything that is not of You, Lord.

For the Lord says, “I am off the tracks. My train, who I am, does not ride on the track and I will destroy everything that has been made as a track for Me. For I am coming as a wild fire, to show you My love in Yeshua’s name.”

Anna – We have a train here (pointing to an iron train that releases steam when heated on a wood stove). “Old Promises” is bringing the promises on 2.22, praise God. February 22nd on the calendar. Be sure to pick up your blue suitcases when you go.

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Prophetic Words from our January Meetings


Cindy – During Worship I closed my eyes and saw angels in a line dancing slowly.

James – On New Year’s Eve I quietly prayed and one thing after another, the Lord went after mixture in me. I believe that if I have a word for 2019, it is that the Lord is going after mixture – He wants us to go after the mixture with the same zeal He has. Jesus had the zeal of the Father when He cleansed the Father’s house. I believe He really wants to go after the mixture in us. The consequences of this will be eternal. Talk about submitting to something that pleases the Father. If I could, I would just encourage everybody to test what I am saying. If we want the pure spiritual word, we don’t want to live in a soulish realm or a worldly realm.

I believe there is a real simple thing that would help us to go after mixture in our lives. If you don’t practice this, I am just asking you to test it. If you will make a practice of going before God with absolutely no agenda of your own or problems of your own, and just saying, “I am here for you. I am here because I am Yours.” Then wait on Him in that posture and stay there. In Exodus 24 God said come up to Me and be there and then I will show you this, that and the other, but He said come up to Me at the top. Moses sat for 6 days without saying a word and then the Lord spoke. I just think there is a real protocol, a heavenly protocol for living a spiritual life. Just test what I am saying, just see the remarkable fellowship and communion you can have before the Lord if you go before Him without an agenda. Be prepared to stay there and let Him know He is the focus and He is the reason you are here and see what happens in your life.

The church in the United States and Israel will not get what we deserve – we are getting Your great grace Lord. For Your glory, so You can have the desire of Your heart, Lord, so You can have what You want. You have “trumped” the enemy . . . he has claimed us because of our idolatry, because of the way we have turned to ourselves and away from You. Thank You for turning our hearts towards You. Apart from You we can do nothing, we ask for great grace. Lord help us to put our house in order, we are here for You. Thank You, Lord, for great grace, the connection to the vine. Move on Your people to turn to You with all of our hearts, away from the world, away from ourselves, from ministry preoccupations and other religious preoccupations.

All the rain we have been getting lately I feel is a prophetic sign of a coming move of God and the outpouring of His Spirit. Rain is a blessing but if you cannot handle the rain, it becomes destructive. There is a great need for the people of God to get our vessels in order to be able to receive the blessing and the outpouring so it won’t be wasted.

The wonderful gracious move of God can destroy lives if they are not ready for it – like Ananias and Sapphira. Lord I ask for that grace for us and the fear of God to get ourselves in order, to get our houses in order, to get our churches in order, to turn to You Lord with all our heart, so that in Your move, not one drop is wasted, every bit goes to fill a willing and prepared vessel, I ask You Lord in your great grace.

The old unfulfilled mantles will be fulfilled in these days.

Carol – God kept saying “Purity.” Mixture removed. Things of the world will be removed this year.

Donald Trump is the 58th president and he started on January 20, 2017, which totals 58 (1+20+37).

Donald = Great Chief
John = God is gracious
Trump = Maker of trumpets

So, our president’s name means Grace and it also translates to Noah (Noah means grace to the Hebrew).

Carol – The Lord is requiring us to change the shift of our focus. The focus is so much on what we hear and what we see going on around us. That is not the issue – that is not as important. The focus needs to agree with what He is doing. We need to connect with what He is doing in this earth. That supersedes everything else.

Anna – The word for 2019 is purity because the last Charismatic move was perfectly wonderful but the move had a lot of mixture in it. I don’t think the Lord will let the next move be that way.

The Lord wants to build the Chapel on Prayer Mountain through people who are not building something for themselves or trying to build themselves up or make a name for themselves. He wants people who are dedicated to Him and living pure lives. People who are gentle and loving and want to show the heart of the Father. God is looking for how much of Christ has been formed in us, if we live fleshly lives, or if we have Christ filled souls.

Rollin – Totally refined gold is transparent.


Wayne – When worship started, the Lord gave me this word and it is for us. During the prayer time a lot was talked about the Lion and the Lion roaring and shouting and things like that. Well the lion has two roars – one to freeze the prey and one when he is taking down the prey and he is letting the world know that he has conquered. But he also has a third voice and this is the voice that the Lord told me to tell you. When a lion has fed and is content he purrs. The Lord wanted me to let you know that He is purring over this group – He is content.


Anna – We have not yet had the great outpouring of the Spirit that has been promised to us in the latter days, that God would pour out His Spirit on mankind. We pray for this outpouring and ask that it would be pure.

Wayne – Before worship started the Lord gave me two scriptures and the songs we sang confirmed those two scriptures. Take joy my King in what You hear, let it be a sweet, sweet sound in Your ear – the Lord said, “It was.”

Oh I feel like dancing, it is foolishness I know but when the world has seen the light they will dance with joy, like we are dancing now:

Zephaniah 3:17 –
The Lord your God in your midst,
The Mighty One, will save;
He will rejoice over you with gladness,
He will quiet you with His love,
He will rejoice over you with singing.” (NKJV)

Isaiah 62:5 –
And as the bridegroom rejoices over the bride,
So shall your God rejoice over you. (NKJV)

One of the attributes of God is that He can see the future. He knew what your hearts were towards Him when you sang these songs and He rejoices over each and every one of you.

A lady – I felt I was seeing that what should be established on this mountain has to do with the Father coming as His portion for America. I was seeing a double rainbow from here all the way over to the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem. It was like His will being done over here first before He steps His feet onto the Mount of Olives. There is still something in America that has to be finished.

Anna – Bob Jones said that the second most number of angels stationed in a place were right up there on the top of Prayer Mountain and the first is the Mount of Olives. They are up here for a reason and I think they are probably tired of waiting too.


Carol – Our focus has to be on God because the nations are getting turbulent and they are going to get more turbulent and they are going to get darker but He is our light. Father I ask you and thank You that our focus turn completely on You only in these days, so we can be “a light” and steadfast in this time.

Wayne – Every time this group prayed for President Trump, this group today was Trump’s valet and we were dressing him in the full armor of God. So continue to pray for him and when you do, think about being his valet and dressing him in the full armor of God.

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